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Index April 2009

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2009-04-01: AGEG International Consulting Services;
2009-04-02: Foundation for Endangered Languages;
2009-04-03: DTN;
2009-04-03: Today’s statistics for;
2009-04-04: CHOWK;
2009-04-05: Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa CODESRIA;
2009-04-06: Connexions Online – Information Sharing Services, Canada;
2009-04-07: Future of Humanity Institute FHI;
2009-04-08: humanITy;
2009-04-08: E-Journal of Solidarity, Sustainability, and Nonviolence;
2009-04-09: Habitat for Humanity UK;
2009-04-10: encyclopedia of informal education –;
2009-04-10: Overseas Development Institute ODI;
2009-04-11: International Humanitarian-Economic Institute;
2009-04-11: Forced Migration Online FMO;
2009-04-12: INternational Centre for Human Rights Education equitas;
2009-04-13: Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative CHRI;
2009-04-13: International Human Rights Academy 2009;
2009-04-14: Economic Human;
2009-04-14: DONO is AEHRF’s new partner in the Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan;
2009-04-15: Democracy and Human-Rights Education in Europe DARE;
2009-04-16: Oligopoly Watch;
2009-04-17: Flipping;
2009-04-17: The Federal Loan Modification Law Center Online FLM;
2009-04-18: Memory of the World;
2009-04-19: Boots on the Roof;
2009-04-20: Green Jobs;
2009-04-21: Institute of Social Studies ISS;
2009-04-22: AVEGA AGAHOZO, Rwanda;
2009-04-23: The Becket Fund for religious liberty;
2009-04-24: Centro para la apertura y el desarrollo de America Latine CADAL;
2009-04-25: Darfur Peace and Development Centre DPDC;
2009-04-26: SOS Racisme;
2009-04-27: Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies ICFG;
2009-04-28: International Humanist and Ethical Union IHEU;
2009-04-29: Atheist Centre;
2009-04-30: World Public WPO.

World Public WPO

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A project managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland is an international collaborative project whose aim is to give voice to public opinion around the world on international issues. As the world becomes increasingly integrated, problems have become increasingly global, pointing to a greater need for understanding between nations and for elucidating global norms. With the growth of democracy in the world, public opinion has come to play a greater role in the foreign policy process. seeks to reveal the values and views of publics in specific nations around the world as well as global patterns of world public opinion … (about 1/2).

Poll Sources; Partners; Americans and the world;
Infos by region and by topic: pleas click on the many files in the left column;
Media; Sign up newsletter; FAQ;
Address: Program on International Policy Attitudes, 1779 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 510, Washington, DC 20036, USA;

About 1/2:
… was initiated by and is managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland.   Continue Reading…

Atheist Centre

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  • Mission: Atheist Centre is a social change organization striving for eradication of superstitions, inculcating rational, scientific and secular outlook for spreading positive atheism and humanism as a way of life (life-stance).
  • Objectives: … (full text).

Efforts for castelessness; Removal of Untouchability and Caste; Fight against Superstitions;
Sex education and family planning; Weekly Medical Lecture Series; Secular Social Work;
Books and Publications; Archives; Annoucements; Media Outreach; Links;
The ATHEIST CENTRE in Promoting Secularism in INDIA; Gora Science Centre; Investigating the Paranormal;
Address: DR. G. VIJAYAM Ph.D., Executive Director, Atheist Centre, Benz Circle, Vijayawada 520 010, Andhra Pradesh, India;

About /History: Atheist Centre is a social change institution founded by Gora (1902- 75) and Saraswathi Gora (1912 – 2006) in the year 1940 at Mudunur Village in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India. On the eve of Independence to the country, Atheist Centre was shifted to Vijayawada in 1947 and since then it has been the hub of activity for promotion of atheism, humanism and social change. Continue Reading…

International Humanist and Ethical Union IHEU

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the world union of humanists organizations

IHEU is the world union of over 100 Humanist, rationalist, secular, ethical culture, atheist and freethought organizations in more than 40 countries. Our mission is to represent and support the global Humanist movement. Our goal is a Humanist world in which human rights are respected and all can live a life of dignity. (Homepage).

human rights; conferences; countries and regions; humanist organizations; FAQ;
IHEU’s history: free ebook now available for download (also in french);

About: Founded in Amsterdam in 1952, International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is the sole world umbrella organisation embracing Humanist, atheist, rationalist, secularist, skeptic, laique, ethical cultural, freethought and similar organisations world-wide.

Our vision is a Humanist world; a world in which human rights are respected and everyone is able to live a life of dignity. The mission of IHEU is to build and represent the global Humanist movement that defends human rights and promotes Humanist values world-wide. IHEU sponsors the triennial World Humanist Congress.

Based in London, IHEU is an international NGO with Special Consultative Status with the UN (New York, Geneva, Vienna), General Consultative Status at UNICEF (New York) and the Council of Europe (Strasbourg), and maintains operational relations with UNESCO (Paris) …

… Aims – The long term strategic aims of IHEU are:  Continue Reading…

Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies ICFG

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Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Geschlechterforschung der Universität Bern IZFG, University of Berne, Switzerland (in german and in english)

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary institution for the coordination and promotion of Gender Studies at the University of Berne. It provides information on teaching in Gender Studies, organizes the Graduate School, research colloquia and lectures. Furthermore, the Centre supervises several projects in teaching and research. In Swiss and international coordination committees for Gender Studies the ICFG represents Gender Studies at the University of Berne and participates in Swiss and international projects in the area of Women’s and Gender Studies. Moreover, it champions the funding of early stage researchers in the area of Gender Studies. (Profile).

Latest news (in german); Main Focus; Teaching – Graduate School; Research;
National Research Programme NRP 51: “Welfare, Marginality and Gender – Social Work in late 19th and 20th century Berne: concepts and practices of intervention”;
Newsletter; Links (in german);
Address: Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies, Hallerstrasse 12, 3012 Bern, Switzerland;

Aims and Activities: The ICFG regularly organizes colloquia, seminars and conferences in relation to various topics in the field of Gender Studies and also provides specific teaching in cooperation with schools and institutes. It co-ordinates a graduate school for PhD students from different disciplines and offers courses at postgraduate level.  Continue Reading…

SOS Racisme

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Touche pas à mon pote

SOS Racisme recrute régulièrement des stagiaires et militants pour ses différents pôles (immigration, discrimination, SOS Fac, pôles par région, accueil, administration, informatique, etc … ). Vous trouverez dans cette rubrique ces offres. Si aucune offre ne correspond à votre profil et que vous souhaitez tout de même apporter votre soutien à SOS Racisme par des oeuvres militantes, vous pouvez vous inscrire en ligne à notre base militante et serez alors contactés lors de nos prochaines initiatives. (Offres de stage).

Actualité; Culture; Qui sommes-nous; Immigration; International;
Education contre le racisme; Lutte contre les discriminations; Devenez Bénévole; Liens, partenaires;
Addresse: Bureau National Français, 51, avenue de Flandre, 75019 Paris, Ffrance;
Contacts Commités.

Nos Missions, nos combats: Phénomène de mode, feu de paille, construction médiatique … Que n’a-t-on entendu sur le compte de SOS Racisme depuis sa création en 1984. Mais les faits sont là: SOS Racisme a 20 ans et a démenti les commentaires de ceux qui voulaient – ou espéraient – n’y voir là qu’une réalité passagère.  Continue Reading…

Darfur Peace and Development Centre DPDC

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Darfur Friedens- und Entwicklungs-Zentrum DFEZ … german and english texts simultaneousely on the pages

(The Darfur Peace and Development Centre DPDC was part of the coalition having organized the Geneva Summit for Human Rights, Tolerance and Democracy held in Geneva on April 19, 2009)

Linked with Aid workers’ expulsion from Sudan impeding peacekeeping, relief efforts, and with Troubled U.N. Racism Conference Quickly Adopts Outcome Document.

Is a Charity Organisation in Switzerland in form of an independent, impartial and apolitical not-for-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO / Association) as defined by Article 60 and the following Articles of the Swiss Legal Code (ZGB). We work for the region of Darfur in West Sudan … (Homepage 1/2).

News; about Darfur (in german only); Statute english; Statuten deutsch;
Suchen /search; Links; Donation (scroll down): Please make your payments at: Post office giro account: 85-669519-9, IBAN CH39 0900 0000 8566 9519 9, BIC POFICHBEXXX, Darfur Friedens- und Entwicklung-Zentrum, DFEZ, Uster, Switzerland (Our charity organisation is exempted from tax – therefore, you can deduct your donations in your Swiss return of tax /Staats-, Gemeinde- und Direkte Bundessteuer: gemeinnützige Zuwendungen – Thank you very much indeed);
Address: Darfur Friedens- und Entwicklungs-Zentrum, Administration, 8610 Uster, Schweiz / Switzerland;

Homepage 2/2: … What we want:   Continue Reading…

Centro para la apertura y el desarrollo de America Latine CADAL

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(Originally in spanish – en espanol) … CADAL is part of the coalition having organized the Geneva Summit for Human Rights, Tolerance and Democracy held in Geneva on April 19, 2009.

The Center for Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), with its main office in Buenos Aires and an office in Montevideo , Uruguay , is a private, non-profit, non-partisan foundation. It’s founding members and officers who share a Liberal-Democratic vision, have had prior participation in other Civil Society Organizations and come from journalism, academic activities related to Latin American politics and activism in the international promotion of human rights … (about 1/2).

English homepage;
Institutionals; Publications; Newsletter; Events; Donations;
Address: CENTRO PARA LA APERTURA Y EL DESARROLLO DE AMERICA LATINA, Av. Roque Sáenz Peña 628, Piso 2º Oficina R – 1035 – Buenos Aires – República Argentina;
Contact: by Tel/Fax: +(5411) 4343 – 1447, by e-mail.

About 2/2: … The creation of CADAL, in February 2003, took into account the political, institutional and economical crises in Latin America , their regional impact, and the future challenges regarding civic, political and economic liberties. In this sense, CADAL emerged to occupy in Latin America a space of simultaneously promoting political democracies and free-markets.   Continue Reading…

The Becket Fund for religious liberty

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protecting the free expression of all religious traditions … The Becket Fund is part of the coalition having organized the Geneva Summit for Human Rights, Tolerance and Democracy held in Geneva on April 19, 2009.

Linked with Saudi Arabia: Government to Regulate Marriage of Young Girls.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is a Washington, D.C.-based public interest law firm protecting the free expression of all religious traditions.  We are nonprofit, nonpartisan, and interfaith. The Becket Fund operates in three arenas: the courts of law (litigation), the court of public opinion (media), and in the academy (scholarship), at home and abroad (international) … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
rluipa; blaineamendments; lankaliberty; freepreach;
Media; News; Blog; Newsletter; Scholarship; Litigation; Employment;
Address: The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 605, Washington, D.C. 20036, USA; Contact.

About 2/2: … What Do We Believe?

  • Freedom of religion is a basic human right that no government may lawfully deny; it is not a gift of the state, but instead is rooted in the inherent dignity of the human person. Religious expression (of all traditions) is a natural part of life in a free society, and religious arguments (on all sides of a question) are a normal and healthy element of public debate.  Religious people and institutions are entitled to participate in public life on an equal basis with everyone else, and should not be excluded for professing their faith.   Continue Reading…


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Association of Genocide Widows and Orphans (also in french)

(AVEGA is co-organizer of the Geneva Summit for Human Rights, Tolerance and Democracy, held in Geneva on April 19, 2009).

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda led to the violent death of an estimated one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus in just 100 days. Sadly the misery continues for thousands who live in untold hardship … (english homepage 1/2).

Central Office and different Regions, Challenges, Partnership, Objectives, News, Photos, Projects … these webpages are still under construction;
Gifts; Survivors Fund SURF; links;;;;
Address: Association of Genocide Widows – AGAHOZO, PO 1535 Kigali, Rwanda;

english homepage 2/2: … AVEGA-AGAHOZO was formed to address the needs of these people, including:  Continue Reading…

Institute of Social Studies ISS

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Europe’s Leading Centre of Development Studies

ISS is an international graduate school of policy-oriented critical social science. It brings together students and teachers from the Global South and the North in a European environment. Established in 1952 as the International Institute of Social Studies by Dutch universities and the Netherlands Ministry of Education it does research, teaching and public service in the field of development studies and international cooperation. We are located in The Hague, known as “The World’s Legal Capital” … (about 1/2).

Staff Publications; Annual Rreport 2007, 12 pdf-pages; Library; News; Press;
Research; Prospective Students; Children and Youth Studies; Education;
Economics of Sustainable Development; Events; Conferences /Public Debates;

Address: Institute of Social Studie, Kortenaerkade 12, 2518 AX The Hague, The Netherlands (for mail: P.O. Box 29776, 2502 LT The Hague);

About 2/2:

  • … Research: Research at ISS focuses on development studies. This transdisciplinary field of study seeks to understand phenomena of underdevelopment, development and change, with special reference to low-income countries. Poverty, globalisation, gender and inequity are key words in most of our programmes. You can find out more about research at ISS by taking a look at Ongoing Research at ISS
  • Teaching: We offer a four-year PhD programme and an accredited 15.5-month MA in Development Studies with various specialisations for participants from over 50 countries. In addition we give postgraduate diploma programmes and short courses. The degrees, including the PhD, are recognised internationally and by Dutch legislation. Our more than 10.000 alumns figure at all levels of government, business and civil society in Africa, Asia and Latin America. You can read about all our teaching programmes in the  Prospectus 2009-2010 (4.80 MB)
  • Public service: Our staff comes from many countries and is a source of knowledge and has wide experience in international development. We stimulate public debate on current issues, important for the exchange of knowledge and for increasing public awareness. ISS organises a wide variety of events, from large conferences to small roundtable meetings for selected groups. The staff is also engaged in institutional capacity development, contract research and advisory services for international agencies and national governments.

Green Jobs

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new energy – new people

“We created Greenjobs to ease the path of talent into the renewable energy industries, to ensure that their growth is never stifled through lack of people,” Dr. Peter Beadle, President of Greenjobs. (Homepage).

Sitemap; Mission; Leadership; Job Seekers; Search Jobs; Employers;
Forum and Resources: Green directory; Industry background; Industry news; Newsletter;
Address: P.O. Box 916, Fairfield, CA 94533, USA;

About: Greenjobs was launched in 2004 to focus specifically on all aspects of employment in renewable energy worldwide. Greenjobs is staffed and supported by people with a long experience in the field of renewable energy (RE). Our headquarters are in California.  Continue Reading…

Boots on the Roof

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Training for the Solar Energy Industry

Linked with Alternative Energy – precursor engineering links.

Boots on the Roof is the premier Solar Energy training provider in the United States, with the mission of training the next wave of Solar Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Sales and Business Professionals, and Entrepreneurs. Our courses are ideal for:

  • Licensed Contractors (Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, and General Contractors) who wish to reposition their businesses to bring Solar Power to their communities;
  • Fast growing companies looking to quickly train newly hired staff: sales professionals, project managers, engineers and designers … (full text Homepage).

Courses; Questions for Solar Schools; 6-day Solar Training Boot Camp; Testimonials;
Partnerships; and a special link to UNITEK; Our blog; Newsletter;
Address: Boots on the Roof, 4670 Auto Mall Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538, USA;
Katy Digiorgi, the Link Exchange Manager’s e-mail;
Contact and enroll.


  • Boots on the Roof is managed by a team of Education Industry veterans with a long track record of certification-based and degree-based education programs in various technical and health care fields. Having successfully partnered with professional organizations nationwide to train tens of thousands of students, we started Boots on the Roof specifically to train the next generation of Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs, Contractors, Engineers, Architects and Business People.  Continue Reading…

Memory of the World

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  • UNESCO’s programme Memory of the World aiming at preservation and dissemination of valuable archive holdings and library collections worldwide.
  • Documentary heritage reflects the diversity of languages, peoples and cultures. It is the mirror of the world and its memory. But this memory is fragile. Every day, irreplaceable parts of this memory disappear for ever.
  • UNESCO has launched the Memory of the World Programme to guard against collective amnesia calling upon the preservation of the valuable archive holdings and library collections all over the world ensuring their wide dissemination.

Programme Objectives; Registred heritage; news archives; Projects; Background; Secretariat; Newsletter;
Activities by region /country: Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific (and also the Memory of the World Committee for Asia/Pacific MOWCAP), Europe and North America, Latin America and the Caribbean;

Objectives: The vision of the Memory of the World Programme is that the world’s documentary heritage belongs to all, should be fully preserved and protected for all and, with due recognition of cultural mores and practicalities, should be permanently accessible to all without hindrance.  Continue Reading…

The Federal Loan Modification Law Center Online FLM

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(also in espanol)

Linked with Flipping

Our objective is simple: to utilize our intimate knowledge of Federal and Consumer Homeowner Laws to help our clients in this housing crisis that is threatening the American Dream. We believe in the reality of financial freedom and that everyone has the right to pursue happiness without becoming a victim of circumstance. We simply refuse to be silent in a time when homeowners need a clear voice the most! (Homepage).

Online-Form for a No-Cost Evaluation;
Blog: you have to register first; FAQ;
Address: Federal Loan Modification FLM, 7555 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, USA;
Contact: by e-mail, and online.

About: At Federal Loan Modification Law Center our objective is simple : to utilize our intimate knowledge of Federal and Consumer Homeowner Laws to help our clients in this housing crisis that is threatening the American Dream. We believe in the reality of financial freedom and that everyone has the right to pursue happiness without becoming a victim of circumstance. We simply refuse to be silent in a time when homeowners need a clear voice the most!   Continue Reading…


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Real Estate and Mortage Fraud, news and information

Linked with The Federal Loan Modification Law Center Online FLM. is your source for news, information and commentary about Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud. Launched in the fall of 2005, has quickly become one of the leading online resources for following the crusade to spot, stop, and report real estate fraud. Using this site, homeowners and real estate industry professionals alike can learn about the latest efforts in the fight against Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) now calls one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in the United States today … (about us 1/2).

About Our Founder, Ralph R. Roberts, CRS, GRI; About fraud; Articles; Media and News; Our blog;
Suspect fraud: click in the left column of each page on the link; Recognising fraud; Report a fraud; Links;
Contact for media /press inquires; Ms. Lois Maljak, Ralph Roberts Realty, 67775 Van Dyke, Washington Twp, MI 4809, Phone: 586.751.0000, Fax: 586.752.8959, her e-mail;
Address Flipping 67775 Van Dyke, Washington, MI 48095, USA, (Tel/Fax at the bottom of each page);
Contact for Flipping

About us 2/2: features many valuable tools and resources, including:

  • The Flipping Frenzy Blog: Authored by noted writer, speaker, trainer, author, and REALTOR® Ralph R. Roberts, CRS, GRI, the Flipping Frenzy Blog is one of only a handful of blogs covering the Real Estate Fraud and Mortgage Fraud space. Whether you’re interested in summaries and recaps of the latest Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud proceedings from around the United States and elsewhere, or alerts focusing on the latest real estate scams, the Flipping Frenzy Blog is the place for you. Click here to read the Blog.  Continue Reading…

Oligopoly Watch

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the latest manoeuvres of the new oligopolies and what they mean

Oligopolies have been around as long as commerce has. The term denotes a situation where there are few sellers for a product or service. The members of an oligopoly change the nature of a free market.  While they can’t dictate price and availability like a monopoly can, they often turn into friendly competitors, since it is in all the members’ interest to maintain a stable market and profitable prices … (full text Defining the new oligopoly).

Basic principles of oligopolies (with 18 subcategories); Oligopsonies; Oligonomy defined; Competition matrix;
Topic Index;
Company profiles;
About Wal-Mart;
Pseudo-variety (in the beer market);
Contact: Steve Hannaford’s e-mail.

About: This site is an attempt to make sense of the business pages in the newspaper, particularly the stories about mergers and acquisitions. I am developing a theory about how and why big companies keep growing bigger, and some of the dynamics behind their moves.  Continue Reading…

Democracy and Human-Rights Education in Europe DARE

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Linked with DARE briefs European Parliament on EDC/HRE.

The Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE) Network was officially launched on 28 June 2003 in Antwerp (Antwerp Declaration on Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe).
The network currently consists of 44 members from 28 countries in Europe ( how to become a member of DARE). DARE publishes the regular eDARE newsletter, reports and other publications … (about 1/2).

News – on the DARE-blog;
The EU-project;
Become a DARE-member;
Addresses: Chair: Ingrid Halbritter, Kromolj 86, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina;
DARE Project Office Berlin: Georg Pirker, Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungssttätten, Mühlendamm 3, 10178 Berlin, Germany;

About 2/2: …  Goals: WHY DARE? – DARE is a Europe-wide network of NGOs and other organisations devoted to raise the profile of Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Rights Education (HRE), promote transcultural and transnational cooperation, and enhance the quality of education within these fields.  Continue Reading…

DONO is AEHRF’s new partner in the Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan

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DONO is a functional NGO based in Khujand, Tajikistan, and registered as an LLC (limited liability company) at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2007.

Linked with DONO – About us, and with О нас.

Internationally` DONO communicates in Russian and English, but its domestic language is Tajik, a sister language of Farsi written in Cyrillic script.

[added April 16: The name of our organization in Tajik is: Маркази интеллектуали ва таълими «Доно» (written in Cyrillic), and Markazi intellectuali va ta’limi “Dono” (written in latin letters)].

The name DONO has been derived from a famous verse of the great epic Shahnameh composed by Ferdowsi in late 10th century. The verse is:

  • Tavana buvad har kih dono buvad
  • Ze danish dile  pir borna buvad

The verse is in praise of ‘knowledge’ and its meaning is as this:

  • One who has knowledge is a powerful person
  • An old heart becomes youthful with knowledge

Our Activity: As the verse explains, the crux of our activity is dissemination of knowledge. DONO is supplements to formal education.

DONO has received two blogs on our blog-construction. You find their own presentation in English and in Russian:

A warm welcome to DONO and to their further publications, to participate in a worldwide activity creating consciousness for human rights, health, justice in economy and law, education and for overall development of  humanity to lead a life of quality and dignity.

Economic Human

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Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

Mission Statement: The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is committed to unite the poor across color lines as the leadership base for a broad movement to abolish poverty. We work to accomplish this through advancing economic human rights as named in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, such as the rights to food, housing, health, education, communication and a living wage job … (full text).

Actions; Members; Press; Blog;
Address: Sabathani Community Center, 310 East 38th St Room # 126, Minneapolis, MN 55409, USA;

About: … The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is building a movement that unites the poor across color lines. Poverty afflicts Americans of all colors. Daily more and more of us are downsized and impoverished. We share a common interest in uniting against the prevailing conditions and around our vision of a society where we all have the right to health care, housing, living wage jobs, and access to quality primary, secondary, and higher education. Continue Reading…

International Human Rights Academy 2009

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Application deadline: 15 May 2009 – Call for Applicants, 7th International Human Rights Academy will be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 17 until 31 October 2009.

The International Human Rights Academy is a Human Rights course of two weeks, organized every year in South Africa or in Europe under the auspices of six reputable universities from The Netherlands, Belgium, The Republic of South Africa and the United States of America.

The 7th International Human Rights Academy will be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 17 until 31 October 2009. The various intensive courses that make up the Academy are designed to provide high quality legal education in comparative international Human Rights and in Humanitarian Law, with an emphasis on the practical aspects in various fields.

Only a limited number of applicants will be selected to participate in the 2009 Academy. The content of the course presupposes a fair existing knowledge of human rights, and participants must be at a graduate or professional level. The working language of the course is English, and candidates applying for the course are expected to be able to converse fully in the English language.

Participants of the course usually include:

  • Academics
  • Staff of international, regional and national non-governmental organizations
  • Judges, lawyers and other legal practioners
  • Post graduate students

More Information about the Academy and the application form can be found on this website. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to the IHRA secretariat.


This event is also named: on Friedrich Naumann Stiftung; on; on HURIdics; on The University of the Western Cape online.

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative CHRI

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  • CHRI’s mandate is to promote awareness of and adherence to the Harare Principles, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other internationally recognised human rights instruments and declarations made by the Commonwealth Heads of Governments as well as domestic instruments supporting human rights in the Commonwealth.
  • CHRI believes that the promotion and protection of human rights is the responsibility of governments but that the active participation of civil society acting in concert is vital to ensuring rule of law and the realisation of human rights. (Mandate).

Citizens for Police Reform, Right to Information, Police reforms, Prison reforms, Human Rights advocacy;
Reports to CHOGM; What’s new; Publications; Archives; CHRI in the news;
Programmes; Governing Bodies; Job Opportunities; Links;
Addresses – CHRI New Delhi Office: B-117, Second Floor, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi – 110 017, INDIA;

About: The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is an independent, non-partisan, international non-governmental organisation, mandated to ensure the practical realisation of human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth.  Continue Reading…

International Centre for Human Rights Education equitas

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(also in french)

  • Our mission: Equitas works for the advancement of equality, social justice and respect for human dignity in Canada and around the world through transformative human rights education programs;
  • our vision: Our innovative programs equip organizations and the communities they serve to build a global culture of human rights:
  • our values: … (full text /mission).

Overview our programs; our Vision of Human Rights Education; Volunteer; Newsletter; Links;
Address: Equitas, 666 Sherbrooke West, Suite 1100, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3A 1E7;

About: Equitas was established as a non-profit, non-governmental organization in 1967 by a group of leading Canadian scholars, jurists and human rights advocates with a mandate to advance democracy, human development, peace and social justice through educational programs.  Continue Reading…

Forced Migration Online FMO

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Linked with Understanding and Addressing the Phenomenon of Child Soldiers.

Forced Migration Online (FMO) provides instant access to a wide variety of online resources dealing with the situation of forced migrants worldwide. Designed for use by practitioners, policy makers, researchers, students or anyone interested in the field, FMO aims to give comprehensive information in an impartial environment and to promote increased awareness of human displacement issues to an international community of users. We have prepared an introductory guide to forced migration for visitors who are new to the subject … (full text Homepage).

Sitemap; Regional resources; Thematic resources; Events;
working papers; Journals; Blog; Discussions; Podcast; Videos; Photos;
FAQ; Donate; Feedback;
Address: Forced Migration Online FMO, Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford Department of International Development (ODID), University of Oxford, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB, UK;

About: Forced Migration Online – An Introduction And Overview. For more information about Forced Migration Online’s audience see our user survey results.

Continue Reading…

The International Humanitarian-Economic Institute IHEI

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mainly in russian – but also in german

Knowledge — Is that invaluable capital, riches, which under any conditions will be your property and will help to become the Man and the Person.

The International Humanitarian-Economic Institute was founded on September, 23, 1994. Then it was the Humanitarian-Economic NonState Institute renamed in IHEI in 2000. For ten years of its activity the institute has prepared more than three and a half thousand specialists in seven specialties: “Economy and management at the enterprise”, “Finance and credit”, “Book keeping, analysis and audit”, “International relations”, “Law”, “History and a foreign language”, “Psychology” … (english homepage 1/2).

Address: Mayakovskogo Street 129 А, Minsk 220028, Belarus;
map (in Minsk, in russian);
Contact: tel/fax: (+375-17) 221-17-27, e-mail.

English homepage 2/2:
The founder and the General director of International Humanitarian-Economic Institute is Alexander Nikolaevich Alpeev who has devoted all life to education and bringing up of youth. Today he is a good scientist and the organizer of science, a doctor of political sciences, professor, an academician and an honorable doctor of the International Personnel Academy and International Academy of Psychological Sciences, is awarded with the International gold medal “For Merits in Education”.  Continue Reading…

Overseas Development Institute ODI

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ODI is Britain’s leading independent think thank on international development and humanitarian issues

Programmes; Resources; Events; Events bookings; Themes;
Media; Audio, video, podcasts; Updates and ODI news feeds;
Staff; Stucture and management; Fellowship; Jobs; Humanitarian Policy Group;
Address and map: Overseas Development Institute ODI, 111 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7JD, UK;

About: ODI is Britain’s leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. Our mission is to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries.

We do this by locking together high quality applied research, practical policy advice, and policy-focused dissemination and debate. We work with partners in the public and private sectors, in both developing and developed countries..

the encyclopedia of informal education –

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exploring informal education, lifelong learning and social action

Linked with learning theory – What is learning?

mark k. smith (edits the homepage); main index;
informal education within a formal setting; ideas; thinkers; practice;
events; debate; archives; extras; write for us; Writing style/guidelines; feedback;
Address: infed.or, 39 Monnow Road, Bermondsey, London, SE1 5RP, England;

About: a space to explor – Our aim is to provide a space for people to explore the theory and practice of informal education, social action and lifelong learning. We want to encourage educators and animateurs to develop ways of working and being that foster association, conversation and relationship.  Continue Reading…

Habitat for Humanity UK

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Linked with Real Girl Power in Tanzania.

In 1976 Habitat for Humanity was founded with the sole aim of tackling poverty housing on a global scale. Thirty two years later we are working in over 90 countries around the world and have built 300,000 homes in partnership with people in need of safe, decent housing … (about 1/2).

Global housing needs; Habitat houses; Build me a home (an interactive game); Disaster reconstruction;
Advocacy; Annual review 2007-2008; Download the full review, 12 pdf pages;
Newsletter; Support; Frequently asked questions; Homeowner stories; Volunteer stories;
Address: Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, 46 West Bar Street, Banbury OX16 9RZ, England;

About 2/2 … Our vision and values:

Homeowner family from the Dominican RepublicEvery morning one third of the world’s population – that’s two billion people – will wake up in appalling poverty … squalid, spirit-crushing poverty. Most were born into those conditions and many will die in them … too many will die as a consequence of them. Continue Reading…

The E-Journal of Solidarity, Sustainability, and Nonviolence

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Linked with Consultation on education for sustainable development.

The current research agenda is to examine all the significant dimensions of sustainable development in order to integrate the resulting multi-dimensional knowledge and make it available in a form suitable for use sustainable development groups. Click here for a list of the dimensions already examined and under consideration. The issues on the “sustainable development paradox” will be incremental attempts at knowledge integration … (full text Research Agenda).

News; Archive; Please email your papers to the SSNV Editor; Logo;
The Google Groups website (for Solidarity, Sustainability, and Non-Violence); Search-tools;
Knowledge Taxonomy and Links Database; Free subscription; Free downloads;
Contact /feedback.

Mission Statement: There is overwhelming evidence that violence is the main obstacle to sustainable development. It is also well known that there is an intrinsic link between patriarchy and violence. Therefore, mitigating violence requires overcoming the patriarchal mindset in both secular and religious institutions.
Continue Reading…


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enabling e-inclusion

  • humanITy is a not-for-profit Consultancy, Registered as a UK Charity (1059921), which works on a commercial basis with Government, Major Corporations, the Research Sector and Civil Society, using our surplus time to provide a free service to e-inclusion implementors.
  • We exist to serve all those who experience a difficulty in accessing, processing and creating digital content.
  • All resources not covered by official or commercial confidentiality are published on our website as free resources. (Homepage).

Who we are;
Engage our Services;
Articles and Papers;
Address: humanITy, 108 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9PX, United Kingdom;

What We Do: humanITy exists to serve all those who experience a difficulty in accessing, processing and creating digital content.
Continue Reading…

Future of Humanity Institute FHI

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of the University of Oxford

Linked with Policy Foresight and Global Catastrophic Risks, and with Probing the Improbable: Methodological Challenges for Risks with Low Probabilities and High Stakes.

The Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) is a unique multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford. FHI belongs to the Faculty of Philosophy and the James Martin 21st Century School. (About).

Research; Staff; Excellence; Get involved;
Recent Publications; Press; Multimedia; Archive News; Events;
Address: The Future of Humanity Institute FHI, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford, Suite 8, Littlegate House, 16/17 St Ebbe’s Street, Oxford, OX1 1PT, England;

: FHI’s mission is to bring excellent scholarship to bear on big-picture questions for humanity. Our work centres on how anticipated technological developments may affect the human condition in fundamental ways‒-and how we can better understand, evaluate, and respond to radical change. We currently pursue four interlinked research programs:  Continue Reading…

Connexions Online – Information Sharing Services, Canada

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also en français and in nederlands

Connexions works to connect individuals and organizations working for social change with each other, with information and ideas, and with the wider community. Connexions Online features resources and organizations fostering democratization, economic justice, environmental responsibility, civil liberties, and the creation and preservation of community … (full text Homepage).

Connexions Library: Resource Centre, Programs, Visions; The Connexions/Sources Calendar;
Organizing for Change; Sources; A to Z Index: Associations Directory 2009, Topic Index;
Publicity and Media Relations; Economic Alternatives (links); Selected Links and Resources;

Connexions exists to support individuals and groups working for freedom and social justice. We work to maintain and make available a record of the theory and practice of people struggling against oppression and for social change. We believe that the more we know about the struggles, victories, and defeats of the past, and about those who took part in them, the better equipped we will be to bring a new world into being. Continue Reading…

Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa CODESRIA

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(in english, français, portuguese, arabic)

CODESRIA, the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa is headquartered in Dakar Senegal. It was established in 1973 as an independent Pan-African research organisation with a primary focus on the social sciences, broadly defined. It is recognised not only as the pioneer African social research organisation but also as the apex non-governmental centre of social knowledge production on the continent … (full text Homepage).

News; Publications Programme; CODICE; Conference papers; About the Bulletin;
Database of African Social Scientists; Documentation and Information Centre;
Research Mandate and Objectives; Working Group on Finance and Education;
STRATEGIC PLAN 2002 – 2006; Strategic Plan 2007-2011, a 40 pages text;
Past Events, Training and Grants;
Address: CODESRIA, Avenue Cheikh Anta Diop x Canal IV, BP 3304, CP 18524, Dakar, Senegal;

Training, Grants and Fellowships; CODESRIA has responded to the training needs of African researchers by building a formidable training programme.  Continue Reading…


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Linked with Razia Bondrey Bhatti – Pakistan (x – 1996).

Chowk is a platform to publish, discuss and debate writings on a variety of issues that are important to the people of India, Pakistan, and other South Asian countries. It is a place to express and exchange ideas, discover eclectic thoughts, get useful information, meet new people, engage in social change, enjoy and educate yourself … (about 1/2).

Homepage and latest articles;
Articles; Columns; Fiction; Gallery; Unplugged forums;
Chowk writers; Chowk members/interactors; FAQ;

About 2/2: … Chowk is committed to promote the right to express. It nurtures ideas and voices that are original, investigative, and independent of doctrine and dogma. Chowk does not propose, favor or defend any ideology. Readers and writers arrive at their views through debate in an open and free environment.  Continue Reading…

Today’s statistics for – 05/2008 – 04/2009

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Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Apr 2009 22077 18410 7960 3052 3648 1238969 6105 15921 36820 44154
Mar 2009 24160 20385 7984 2914 48506 20066066 90356 247518 631954 748965
Feb 2009 24458 20906 7533 2885 52073 16593830 80805 210925 585368 684831
Jan 2009 21577 17831 7622 2859 50988 16470385 88655 236309 552786 668915
Dec 2008 22182 18662 7271 2838 99287 15745496 87984 225405 578541 687655
Nov 2008 24746 20617 8281 3172 53463 16453395 95167 248444 618533 742385
Oct 2008 21408 17914 6749 2764 88387 14403431 85687 209244 555347 663672
Sep 2008 22534 19055 6768 2495 98478 14466010 74856 203068 571673 676033
Aug 2008 15028 12121 6215 2491 31358 10850613 77249 192668 375764 465882
Jul 2008 15250 12125 5894 2402 27476 11095561 74482 182743 375885 472774
Jun 2008 14999 11736 5770 2241 25405 10031511 67247 173116 352104 449979
May 2008 20982 16289 6499 2452 28997 17167815 76030 201474 504984 650469
Totals 164583082 904623 2346835 5739759 6955714 DTN

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a guide to the political left

Linked with Leslie Cagan – USA.

The resources on this page are devoted to defining the left, which is one of the purposes of this website. For additional conceptual articles about the left, see ISSUES: “Progressive” and “Liberalism,” and particularly the articles by Barry Loberfeld and David Horowitz … (about /guide 1/2).

Guide; Newsletter; Links; Individuals; Groups; Issues; Politics; Media;
A close look at the American Civil Liberties Union; FrontpageMag;

About /guide 2/2: … Welcome to DiscoverTheNetworks. This site is a “Guide to the Political Left.” It identifies the individuals and organizations that make up the left and also the institutions that fund and sustain it; it maps the paths through which the left exerts its influence on the larger body politic; it defines the left’s (often hidden) programmatic agendas and it provides an understanding of its history and ideas. Continue Reading…

Foundation for Endangered Languages

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Linked with Joênia Batista de Carvalho – Brazil, and with Manifesto for Endangered Languages.

The Foundation for Endangered Languages supports, enables and assists the documentation, protection and promotion of endangered languages. This website announces our varied activities, and includes our newsletter Ogmios and details of our conferences. (Homepage).

Membership details; Proceedings; Grant Applications;
Appeals and News from Endangered Communities;
Call for Papers – FEL XIII: Endangered Languages and History;
Bibliography; Newsletters; Links;
Contact: For general enquiries contact Nicholas Ostler.

Manifesto: … 1.3. The Need for an Organization (scroll down):

  • We cannot stem the global forces which are at the root of language decline and loss.
  • But we can work to lessen the ignorance which sees language loss as inevitable when it is not, and does not properly value all that will go when a language itself vanishes.
  • We can work to see technological developments, such as computing and telecommunications, used to support small communities and their traditions rather than to supplant them.
  • And we can work to lessen the damage: o by recording as much as possible of the languages of communities which seem to be in terminal decline; o by emphasizing particular benefits of the diversity still remaining; and o by promoting literacy and language maintenance programmes, to increase the strength and morale of the users of languages in danger.   Continue Reading…

AGEG International Consulting Services

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Linked with Karsten Weitzenegger – Germany; with South East European Educational Cooperation Network SEE-ECN, and with Consultative Group to Assist the Poor CGAP.

A world without poverty, environmental damage and violent conflicts – development politics and international cooperation aim to make this ideal a reality. We are committed to making a contribution to the international community’s efforts to realise the Millennium Development Goals adopted at the 2000 UN General Assembly … (full text values).

Fields of Expertise (8 items); AGEG Intranet; Experts; References; Clients and Partners;
Projects; Job Opportunities;
Address: AGEG Consultants eG, Jesinger Strasse 52, 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany;

About: AGEG Consultants is an internationally recognised consulting company for development policy and international cooperation. We offer professional know-how and services for short and long term projects in diverse areas of activity in development aid. For over 20 years now, bilateral and multilateral organisations, NGOs, foundations, academic institutes and private clients have relied on AGEG’s expertise. Continue Reading…

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