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Index September 2009

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2009-09-01: Aravind Eye Care;
2009-09-01: Giving Nation Teachers, UK;
2009-09-01: Centre of Indian Trade Unions CITU;
2009-09-02: InterPride;
2009-09-02: International Association for Integration, Dignity and Economic Advancement IDEA;
2009-09-02: International Society for Human Rights;
2009-09-03: International Center for Transitional Justice Productions ICTJP;
2009-09-03: IJCentral;
2009-09-03: Facing History and Ourselves;
2009-09-04: Skylight Pictures;
2009-09-04: American NGO Coalition for the ICC – AMICC;
2009-09-04: Coalition for ICC now –;
2009-09-05: International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies;
2009-09-05: Mandat International – Welcome Desk;
2009-09-05: International Human Rights Association IHRA;
2009-09-06: Northern Alliance for Sustainability ANPED;
2009-09-06: Environment Liaison Centre International ELCI, Kenya;
2009-09-06: Sustainable Development Issues Network SDIN;
2009-09-07: International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ICTR;
2009-09-07: Whole Planet Foundation;
2009-09-07: Center For Development Support Initiatives EDSI;
2009-09-08: Sahodari Foundation;
2009-09-08: Africa Virtual Job Fair 2009;
2009-09-09: Development Alternatives Group;
2009-09-09: Digital Opportunity Channel;
2009-09-09: Arab Office for Youth and Environment AOYE;
2009-09-10: Globe Award;
2009-09-10: Caritas Internationalis;
2009-09-10: Development and Peace;
2009-09-10: Schweizer Banken: Blocher, Hayek und Levrat gegen grosse Banken;
2009-09-11: Southern African Development Community SADC;
2009-09-11: 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership;
2009-09-11: smart growth;
2009-09-12: International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism INTBAU;
2009-09-12: Agronomy for Sustainable Development;
2009-09-12: Carrying Capacity Network CCN;
2009-09-13: Indigenous Environmental Network;
2009-09-13: Conectas Direitos Humanos;
2009-09-13: Global Volunteer Network GVN;
2009-09-14: Americas Policy Program;
2009-09-14: Center for International Policy CIP;
2009-09-14: Toxic;
2009-09-15: APPROPEDIA;
2009-09-15: Green Globe – EC3;
2009-09-15: Earth Institute;
2009-09-16: Win Without War;
2009-09-16: Stand Up;
2009-09-16: Global Financial Integrity GFI;
2009-09-17: 2020 Vision;
2009-09-17: Virtual JFK;
2009-09-17: Avoided Deforestation Partners;
2009-09-18: Bündnis zum Schutz von Mädchen vor Genitalverstümmelung 2009;
2009-09-18: Council for a Livable World;
2009-09-18: Voices for Creative Nonviolence;
2009-09-19: Third Way;
2009-09-19: Progressive Book Club PBC;
2009-09-19: Globalization and Health;
2009-09-20: Women’s Refugee Commission;
2009-09-20: International Rescue Committee IRC;
2009-09-21: Women’s Studies Programs;
2009-09-21: Parivar Seva Sanstha PSS;
2009-09-21: Schizophernia Research Foundation SCARF;
2009-09-22: US;
2009-09-22: Women For Women Refugees and Women for Women International;
2009-09-23: Society for the Development of the Depressed SDD;
2009-09-23: Alternative Development – share your experiences;
2009-09-23: National Center for Children in Poverty NCCP;
2009-09-24: Corbett;
2009-09-24: PlaNet Finance;
2009-09-24: Anveshi – Research Centre for Women’s Studies;
2009-09-25: The;
2009-09-25: Centre for European Perspective CEP;
2009-09-25: Aid Watch;
2009-09-26: The Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts, Project RULAC;
2009-09-26: d.m.o.z. – open directory project ODP;
2009-09-26: A Contrario;
2009-09-27: Cambodian Center for Human Rights CCHR;
2009-09-27: enterprise development foundation;
2009-09-28: Society for Indian Children’s Welfare SICW;
2009-09-28: Find your Feet FYF;
2009-09-28: Rural China Education Foundation RCEF;
2009-09-29: Court Fool.Info;
2009-09-29: Solar Electric Light Fund SELF;
2009-09-29: Population Foundation of India;
2009-09-30: Prathibondhee Shangha;
2009-09-30: Servants of the People Society;
2009-09-30: National Rural Education Association NREA;
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National Rural Education Association NREA

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The National Rural Education Association (NREA) is the oldest established national organization of its kind in the United States. Formerly known as the REA, the Association traces its origins back to 1907 when it was originally founded as the Department of Rural Education … (full text Homepage).

Membership; Events; Convention; News; Programs; State Executive Directors; Address: Dr. John Hill, Executive Director, Purdue University, Beering Hall of Liberal Arts and Education, 100 N. University St., West LaFayette, IN  47907, USA;

About: The NREA (National Rural Education Association) was originally founded as the Department of Rural Education in 1907. It is the oldest established national organization of its kind in the United States. Through the years it has evolved as a strong and respected organization of rural school administrators, teachers, board members, regional service agency personnel, researchers, business and industry representatives, and others interested in maintaining the vitality of rural school systems across the country.  Continue Reading…

Servants of the People Society

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Service and Sacrifice

AIM AND OBJECTS: Servants of the People Society was founded by Lala Lajpat Rai in 1921 at Lahore, which was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. After partition, the Society was shifted to Delhi and is operating since then at Lajpat Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi-110024.
The object of the Society is to enlist and train national missionaries for the service of the motherland. It is their duty to work for the educational, cultural, social, economic and political advancement of the country under the supervision of the Society … (full text Homepage).

South Asian Fraternity SAF; Origin; Organization; Head Office; Branches and activity;
Address: Lajpat Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi – 110024, India;

About Lalaji: Lala Lajpat Rai, popularly known as “Punjab Kesari”, was born on January 28, 1865 in Jagraon tehsil of the Ludhiana district, Punjab, in a Hindu Aggarwal family. His mother, Gulab Devi, came from a Sikh family. Lajpat Rai’s family was far from affluent.   Continue Reading…

Prathibondhee Shangha

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This NGO shows no website, but is named on others, as:

on NGOs INDIA: Purpose: Child welfare, Development(General), Disability, Economics and Finance, Education, Food and Nutrition, Health, Human Rights, Population, Poverty, Training, Women’s issues.
Aim/Objective/Mission: Our organisation Pratibondhee Shangha is an association of disabled persons, registered in the year 1981 under the West Bengal Societies Registration act, 1961. It is a philanthropic, non-political and multipurpose Welfare Society devoted to the promotional, educational, cultural, economic and all round development of physical handicapped, tribal and other poor people of India.

on Click India; Address : A/51, Lake View Park Alambazar – 700035 West Bengal, India;
Contact : Tushar Kanti Dalal

on Karmayog; Tel 577-0278, e-mail.

Population Foundation of India

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  • The Population Foundation of India (PFI) is dedicated to promote effective formulation and implementation of gender sensitive population and development policies, strategies and programmes. PFI seeks to accomplish this by extending technical and financial support to individuals and civil society institutions; piloting innovative approaches; and building support at the national, sub-national and community levels through informed advocacy.
  • The Foundation endeavors to address the critical issues of population, health and sustainable development for better quality of life by increased access to services, promotion of advocacy programmes, capacity building at various levels and facilitating enabling environment for optimal utilization of resources … (full text Mission).

Projects; Awards; Memorial Oration; Staff; Regional Resource Centre RRC;
Adddress: Population Foundation of India, B-28, Qutab Institutional Area, Tara Crescent, New Delhi – 110 016, INDIA;

About: The Population Foundation of India ( PFI, formerly known as Family Planning Foundation ) was established in l970 by a dedicated group of industrialists and population activists led by Bharat Ratna the late Mr JRD Tata who guided it as the founder Chairman until his death in l993.  Continue Reading…

Solar Electric Light Fund SELF

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ending hunger in Africa

The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is fighting climate change and global poverty with solar power. With your help families can lift themselves out of poverty by having clean, safe water to drink; food to eat; vaccinations to prevent disease; light to study and work by; computers at school to help them learn; and power to increase their income. Change a village … Change the world … (Homepage).

Projects; Services; News; Newsletter; Partner; Donate;
Address: Solar Electric Light Fund SELF, 1612 K Street, NW Suite 402, Washington, DC 20006, USA;

About /Energy is a Human Right: The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is a cutting-edge, independent not-for-profit organization that designs and implements sustainable energy solutions for enhancements in health, education, agriculture and economic growth in the developing world.   Continue Reading…

Court Fool.Info

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Le Fou du Roi – (english, espanol, italiano, nederlands, portugues, russe)

Linked with Secrets of money, interest and inflation.

Dear guest, Fools cannot lie. Welcome in the world of the Court Fool. Let him surprise you with facts, proofs and his unconventional views. In the articles marked with a key, you will discover new perspectives to understand our mad, mad world. Not everybody knows how the dollar acts like a leech sucking the world. Not everybody knows how Bush went dressed in a cloack of lies. Not everybody understands why the press lies about such matters or keeps its mouth shut. There are also many other things, that determine the fate of the world, although nearly nobody speaks about them. And thus, for the Court Fool, there are many things remaining to talk about. Your suggestions, reactions and ideas will be appreciated. Would you like to help with factual research, or translations of articles? Or do you write articles, that add something fundamental to the understanding of this world? Tell me. There is no money, but there is enough to do. P.S.: If you don’t want to miss my next research article, just click on one or more of these links … (full text Homepage resp. links for Newsletters in above languages).

Latest articles, Links; Left column;

About: In the Middle Ages the court fool played an important role. He amused kings, ministers and households with his antics, jokes and sharp remarks.  Continue Reading…

Rural China Education Foundation RCEF

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RCEF is dedicated to promoting education that enriches children’s lives and strengthens communities in rural China. We bring together rural teachers, community members, education experts, and volunteers from inside and outside of China to pioneer new models of education based on the needs of rural China. (About).

The RCEF Blog in english, The RCEF Blog in chinese; the english main site;
Integrative Rural Education Program, Libraries and Reading, Media, Newsletter;
Personal Impact, Programs, Quality Education, RCEF, Teaching, Marco Flagg/Author’s Archive;
Comments / (as Contact, scroll down).

Bookmaking Class Reflection (on the RCEF blog): Developing and teaching a bookmaking class at Guan Ai School this past summer was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I love teaching and took advantage of the summer vacation to develop a ten day activity class at the school. Though I developed the curriculum, most important to the class was my partnership with two local Guan Ai teachers: Ms. Xie and Principal Sun.  Continue Reading…

Find your Feet FYF

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working together to end rural poverty

Find Your Feet works with vulnerable families living in rural India and Malawi to build a future free from hunger, poverty and discrimination … (full text Homepage).

What we do; News, events; Get involved; Donate; Volunteering;
Addresses (1 of 3): Find Your Feet FYF, Unit 316, Bon Marche Centre, 241 – 251 Ferndale Road, London SW9 8BJ, United Kingdom;

About: Find Your Feet (FYF) is a British international development charity dedicated to working with poor, rural communities to create lasting solutions to poverty. FYF was founded in 1960 in response to the refugee crisis in Central and Eastern Europe.   Continue Reading…

Society for Indian Children’s Welfare SICW

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This NGO shows no own website, but it is mentionned on these sites:

NGOs INDIA: Purpose: Child welfare; Aim/Objective/Mission: SICW focuses on the rehabilitation and developmental work for the children. It provides various services to the needy children such as educational sponsorship, adoption and day care centres. It also takes up income generation activities for the poor women and children … E-mail, Website — …, Classifieds & Yellow Pages: Phone: 033-22807176, Contact Person: Pathak, … Address: #20, Col. Biswas Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata -700019, India.

Indian Placement Agencies.


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making an impact one project at a time

  • You consider yourself a socially-conscious individual. You read the news every day, give to charity on occasion, and even volunteer now and then. But you can’t help thinking that something’s missing— the feeling that you are an agent of change.
  • That’s where 1Well comes in.
  • 1Well lets you lead a small but critical project and connects your community with a community in need. By completing a 1Well project— like a well or childcare center— you help fulfill a community’s basic needs. At the same time, you free up people’s time and energy for productive activities, like finding a job or starting a business. Plus, you get to rally your community around a common cause.
  • Now that’s something “click to donate” won’t give you … (about 1/2).

Projects in progress; Available projects; Successes;
Get involved; Toolkit; Terms of Service; Donate;
Address: 1Well, 2452 18th Street NW, Second Floor, Washington, DC 20009, USA;

About 2/2: … Our Projects: A 1Well project in Vachharajpur, India provided clean drinking water for more than 550 people. Women have started a flour mill, grocery store, and other small businesses because they no longer walk five hours a day to collect potable water.  Continue Reading…

enterprise development foundation

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Sasha (Sarba Shanti Ayog) was started in 1978, primarily to provide marketing assistance to crafts persons all over India. Design and development of products and organization is another key activity. Now 25 years later, sasha works with more than 150 producer groups and communities … (about 1/2).

Services; Projects; Networking; Events;
Plus: sasha, craft for contemporary living and its Bazaar; Learn; Family;
Address: Subhashini Kohli, Executive Director, Roopa Mehta, Secretary, Debasish Ray Choudhuri, CEO, EDF Enterprise Development Foundation (EDF), 1C, Chatubabu Lane, Kolkata – 700 014, India;
Contact: Phone +91-33- 2244 9761, Fax 9776, e-mail one, e-mail two, e-mail three.

About 2/2: … In order to use all the experience it has gained so far, sasha has promoted the Enterprise Development Foundation to formalize the work it has been doing so far, and to provide a more structured platform and support system for entrepreneurial initiatives at the grassroots.  Continue Reading…

Cambodian Center for Human Rights CCHR

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The CCHR is a non-political, independent, non-governmental organization which works to promote and protect democracy and respect for human rights throughout Cambodia. We focus primarily on civil and political rights, although we work on a variety of interlinked human rights issues.
Members of staff are grouped into four specialist Units that reflect the scope of our work: … (full text about /what we do).

  • All pages have the same URL. Click on the internal links, as: english or cambodian Homepage, about, units, programs, media and publications, events, support us, about/contact.
  • Address and map: Cambodian Center for Human Rights CCHR, #798, St.99, Boeng Trabek, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • about/Contact: Tel +855 (0)23 72 69 01, Fax 023 726 902, E-mail.

About /Why We DO It: We believe that every Cambodian has the right to participate in democracy and to have their fundamental human rights respected. We work to give Cambodians a voice.  Continue Reading…

A Contrario

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Universal Human Rights from a contrary position

Linked with The National Equality March, 10-11 Oct. 2009 in Washington D.C.

  • By offering alternative perspectives on important social issues and major events, the writers on this website hope to highlight the common factors that bind the various movements for peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability together. In addition to original articles and documents, this site offers references to and information from different organizations around the world.
  • Calls for an independent investigation into the Bush administration’s misdeeds are becoming more persistent and difficult for the ruling officials to ignore.1 Spain has already initiated criminal proceedings against six of the administration’s high-ranking officials, including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales …
  • … Footnotes: … (full text Homepage).

Sitemap;    Continue Reading…

d.m.o.z. – open directory project ODP

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in many languages (in the left column)

  • The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.
  • The Republic of the Web: The web continues to grow at staggering rates. Automated search engines are increasingly unable to turn up useful results to search queries. The small paid editorial staffs at commercial directory sites can’t keep up with submissions, and the quality and comprehensiveness of their directories has suffered. Link rot is setting in and they can’t keep pace with the growth of the Internet.
  • Instead of fighting the explosive growth of the Internet, the Open Directory provides the means for the Internet to organize itself. As the Internet grows, so do the number of net-citizens. These citizens can each organize a small portion of the web and present it back to the rest of the population, culling out the bad and useless and keeping only the best content … (about 1/2).

Becoming an ODP editor; Social contract; ODP data – RDF; Submit; Editor Resources; Blog;
Guidelines; Add; Help; Link;

About 2/2: … The Definitive Catalog of the Web: The Open Directory follows in the footsteps of some of the most important editor/contributor projects of the 20th century.  Continue Reading…

The Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts, Project RULAC

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access to global database by state or territory

The Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts Project is an initiative of the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights to support the application and implementation of international law in armed conflict. Through its global database and analysis, the Project aims ultimately to report on every concerned State and disputed territory in the world, considering both the legal norms that apply as well as the extent to which they are respected by the relevant actors. (Homepage).

Legal developments archives; Key documents; Links to HR-bodies: right column;
Applicable Law, Issues; internal links in left column;
Address: RULAC Project, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Villa Moynier, P.O. Box 67, 1211 Genève 21, Switzerland;

The Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts (RULAC) Project is an initiative of the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights to support the application and implementation of international law in armed conflict. Continue Reading…

Aid Watch

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Action on Aid, Trade and Dept

  • AID/WATCH monitors the increased shift towards the negotiation of bilateral trade agreements. We work to expose where aid is used as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations particularly where further trade liberalisation becomes a condition for aid grants and loans. Our current focus is monitoring the push for a Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) alongside our civil society counterparts in the region.
  • Read more about the Trade campaign … (full text Homepage and latest campaign news).

Campaigns; News; Governance; Get involved and support; Publications;
Where is your aid-money going; Constitution; Newsletter: in the right column;
Address: AID/WATCH, 19 Eve St., Erskineville, NSW, 2043, Australia;

About: Find out about AID/WATCH’s purpose, values and vision as well as how to get involved.  Continue Reading…

Centre for European Perspective CEP

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Center za evropsko prihodnost

The Centre for European Perspective (CEP) is an independent and non-profit organization working on issues of peace, security, and socio-economic development and prosperity. It has been established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on 8 July 2004. Its original name, Centre for the European Integration Support, has been changed with the decision of the Slovenian Government on 26 April 2006.  The new name better corresponds to the scope of CEP’s activities. CEP was officially inaugurated on 23 May 2006, while the work of the Centre dates back to March of the same year. The Centre received a monetary donation from Slovenian Government for its work. However financial resources are also welcomed and sought from other national and international sources … (about 1/2).

english Homepage; slovenian Homepage; Sitemap;
News; Projects; Links;
Address: CEP, Grajska cesta 1, 1234 Loka pri Mengsu, Slovenjia;

About 2/2: … CEP MISSION: The main mission of CEP is to play an active role in promoting European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes by drawing on the expertise of Slovenian public and private sector and by engaging experts from across the EU. CEP’s mission is to work with:  Continue Reading…


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Linked with Inside the Deal.

The Deal LLC is a diversified media company that is the authoritative voice of the deal economy.
We serve the global deal community-corporate and financial dealmakers, advisers and institutional investors-by providing business and financial news and information that offers fresh insights on the deal economy, a set of interrelated activities, focused on dealmaking of all kinds, whose purpose is to generate corporate growth in a continually changing global market … (full text Newsroom /MISSION STATEMENT).

Dealscape; Pipeline (for jobs, auctions, transactions /yahoo, articles, archives); Coorp. Dealmaker;
Magazine; Newsletter; Events; Videos; Products, Services; Advertise; Editorial content & submissions;
Addresses (1 of 3): The, Headquarters, 105 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA;

About: Since 1999, The Deal LLC has covered the dealmaking across all its many mutations along with the ups and downs of economic cycles and business leaders. Through print, electronic media and events, we provide original content that serves the news, information and idea generation needs of corporate and financial dealmakers, advisers, intermediaries and investors … (full text).

Anveshi – Research Centre for Women’s Studies

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Anveshi was set up in 1985 in Hyderabad by a small group of activist-scholars to provide resources to research and develop a feminist theory relevant to women’s lives in contemporary India. Today we are one of the foremost non-university research centers in India. Our work focuses on six research initiatives: education; health and health care systems; law and critical legal theory; dalits and minorities; development; and public domain … (about 1/2).

Research; Events; People; Short term;
Institutional Culture; Collaborations; Publications; Library; Newsletter;
Address: Anveshi Research Center for Women’s Studies, 2-2-18/49, D D Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad 500013, India;

About 2/2: …  Projects in these initiatives examine the shifts in development theory; the crisis of medicine in the Indian context; hegemonic perspectives in school textbooks; the question of secularism and minority in Indian politics; the problematic nature of law and rights in domestic violence; and thinking about what it entails to be a ‘Dalit woman’ in modern India.  Continue Reading…

PlaNet Finance

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your money can change the world – aussi en français

  • … PlaNet Finance is an international NGO whose mission is to fight against poverty by developing microfinance.
  • The private sector has backed PlaNet Finance since the beginning. Numerous companies contribute to financing its work, complementing the funds provided by international financial institutions. PlaNet Finance’s main sponsors include DEXIA, Cap Gemini, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (via the Fonds Francophone des Inforoutes), the World Bank (via InfoDev) and two private donors.
  • PlaNet Finance’s aim is to become a microfinance plaform that brings together the various actors in the sector and, at the same time, serves to pool the resources needed to develop microfinance.
  • Since it was founded, PlaNet Finance has continued to expand its operations and build on its experience with the aim of serving the growing number of actors in the microfinance sector and, consequently, to contribute in developing microfinance around the world … (full text History).

english Homepage; french Homepage; Sitemap;
News; Activities; Recruitment; Microfinance; Press; Donate; FAQs;
Address: PlaNet Finance, 13 rue Dieumegard, 93400 Saint Ouen, France;

About: PlaNet Finance is an international organisation whose mission is to fight against poverty through the development of microfinance. As the microfinance expert, PlaNet Finance offers a set of services via eight independent and specialised units whose primary objective is to develop an inclusive financial sector:  Continue Reading…


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Linked with The Financial Crisis and the Bank Bailout.

The Corbett Report provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more … (about 1/2 /(Homepage).

Episodes; Interviews; Articles; Subscribe; Links; Donate;
Contact online.

About 2/2 /(Homepage): Watch this video on YouTube: Arudou Debito on new IC cards for foreigners in Japan, 7.46 min.
Activist and journalist Arudou Debito of FRANCA Japan and joins The Corbett Report to discuss new measures for tracking and controlling foreign residents in Japan. Continue Reading…

National Center for Children in Poverty NCCP

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putting research to work for children and families

Family Poverty Experts Available for Comment on Annual Statistics, New Census Numbers Out Today: One Third of America’s Poor Are Children: The U.S. Census Bureau’s annual report of data on poverty, income, and health insurance – released today – reveals that the official child poverty rate in the United States increased from 18 percent in 2007 to 19 percent in 2008. Researchers at the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) are available to comment on what the new numbers mean in to America’s children and families and future as a country … (full text in the spotlight).

Homepage; Sitemap:
Topics; Projects; Data tools; State profiles; Publications; News;
Address: National Center for Children in Poverty, 215 W. 125th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10027, USA;

About: Addressing the Challenge: The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) is the nation’s leading public policy center dedicated to promoting the economic security, health, and well-being of America’s low-income families and children. NCCP uses research to inform policy and practice with the goal of ensuring positive outcomes for the next generation. We promote family-oriented solutions at the state and national levels.   Continue Reading…

Alternative Development – share your experiences

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… with development professionals from all over the globe

… The aim of this site is to let you tell us and all those in aid of your frustrations (and your triumphs, too). Get it off your chest, as we say, without putting yourself at risk. All names and addresses of those making submissions or comments will be kept confidential. While we try to be modest about our aspirations for the site, who knows, perhaps we can eventually generate a bit of discussion amongst donors and governments about what works and what does not. We can at least help you release a bit of tension … (full text Homepage).

Hot Topics; Design a laptop; Who shot my laptop;
See this; A slogan; Personals; Where are we? User profile; Success stories;
Contact online.

What the TOR didn’t tell me:     Continue Reading…

Society for the Development of the Depressed SDD

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SDD organisation, since its inception in 1989, carried out various Action, Welfare/ Development programmes for the rural poor people of our area who Are destitute in all respects of their lives due to illiteracy and ignorance. SDD’s team has visited its target villages and organised the rural mass to Form in to groups for their own development through collective and unified Approach. SDD has promoted 20 rural women’s associations in its target area through Constant dialogues and discussions with them in order to eradicate illiteracy among these people. SDD has started Non-Formal Education centres in 20 Villages with an intention of infusing in them the learning skills to make them Aware of the day-to-day development in society as well as in the nation. (Homepage).

Programmes; Actions; Volunteers; Latest report; Donate;
Address: Society for the Development of the Depressed (SDD), M. Manavalan, President, 15/A, Arockiyanathar Street, Chetpet, Polur Taluk – 606 801, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu, India;

About: Background of the Organization: SDD started functioning in 10 villages through non-formal education programmes in the year 1983. It was officially registered in the year 1989. The main objective of SDD is “To help the Dalits to help themselves”.    Continue Reading…

Women For Women Refugees and Women for Women International

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helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives …
First Homepage named Women For Women Refugees;
Second Homepage named Women for Women International UK

  • … provide women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. Our aim is to build communities of supporters and to change the world one woman at time. Please join us.
  • both Homepages seem sharing the other webpages.

Where we work; Who makes it all happen; Blog: notes from the field; News; Zainab’s memoir; Careers; Sponsoship; Donate; FAQs; The Other Side of War;
Events: 2009 US Gala November 10, 2009, New York; 2009 UK Gala: happened 7th May 2009, London;
2 Addresses: Women for Women International, US Office, 4455 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20008, USA;
Women for Women International, UK Office, 32 – 36 Loman Street, London SE1 0EH, UK;
Feedback; Contact.

About: What We Do: From Victim to Survivor… to Active Citizen – Women for Women International mobilizes women to change their lives through a holistic approach that addresses the unique needs of women in conflict and post-conflict environments.  Continue Reading…


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USAction builds power by uniting people locally and nationally, on-the-ground and online, to win a more just and progressive America.  We create the nation’s leading progressive coalitions, making democracy work by organizing issue and election campaigns to improve people’s lives … (about 1/2).

Issue campaigns; Take action; Affiliates; Education fundMedia; Support;
Address: USAction, 1825 K St. NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20006, USA;

About 2/2: … USAction’s Priorities: USAction promotes Investment in America’s Future.  That means:  Continue Reading…

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The Twitter Dictionary aka Twittonary provides explanations of various Twitter related words. You can search the entire Twitter Dictionary or by single word using their letter of the alphabet in the list below: … (full text Homepage: search or submit a word).

Twittonary’s blog;
Advertise: seems wanting work later;
Contact: You can submit a word or business with a link on the home page or feel free to email us …

About: Below you’ll find a little more about what Twittonary is, why it was created, and for whom it was created!   Continue Reading…

Schizophernia Research Foundation SCARF

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… Over two and a half decades, the SCARF team including the Board of Management and staff has strived to address these and other concerns. Our objective has been to convince the community that schizophrenia, one of the greatest disablers of youth, requires sustained professional commitment and pubic support. Slowly and steadily, SCARF has grown to be a referral centre for the treatment and rehabilitation of persons with chronic schizophrenia from around and outside India. SCARF now offers a wide spectrum of interventions in varied settings including out-patient, day care, community and in-patient residential centers … (full text Homepage).

Understanding: Schizophrenia; Research; Projects; Programs: Community Mental Health; School;
Awareness; Publications; Treatment, rehab; How you can help; Donate;
Address: Schizophrenia Research Foundation (India) SCARF, R-7A North Main Road, AnnaNagar West (Extn.), Chennai 600 101, Tamil Nadu, India;

About /What is SCARF: Moving towards 25 years: SCARF is the acronym for the Schizophrenia Research Foundation, a non governmental, non profit organization in Chennai ( formerly Madras)  in south India.  Continue Reading…

Parivar Seva Sanstha PSS

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  • Parivar Seva Sanstha, a professionally managed, highly reputed and result oriented national NGO has been in existence since last 30 years. The organization provides a range of quality, affordable reproductive health services and products in 21 states of India.
  • Parivar Seva’s Mission: “Enhance the quality of life of men, women, adolescents and children by addressing the challenges in Health, Population and Development” … (full text Homepage).

Projects; Research; Technical assistance; about education, training;
IEC materials; News; Gallery; Newsletter: down left column; Infos/FAQs;
Address: Parivar Seva Sanstha PSS, C-374, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024, India;

About: Overview: The mission of Parivar Seva Sanstha is to enhance the quality of life of women, men, adolescent and children by addressing the challenges in health, population and development.  Continue Reading…

Women’s Studies Programs

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… Departments, & Research Centers (worldwide, but 2/3 in USA) … on one long page.

Please send corrections and additions to Joan Korenman.

Here are links to more than 900 women’s/gender/feminist studies programs, departments, and research centers around the world that have web sites. Programs and departments offering graduate degrees or concentrations have this fact noted in an annotation below the link. For a larger list of women’s studies programs, including those without web sites, see the very useful searchable page on the National Women’s Studies Association website (in cooperation with MS Magazine), the September issue of the Modern Language Association’s journal PMLA, or Gerri Gribi’s listing of Women’s Studies programs in the U.S. For information about institutions offering Women’s Studies graduate and undergraduate degrees online, see Online Degrees in Women’s Studies.  Continue Reading…

International Rescue Committee IRC

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Linked with Women’s Refugee Commission.

We are the International Rescue Committee – a critical global network of first responders, humanitarian relief workers, healthcare providers, educators, community leaders, activists, and volunteers. Working together, we provide access to safety, sanctuary, and sustainable change for millions of people whose lives have been shattered by violence and oppression … (about 1/2 /who we are).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Where we work; Research Library; Take action; Careers; News; How you can help; FAQs;
Address: International Rescue Committee, 122 East 42nd Street, New York, New York 10168-1289, USA;

About 2/2 /who we are: … Our mission: Founded in 1933, the IRC is a global leader in emergency relief, rehabilitation, protection of human rights, post-conflict development, resettlement services and advocacy for those uprooted or affected by violent conflict and oppression.
Learn more about what we do … (more)Continue Reading…

Women’s Refugee Commission

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(also named Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children)

Linked with International Rescue Committee IRC.

The Women’s Refugee Commission was established in 1989 to address the particular needs of refugee and displaced women and children. The Women’s Refugee Commission is affiliated with and is legally part of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and does not receive direct financial support from the IRC (down of each page).

Programs; Women’s Refugee Commission Fact Sheet; Resources; Take action; Donate;
Blog; Press; Business model; 2008 Achievements; 2009 Action Agenda;
Addresses: 1): Women’s Refugee Commission, 122 East 42nd Stree, New York, NY 10168-1289, USA;
2): Women’s Refugee Commission, c/o International Rescue Committee, 1730 M Street, NW, Suite 505, Washington, DC 20036, USA;

About /How we work: Through research and fact-finding field missions, we identify critical problems that affect displaced women, children and young people, including gaps in lifesaving reproductive health care, lack of dignified livelihoods for refugees and, in the U.S., the treatment of asylum-seekers. Continue Reading…

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Linked with Genesis 1 for atheists. is the brainchild of Tim Patrick, which in itself is somewhat gross given that brains don’t have children, at least not male brains … (about 1/2).

Homepage and online Feedback;
Archives: Author results and Category results;
Commentaries; Humor Links; Store; Visit Tim’s personal website;
Contact Tim Patrick.

About 2/2: … Tim Patrick has been a software developer since the early days of personal computers, so you know he’s qualified to write offbeat humor. And that’s just what you find in the pages of

Tim has been writing books and articles since the very-late twentieth century, and he’s unlikely to stop now. He has a half-dozen technical books on the market and many articles on technical, humorous, and religious topics.

Globalization and Health

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(a project of BioMed Central, UK)

Linked with The implications of trade liberalization for diet and health, and with I washed and fed my mother before going to school.

Globalization and Health is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that provides an international forum for high quality original research, knowledge sharing and debate on the topic of globalization and its effects on health, both positive and negative. (The journal is is affiliated with the London School of Economics LSE Health) … (about 1/2).

Homepage and latest articles;
Register/log in; Submit an article; Journals A-Z; Press; Jobs; Support;
Address and map, (inkl. a link to Google Street View): BioMed Central Ltd, Globalization and Health, Floor 6, 236 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8HL, United Kingdom;
Feedback online; Contact.

About 2/2: … Globalization, namely the intensification of flows of people, goods, and services across borders, has a complex influence on health. The journal publishes material relevant to any aspect of globalization and health from a wide range of social science and health-related disciplines (e.g. economics, sociology, epidemiology, demography, psychology, politics and international relations).  Continue Reading…

Progressive Book Club PBC

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Linked with ThirdWay.

  • Welcome to the Progressive Book Club, a unique new space for debate, discussion and community based on that venerable yet still so vital form of media: the printed word.
  • More than two centuries ago, Thomas Paine published Common Sense, the radical democratic inspiration for mass support of the American Revolution. Books have played a critical role in American politics ever since, regardless of changes in technology, culture, politics, and communications … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Books: all categories, all Issues;
Community; Blog; Features; Join; Help, FAQs; Supports;

About 2/2: … It was Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass that galvanized the abolitionist movement. It was Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle – with its gripping portrait of rapacious industry – that inspired the reforms of the Progressive Era.  Continue Reading…

Third Way

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Linked with Progressive Book Club.

Third Way is the leading think tank of the moderate wing of the progressive movement. We work with elected officials, candidates, and advocates to develop and advance the next generation of moderate policy ideas. Since our launch in 2005, our policy and communications products as well as our issue trainings have been used extensively in the House and Senate, by governors and by candidates ranging from Barack Obama to those running for Congress … (about 1/2).

Leadership; Employment; Internships; Products; Press; Media Kit; Dispatch; Links;
Address: Third Way, 1025 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 501, Washington, DC 20036, USA;

About 2/2 /Programs: … The Economic Program: Third Way is designing a new economic agenda and narrative for the 21st century. Continue Reading…

Voices for Creative Nonviolence

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Linked with Peaceable Assembly Campaign.

Voices for Creative Nonviolence has deep, long-standing roots in active nonviolent resistance to U.S. war-making. Begun in the summer of 2005, Voices draws upon the experiences of those who challenged the brutal economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and U.N. against the Iraqi people between 1990 and 2003. Voices participants rely on and have learned from experiences of those who have engaged in active nonviolent resistance to military might in the U.S. including draft resistance; resistance to the wars in Latin America; and resistance to nuclear weapons, such as the Plowshares resistance efforts. Voices draws upon the lessons gleaned from active participation in peace teams in Haiti, Yugoslavia, Palestine and Iraq … (full text about).

Campaigns; Events; Nonviolent Resistance; Member’s writings; Blog; Iraq war;
What you can do; Friends, Allies; Newsletters; Archive; Resources; Books, DVDs;
Address: Voices for Creative Nonviolence, 1249 W Argyle Street #2, Chicago, IL 60640, USA;

Nonviolence Guidelines: The Peaceable Assembly Campaign is committed to nonviolence in all aspects of the campaign. All participants in the PAC are expected to share this commitment to nonviolence during this campaign.  Continue Reading…

Council for a Livable World

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  • Council for a Livable World (CLW) is a Washington, D.C.-based 501 (c)(4) non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to reducing the danger of nuclear weapons and increasing national security. The Council was founded in 1962 by nuclear physicist Leo Szilard and other scientists who pioneered the development of atomic weapons and immediately became concerned about their use and spread.
  • Our mission is to advocate for sensible national security policies and to help elect congressional candidates who support them … (full text Mission).

Homepage; Sitemap;
What we stand for; Issues; Action; Staff; Support; Join; Media; Blog;
Address: 322 4th Street NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA;

About /Our Legacy: Nuclear physicist Leo Szilard founded Council for a Livable World in 1962 to deliver “the sweet voice of reason” about nuclear weapons to Congress, the White House, and the American public. “The policies of the great powers have consistently followed the line of least resistance, and this line leads to an unlimited arms race.  Continue Reading…

Bündnis zum Schutz von Mädchen vor Genitalverstümmelung 2009

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site in english coming soon

Linked mit Giordano Bruno Stiftung.

Viel Leid, Not und Tod in afrikanischen, arabischen und asiatischen Ländern entsteht nicht durch äußere Einflüsse wie Hunger, Dürre und Krankheiten. Es wird von den Menschen selbst verursacht – und ist somit gänzlich vermeidbar. Dieses Elend ist immer auch ein entscheidendes Entwicklungshemmnis. Damit aufwendige Investitionen in Entwicklungsprojekte überhaupt Früchte tragen können, muss dieses selbst geschaffene und vollständig vermeidbare Leid zuerst einmal beendet werden … (ganzer Text: Das Problem).

Die Lösung; Mitmachen;
Postanschrift: Postfach 30 41 44, 20324 Hamburg, Germany;
Find us on facebook; on twitter; Impressum; Kontakte.

Wir über uns: Im Sommer 2009 haben sich acht Organisationen und Initiativen zum „Bündnis zum Schutz von Mädchen vor Genitalverstümmelung“ zusammengeschlossen. Alle Organisationen engagieren sich in den Bereichen Kinder- und Menschenrechte, Gewalt-Prävention oder Ethik/Humanismus:  Continue Reading…

Avoided Deforestation Partners

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protecting the climat by saving forests – coming soon also in spanish

Avoided Deforestation Partners is an international network of thinkers, strategists and practitioners, founded by leaders in forest carbon policy and project implementation, science, finance, and conservation in 2007, to support international efforts to halt tropical deforestation … (about 1/2).

Background; Initiatives; News, events; Press; Partners;
Addresses (1 of 3): Avoided Deforestation Partners, Glenn Hurowitz, Washington Director,, 1717 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 801, Washington, DC 20036, United States;
Contact and donate.

About 2/2: … Vision Statement: The adoption of effective climate policies to significantly reduce tropical deforestation and degradation, improving the quality of life for indigenous peoples and other forest-dependent communities, preserving biodiversity, and enhancing global security.   Continue Reading…

Virtual JFK

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Vietnam, if Kennedy had lived – a website about the film

Virtual JFK investigates one of the most debated “what if” scenarios in the history of U.S. foreign policy: What would President John F. Kennedy have done in Vietnam if he had not been assassinated in 1963, and had he been re-elected in 1964? The resulting film employs what Harvard historian Niall Ferguson calls “virtual history,” assessing the plausibility of counterfactuals – “what ifs” – and the outcomes they might have produced. The film makes use of an array of resources including recently declassified and never-before-seen archival footage, documents, and audio tapes, and testimony from a critical oral history conference including Kennedy and Johnson administration officials. The heart of the film deals with the question: Does it matter who is president on issues of war and peace? (See under Synopsis).

HomepageAll other pages have the same URL, to reach them click on the internal links, as: Synopsis, Director, Gallery, Bios, Book, Press, Theaters, Mailing List, buy the DVD, Contacts.


2020 Vision

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energy and security solutions

… Apply to Be a Regional Director: Think you have what it takes to be a Regional Director? Regional Directors must be full time students at any University. After being brought to Washington, DC for a week of training and lobbying, they work four to six hours per week leading one of America’s most effective student-led campaigns working to stop global warming and kick America’s oil habit.
Download the *brochure to apply (by internal link) – requires the free Acrobat Reader … (full long texts of the big page Get Involved).

Homepage (a big page full of links);
Issues; News; Join our campaigns; Allies; Donate;
Address: , Corporate Office, 2020 Vision, 8401 Colesville Road, Suite 640, Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA;

Who we are; We bring together energy and security solutions.   Continue Reading…

Global Financial Integrity GFI

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a program of the Center for International Policy

Linked with Capitalism’s Achilles Heel.

Global Financial Integrity (GFI) promotes national and multilateral policies, safeguards, and agreements aimed at curtailing the cross-border flow of illegal money.  In putting forward solutions, facilitating strategic partnerships, and conducting groundbreaking research, GFI is leading the way in efforts to curtail illicit financial flows and enhance global development and security … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Resources; Task Force; Blog; Newsroom; Jobs; Donate; Links;
Address: 1319 18th Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036, USA;

About 2/2: … CHALLENGE: Our mission stems from the estimate that $1 trillion in funds which are illegally earned, transferred or utilized are spirited across borders annually. Of this, $500 billion a year comes out of developing and transitional economies into western accounts, constituting the most damaging economic condition hurting the poor.  Continue Reading…

Stand Up

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Linked with Win Without War. gives you an inside look into what’s happening on Iraq in the halls of Congress – from a complete listing of the current legislation on Iraq to messages from Members and Washington insiders on what they believe the strategy is for moving us forward and bringing an end to the war … (full text inside congress).

Homepage and latest news;
Take Action; Press; Video archive; Grassroots report;
Partners on Iraq; Afghanistan; Town Hall; Inside Congress;
Address: Win Without War, 1000 Vermont Avenue, NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20005, USA;

About: StandUpCongress.Org is a “one-stop-shop” for Americans seeking information and tools to move Congress to take a stand to end the war in Iraq and prevent an escalation of war into Iran.  Continue Reading…

Win Without War

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Linked with Stand Up

Win Without War is a coalition of national organizations representing broad constituencies that aim to keep America safe. The coalition advocates that international cooperation and enforceable international law provide the greatest security for the United States and the world. WWW offers a mainstream, patriotic voice for engaging opinion makers, activating concerned citizens, and communicating effectively to the media … (mission 1/2).

Homepage and latest news;
Take action; Coalition members; News; Press; Donate:

Mission 2/2: What We Support: We are patriotic Americans committed to a US foreign policy that embodies our nation’s highest ideals.   Continue Reading…

Earth Institute

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of the Columbia University

The Global Challenge: Earth is at a critical crossroads. While revolutionary advances in science and technology have lifted humanity to new heights of prosperity and longevity in many parts of the world, hundreds of millions of people are vulnerable to the impacts of hazards and natural disasters, extreme poverty, infectious disease and a host of other challenges. At the same time, human activity, especially in the last 100 years, is threatening the health of the environment and potentially posing risks of unprecedented magnitude to our shared future. Today, approximately one in six people on the planet subsist on less than $1 a day. The world’s population is expected to increase to 9 billion people by 2050, further straining Earth’s resources and humanity’s ability to thrive. With a window of opportunity to head off the most severe impacts of these challenges, the Earth Institute, Columbia University, is working to help the world pave a path toward sustainability … (about 1/2).

Research: News, Centers and Programs, Education; Earth Clinic; Get involved;
more Research: Hazards, Poverty, Water; Events; Press; Multimedia; Our blog; Newsletter;
Address: The Earth Institute, Columbia University, 405 Low Library, MC 4335, 535 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10027, USA;

About 2/2: … Taking a Bold Approach: The Earth Institute’s overarching goal is to help achieve sustainable development primarily by expanding the world’s understanding of Earth as one integrated system. We work toward this goal through scientific research, education and the practical application of research for solving real-world challenges.   Continue Reading…

Green Globe – EC3

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green globe shows your organisation is serious about the environmental, social and economic performance of your organisation

  • EC3 Global’s vision is to become the market leader in providing organisations with advice, research and products which protect and enhance the economic, environmental and social integrity of their businesses and communities.
  • EC3 Global is dedicated to assisting businesses, governments and communities achieve a commitment to sustainability and responsible triple bottom line reporting. (Vision).

Sustainable objectives, impléement them, EC3; Products, programs; Resources;
Credentials; Partners; Advice; Community; FAQs; Newsletter;
Contact online.

About /Who is EC3). EC3 Global is an internationally recognised environmental advisory group which can provide your organisation with a pathway and comprehensive range of products and services to set, manage and achieve your sustainability targets. EC3 Global provides a wide range of pathways to sustainability including: … (full text who is EC3).   Continue Reading…


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Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives – in many languages

  • Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development. Appropedia helps us sustain our world. Learn more at our Mission page.
  • The material here is free for your use. So far contributors have made 73,087 edits and uploaded 7,561 files. Search or browse our categories or all 16,516 pages.
  • 10,000,000 Page Views: Appropedia has hit another important milestone – over 10 million page views. Thank you all for helping us reach that large number of real people, and for adding to our over 72 thousand edits so far. Coincidentally, the same day we hit 10 million, Lonny was representing Appropedia in a very fun radio interview on Media Squat (right before the notorious Yes Men) … (full text Welcome Page).

Vision and Mission;
History; Content; 3 People who make Appropedia possible; Our blog; Organizations;
This organization is a member of the Open Sustainability Network.
(Contact) /Talk.

About: Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development through the use of appropriate technology and the sharing of project information. It is a wiki, a type of website which allows anyone to add, remove, or edit content. Registration is encouraged but not required for contributors.   Continue Reading…


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a movement to encourage schools and universities to use economics textbooks that engage honestly with the real world

Toxic textbooks helped cause the economic meltdown: The current economic meltdown is not the result of natural causes or human conspiracy, but because society at all levels became infected with false beliefs regarding the nature of economic reality. And the primary sources of this infection are the “neoclassical” or “mainstream” textbooks long used in introductory economics courses in universities throughout the world … (english Homepage 1/2 and links).

On the same homepage you’ll find many links as: essays, cartoons, comedy, news, community. Homepages also in spanish, in italian, and in german.

Facebook: What and where are the alternatives;
Facebook discussion;

english Homepage 2/2 and links /Mass miseducation:    Continue Reading…