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Provider’s statistics – Dez 2008 to Nov 2009

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Just now at 12.00 a.m., on November 30, 2009:   Continue Reading…

Index November 2009

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2009-11-01: Europe for Citizens’ Programme ESFC;
2009-11-01: Reprieve USA;
2009-11-01: Competency based Economies through Formation of Enterprise CEFE;
2009-11-02: World Volunteers;
2009-11-02: Index on Censorship;
2009-11-02: Youth International;
2009-11-03: All India Social Welfare Association for Rural Development;
2009-11-03: Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War KLFCW;
2009-11-03: International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability FIMITIC;
2009-11-04: Action Institute for Literacy and Human Resource Development AILAHURD;
2009-11-04: Active Citizenship Network;
2009-11-04: ClitorAid;
2009-11-05: Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan AAA;
2009-11-05: Fundamental Rights Agency FRA;
2009-11-05: Voices of Women VOW;
2009-11-06: All India Coordination Committee of Working Women;
2009-11-06: HURIDOCS;
2009-11-07: Action for Green Earth;
2009-11-07: ALAMB – for deprived children and women;
2009-11-07: San Francisco Insight Meditation Community;
.2009-11-08: Peace FM online;
2009-11-08: Children and Young People Now;
2009-11-08: All India Trade Union Organisation AITUO;
2009-11-09: Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation and Research Centre;
2009-11-09: Caux Initiatives of Change;
2009-11-09: Food First;
2009-11-10: Swissaid;
2009-11-10: Planned Parenthood of NYC Action Fund;
2009-11-10: Community;
2009-11-11: All Women Consumer Protection and Guidance Society;
2009-11-11: Australia: Women for Peace;
2009-11-11: APRED – pour une paix durable;
2009-11-12: who is visiting our blogs?
2009-11-12: Melbourne: Women’s Information WIRE;
2009-11-12: People’s World;
2009-11-12: All India Confederation of the Blind AICB;
2009-11-13: All India Federation of the Deaf;
2009-11-13: European Disability Forum EDF;
2009-11-13: Global Gateway;
2009-11-14: The International Longshore and Warehouse Union;
2009-11-14: Changemakers;
2009-11-14: Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition GAIN;
2009-11-15: Open Youth;
2009-11-15: Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre;
2009-11-15: All India Association of Micro-Enterprise Development AIAMED;
2009-11-16: World Kindness Movement WKM;
2009-11-16: The other 3 Rs;
2009-11-16: Australian Council for International Development ACFID;
2009-11-17: Understanding;
2009-11-17: SALTO-Youth resource centres;
2009-11-17: Social Psychology Network SPN;
2009-11-18: Association for Psychological Science APS;
2009-11-18: Freedom of Conscience;
2009-11-18: Tembea Youth Centre for sustainable development;
2009-11-19: Weltwirtschaft, Ökologie & Entwicklung WEED;
2009-11-19: World Federalist Movement  – Institute for Global Policy WFM-IGP;
2009-11-19: Center for a World in Balance; (put privat)
2009-11-20: European Marches Against Unemployment;
2009-11-20: Stamp Out Poverty;
2009-11-20: Medical Association for Prevention of War MAPW;
2009-11-21: Alvoko al Mondpaco;
2009-11-21: (re-) Launch of Portal for Human Rights Schools;
2009-11-21: International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War IPPNW;
2009-11-22: The Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network;
2009-11-22: Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology APCTT;
2009-11-22: European Network on Debt and Development EURODAD;
2009-11-23: North Country Education Services NCES;
2009-11-23: Association for Social Health in India ASHI;
2009-11-23: International Council for Social Welfare ICSW;
2009-11-24: Greece: Disability Now;
2009-11-24: Aai-Baba Bahudeshiy Vyam Krida & Yuvak Sanstha;
2009-11-24: Halifax Initiative Coalition;
2009-11-25: International Movement ATD Fourth World;
2009-11-25: Aalochana-Centre for Documentation and Research on Women;
2009-11-25: Afterschool Alliance;
2009-11-26: Birdwatch;
2009-11-26: International Catholic Child Bureau BICE;
2009-11-26: International NGO Campaign on Export Credit Agencies – ECA Watch;
2009-11-27: Echec à la Guerre, le collectif;
2009-11-27: Global Reporting Initiative;
2009-11-27: WikiLeaks;
2009-11-28: Jean-Jacques Crè;
2009-11-28: HOPE International;
2009-11-29: Iraq Veterans against the War;
2009-11-29: Americans for fairness in lending AFFIL;
2009-11-29: Americans for Financial Reform AFR;
2009-11-30: Somali Community Literacy Center SCLC;
2009-11-30: Trade Union Advisory Committee TUAC to the OECD;
2009-11-30: Alliance Sud;
2009-11-30: Provider’s statistics – Dez 2008 to Nov 2009.


See also our pages:

Alliance Sud

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Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations: Swissaid – Catholic Lenten Fund – Bread for all – Caritas – Interchurch Aid – (also in german, french, italian)

Alliance Sud, the Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations, is the common platform for development policy lobbying by the six major Swiss development organisations. It strives to influence Switzerland’s policies to the benefit of the poor countries and their peoples.
Core concerns: Our goal is sustainable development, as well as a more just, peaceful and environment-friendly world that offers equal rights and opportunities to all. This calls for economic and political changes – worldwide and in Switzerland … (full text about).

english Homepage and latest News; Sitemap;
Development Policy, Key Issues; Expertise; Publications; Education; Member orgs;
Address: Alliance Sud, Monbijoustrasse 31, PO Box 6735, CH-3001 Berne /Switzerland;
Contact/Feedback online.

2 Information and Documentation Centres: Alliance Sud operates information and documentation centres in Berne (in german) and in Lausanne (in french). Continue Reading…

Trade Union Advisory Committee TUAC to the OECD

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en français

The Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the OECD is an interface for trade unions with the OECD. It is an international trade union organisation which has consultative status with the OECD and its various committees … (about 1/2).

english Homepage and latest News;
News; TUAC papers; other Trade Union papers; OECD docs;
OECD & Union Rights; Affiliates; Economy & jobs; Multis & trade; Governance & finance;
Address: TUAC – OECD, 15, rue La Pérouse, 75016 PARIS, FRANCE;

About 2/2: … The Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the OECD is an interface for trade unions with the OECD. It is an international trade union organisation which has consultative status with the OECD and its various committees.   Continue Reading…

Somali Community Literacy Center SCLC

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  • The Somali Community Literacy Centre was established in January 1997 in Bole (Addis Ababa) with the idea of giving a sense of belonging to the Somali Community using education as a departing point.  For its start up the center was assisted with a grant form the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa. (left column);
  • Tens of thousand of Somalis have sought refuge in Addis Ababa after the collapse of the Somali State in 1991. Most of these refuges were women and children.
  • Our OBjectives: … (full text Homepage).

Chatroom; Extra; Events/News; Forums;
Address: SCLC, Mohamed Mohamed Sheikh, P.O.Box 419 Code 1110, , kebele 02, H.No5580, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Kifleketema;

History of the community center: The Somali Community Literacy Centre was established in January 1997 in Bole (Addis Ababa) with the idea of giving a sense of belonging to the Somali Community using education as a departing point. For its start up the center was assisted with a grant form the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa.  Continue Reading…

Americans for Financial Reform AFR

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en Espanol – Linked on our blogs with Americans for fairness in lending AFFIL.

Moving Forward – Americans for Financial Reform is fighting for:

  • A strong and fair regulatory system that has the resources and authority necessary to police Wall Street and the big banks.
  • A consumer watchdog agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), which, like the FDA for food and drugs, will set basic safety standards. We need the CFPA to protect families, and the market as a whole, from loans designed to trick and trap us, and to encourage fair competition.
  • A banking system that helps people stay in their homes; and makes smart investments in communities and businesses to create good jobs and strong neighborhoods.
  • The democratization of the Federal Reserve, so that it is transparent and accountable to the public and independent from control by the banking industry.
  • … (full text Issues).

Call to action; Position papers; Coalition News; Events; Who we are; Donate;
Address: AFR, 1825 K Street NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20006, USA;

About: Americans for Financial Reform is a coalition of nearly 200 national, state and local consumer, labor, retiree, investor, community, and civil rights organizations who have come together to spearhead a campaign for real reform in our banking and financial system.   Continue Reading…

Americans for fairness in lending AFFIL

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also in Espanol – Linked on our blogs with Americans for Financial Reform AFR

  • Americans for Fairness in Lending (AFFIL) and Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) are partnering to reform the nation’s lending industry and financial system to protect Americans’ neighborhoods, homes and pocketbooks.
  • For too long, the rules of Wall Street have been written by the bankers themselves. This year, that has to change.
  • We are a coalition of over 200 national, state and local consumer, labor, retiree, investor, community and civil rights organizations that have come together to spearhead a campaign for real reform in our banking and financial system.
  • AFFIL is providing adjunct staff to AFR and coordination for work on our shared website. (About).

Types of Loans; Find a good Loan; Predatory Lending; Tips, help; Join; Blog;
Address: Americans for fairness in lending AFFIL, 7 Winthrop Square, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02110, USA;

History of Usury: What do Hammurabi, Plato, Charlemagne, Dante and Queens Mary and Elizabeth have in common? They all condemned, outlawed or regulated the charging of interest on loans.  Continue Reading…

Iraq Veterans against the War

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you are not alone – if you are a service member or veteran opposed to the war in Iraq, join IVAW today

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) was founded by Iraq war veterans in July 2004 at the annual convention of Veterans for Peace (VFP) in Boston to give a voice to the large number of active duty service people and veterans who are against this war, but are under various pressures to remain silent … (about 1/2).

Download our strategy pamphlet in PDF.

Resources for Active Duty Soldiers, National Guard, and Reserves; FAQs: Why we are against the war, Winter soldier;
Projects; How join; IVAW’s Founders; IVAW’s Board of Directors; Press;
Address: IVAW National Office, 630 9th Ave, Suite 807, New York, NY 10036, USA;

About 2/2: … From its inception, IVAW has called for:  Continue Reading…


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Linked on our blogs with DEBITO.ORG’s NEWSLETTER, NOVEMBER 25, 2009.

This website is about life in Japan from the viewpoint of one American-born writer residing in Sapporo, Japan, both before and after he became a naturalized Japanese citizen. It may interest people who want to know more about Japan, and how it affects residents who have the appearance and/or status of non-Japanese … (full text Welcome page).

english Homepage;
“Access for Japanese only”: in Establishments, read the JALT PALE Journal; more pages in japanese language;
in english: Publications; Future; Polls; What if; Blacklist/Greenlist of Universities;
english Newsletter: in the left column of any page of their website;
Feedback, advice, comments (as contact link).


HOPE International (USA)

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Lié sur nos blogs avec Marché de Noël artisanal.

Hope International is a lay ministry founded, supported and operated by Seventh-day Adventists to assist the Seventh-day Adventist church in the proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel in every way that is consistent with the principles of God as revealed in scripture and inspiration to place our audiences on a firm foundation in the midst of this troubled world … (about 1/2).

Statement; Newsletter; Donations; Foundation Mag and /Fundamento;
and: HOPE FOR HEALTH’s welcome page;
2 Addresses: Hope International, PO Box 220, Knoxville, IL 61448, and: Office: 568 Knox Hwy. 26, Galesburg, IL 61401, USA;

About 2/2: … Hope International is the publisher of Our Firm Foundation, a monthly magazine that presents Christ and His Truth.  Continue Reading…

Jean-Jacques Crè

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(avec traduction automatique en deutsch, english, espanol, italiano, netherlands, portugese)

Merci de noter que ce site Internet est très récent. Il a été mis en ligne le 1er octobre 2009 et nous travaillons le plus rapidement possible, avec nos moyens limités (nous ne sommes que deux), pour vous donner la meilleure information possible. Ne vous étonnez donc pas que plusieurs sections soient complètement vides – le travail est en cours … (texte entier de bienvenu /Accueil, le 1er octobre 2009).

Plan du site;
Actualités; Calendrier; Réseaux/Liens; Rubriques; Coups de gueule; Dossier; Audio /video; Témoignages; Newsletters (6 langages);

Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur /Biographie: Carl Gustav Jung considérait que les choix de vie que nous faisons trouvent leur origine et leur sens dans la mission que nous sommes censés accomplir sur cette Terre.  Continue Reading…


Comments Off – global defense of sources and press freedoms, circa now – for the moment in 16 languages

Linked on our blogs with Website Wikileaks publishes 9/11 messages.

  • We are of assistance to peoples of all countries who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and institutions. We aim for maximum political impact … (more in about).
  • Thursday 26 November, 2009: Have documents the world needs to see? We help you safely get the truth out. WikiLeaks releases 573.000 pager intercepts from 9/11 2001 … From 3AM on Wednesday November 25, 2009, until 3AM the following day (US east coast time), WikiLeaks will release over half a million US national text pager intercepts … (full text Mainpage).

Special Page: 9/11 tragedy pager intercepts;

Submissions; Country IndexMedia Kit; Writer’s Kit; Help; Live Chat; Donate;

About: Wikileaks is a multi-jurisdictional organization to protect internal dissidents, whistleblowers, journalists and bloggers who face legal or other threats related to publishing. Continue Reading…

Global Reporting Initiative

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take notice: rethink, rebuild, report – the Amsterdam global conference on sustainability and transparency – May 26-28, 2010.

The Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) vision is that disclosure on economic, environmental, and social performance become as commonplace and comparable as financial reporting, and as important to organizational success. (About 1/2 /Vision).

Reporting framework; Current priorities; GRI reports; Learning, support; News, events; Who are you? Join; FAQs;
Address: Global Reporting Initiative, Metropool Building, 5th Floor, Weesperstraat 95, 1018 VN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;

About 2/2 /Mission: … GRI’s mission is to create conditions for the transparent and reliable exchange of sustainability information through the development and continuous improvement of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework.  Continue Reading…

Echec à la Guerre, le collectif

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  • Au printemps 2003, suite à l’invasion, nos discussions sur la signification plus générale de cette guerre d’agression nous ont amené à situer notre action dans un contexte plus large. Dorénavant, c’est sur la lutte contre la tendance ouverte à la domination militaire des États-Unis sur la planète –et particulièrement contre la collusion et la participation canadienne à cette tendance– qu’allait se fonder le travail du Collectif Échec à la guerre … Le Collectif 1/Accueil.
  • Le Collectif 2 /Platforme.

Plan du site; Membres; Publications; Comités de travail; Soutien financier; Newslettre;
Address: Le Collectif Echec à la Guerre, 65 ouest de Castelnau, Bureau 302, Montréal, H2R 2W3, Canada;

The english Platform: Échec à la guerre’s website is very predominantly in French, not bilingual. Continue Reading…

International NGO Campaign on Export Credit Agencies – ECA Watch

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in many languages

Linked on our blogs with ECAs explained – the newer, bigger, badder banks.

Since 1996, NGOs from many countries have joined forces in an international campaign to reform ECAs. The goals and demands of the campaign are best described in the Jakarta Declaration for Reform of Official Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agencies, endorsed by over 300 NGOs following a May 2000 international ECA reform strategy session in Jakarta, Indonesia.  While focusing on the impacts of ECAs in Indonesia, the Jakarta Declaration has a global “call for reform” that includes: … (full text GOALs).

english Homepage;
The Problems; Take actions; Press; Organizations participating; The Jakarta Declaration (2000);

About: ECA Watch is an organizing and outreach mechanism of the larger international campaign to reform Export Credit Agencies (ECAs).   Continue Reading…

International Catholic Child Bureau BICE

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also in french: bureau international catholique de l’enfance BICE, and in spanish (under construction)

  • The Permanent Representation of Bice is based in Geneva and is responsible for the development and coordination of Bice’s advocacy initiatives with international and European institutions. Our vocation is to work on behalf of and together with our members’ and partners’ network and in close cooperation with the Regional Delegations which manage Bice’s presence in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe-CIS.
  • Catching onto the dynamism launched by Bice during the drafting of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Permanent Representation targets its action so that the promotion and the protection of the dignity and the rights of the child become a reality worldwide … (full text Bice /Permanent Representation to International Institutions).

english Homepage; Sitemap;
Appeal for Childhood, Geneva June 2009; News; Newsletter; Research, development; Resourcce Centre; Support; History;
Address: Bice, 11 rue Cornavin, CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland;
Contact online.

Who we are: The Permanent Representation of Bice is based in Geneva and  is responsible for the development and coordination of Bice’s advocacy initiatives with international and European institutions.  Continue Reading…


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the home of birding

Birdwatch is the home of birding. An independent magazine established in 1992 by birders for birders, it has grown to become the leading monthly news and features magazine at the enthusiast end of the market … (about 1/2).

News; Events; Galleries; Guides; Features; Competitions; Newsletter; Links;
Address: Birdwatch, The Chocolate Factory, 5 Clarendon Road, London N22 6XJ,  UK;

About 2/2: … Who we are and what we do: Birdwatch has a primarily British focus and readership, but is now read in 36 countries across six continents worldwide each month. is the online arm of the magazine, featuring the most prolific bird news output on the web and selected archived content from printed issues alongside web-only material, multimedia content and online services. The authority of the magazine and its website are underpinned by a world-class advisory panel and an extensive pool of skilled authors, photographers and artists.  Continue Reading…

Afterschool Alliance

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  • … Vision: The Alliance works to ensure that all youth have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs.
  • Mission: To engage public will to increase public and private investment in quality afterschool program initiatives at the national, state and local levels.
  • Goals: … (part of text about/scroll down).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Supporting parents; Take action; Links; Donate; Program; Publications;
Download booklet: in English/20 pdf pages, in Spanish/20 pdf pages;
Address (1 of 2): Afterschool Alliance, Headquarters, 1616 H Street NW, Suite 820, Washington, DC 20006, USA;

About 2/2: The Afterschool Alliance is working to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs. Afterschool programs are critical to children and families today, yet the need for programs is far from being met:  Continue Reading…

Aalochana-Centre for Documentation and Research on Women

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This NGO shows no own website, but is named

on NGOs INDIA: Purpose: Rural Development, Women’s issues;
Aim/Objective/Mission: ACDRW collects and provides information on issues related to the social, political, economical, legal and personal aspects of women’s lives.

on Wiser Earth: Activities: Activist, Research; Type: Non Governmental Organization; Scope: national; Main E-mail.

on Click India: Contact : Medha Kotwal; Phone : 91-020-344122; Address : Aalochana ‘Kedar’, Kanchan Galli Pune – 411004 Maharashtra, India.

International Movement ATD Fourth World

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also in french, in spanish and in other languages

The International Movement ATD Fourth World is a non-governmental organization with no religious or political affiliation which engages with individuals and institutions to find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty. Working in partnership with people in poverty, ATD Fourth World’s human rights-based approach focuses on supporting families and individuals through its grass-roots presence and involvement in disadvantaged communities, in both urban and rural areas, creating public awareness of extreme poverty and influencing policies to address it … (about /who we are).

english Homepage; Sitemap;
UK programmmes; Families; Publications; Voluteering; Donate;
Addresses: Mouvement International ATD Quart Monde, 114 avenue du Général Leclerc, 95480 PIERRELAYE, FRANCE;
or International Movement ATD Fourth World, 48 Addington Square, London, SE5 7LB, UK;

About /what we do: … we act in the following areas:   Continue Reading…

Halifax Initiative Coalition

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en français

Canadian NGOs formed the Halifax Initiative in December 1994 to ensure that demands for fundamental reform of the international financial institutions (IFIs), namely the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, were high on the agenda of the Group of Seven’s (G7) Halifax Summit. We are a coalition of development, environment, faith-based, human rights and labour groups, and the Canadian presence for public interest work and education on the IFIs … (about).

Issues; Resources; Publications; FAQs; Links;
Address: Halifax Initiative Coalition, 153 rue Chapel Street, Suite 104, Ottawa, ON K1N 1H5, CANADA;

Institutions: The Canadian government is a key actor in the international finance scene. It is one of very few governments to be represented on:  Continue Reading…

Aai-Baba Bahudeshiy Vyam Krida & Yuvak Sanstha

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This NGO shows no own website, but is named:

on NGOs INDIA: Purpose: Child welfare, Disability, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Population, Poverty, Rural Development, Urban Development, Women’s issues.
Aim/Objective/Mission: Aai-Baba Education Society has undertaken following activity namely primary school, Balwadi, library, women, saving unit, training & production centre for women, social service camp for youth leadership, youth festivals, literacy classes for deserted students and other development activity in rural area.

on ClickIndia: Address : Amravti. Town Yashoda Nagar No. 1 Amaravati-606 Maharashtra.

on Wiser Earth: Activities: Educational; Type: Non Governmental Organization; Scope: national; Main Email: N/A; Contact Name: Mr. Kundan Shende; Phone: N/A.

on India Activity Sectors: Child welfare, Disability, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Population, Poverty, Rural Development, Urban Development, Women’s issues.

Greece: Disability Now

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Most pages are in greek. Some pages are in english

Disability NOW is a supportive Non-Profit, Non-Governmental organisation in Greece, with an established European profile, and is mostly managed by people with severe disabilities. The aim of Disability NOW is to produce and distribute all available disability related information, in respect of fundamental rights to independence and social participation … (english Mainpage 1/2 – from the one link out of the greek webpages).

News Section (called also Homepage) with many links; the English section of the Digital Library with many links;
Down the left column: Paralysis; Independent Living; News stories; Computers, Internet; Sexuality; Projects; Events;
ACCESSIBLE, an EU FP7 project spanning over 36 months;
2 Addresses: 1): PO Box: 13669, 10310 Athens, Greece, Tel: (0030) 210 8660556, (0030) 210 6913301, Fax: (0030) 210 6916932;
2): 3 Septemvriou 30, 54636 Thessaloniki, Greece, Tel: (0030) 2310 211915, or by Fax: (0030) 2310 968178;
Contact by e-mail.

english Mainpage 2/2: … It constitutes a major source of peer support and counselling, empowering people with disabilities with the appropriate knowledge and skills to self-advocate and exercise their civil rights, to manage their needs and to establish their own terms and choices in their lives. Continue Reading…

International Council for Social Welfare ICSW

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also in french and spanish

The International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) was founded in Paris in 1928. It is a non-governmental organisation which represents national and local organisations in more than 70 countries throughout the world. Membership also includes major international organisations … (full text members).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Introduction; Memberships; Regions; with UN;
NewsEvents; Publications; Archives; FAQs;
Addresses (1 of many): ICSW, C/O MOVISIE, Netherlands Centre for Social Development, P.O. Box 19129, 3501 DC Utrecht, The Netherlands;

What we do: ICSW and our members are active in a wide range of fields within the general areas of social development, social welfare and social justice. This includes issues such as food and nutrition, welfare and health services, social protection, education and housing, as well as many issues relating to economic development, human rights and community participation.  Continue Reading…

Association for Social Health in India ASHI

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with branches in many states

For the achievement of its goals ASHI conducts various kinds of activities all over India …
… GOAL: To enrich and improve the quality of life ensuring a healthy family and a healthy society … (excerpt of activities).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Our Presence: 20 State branches, 22 Stay homes, 7 other homes, 6 women helplines, 8 counselling centres;
Address Headquarter: The Secretary General, Association for Social Health in India (ASHI), 19, Rouse Avenue Institutional Area, New Delhi 110002, INDIA;
Contact online.

Activities (excerpts): … Objectives:

  • Sustain family integrity
  • Develop sensitivity to each other’s needs in the family.
  • To enrich and improve the quality of life ensuring a healthy family and a healthy society.   Continue Reading…

North Country Education Services NCES

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NCES in an educational service provider with membership from School Administrative Units 3, 7, 9, 20, 23, 35, 36, 58, 68, 77 & 84. Professional development, services such a psychological assessment, speech and occupational therapy, distance learning and a lending resource library are among NCES’ primary functions. (History 1/2 /who we are).

Development Center; Professional; Consortium; Board; Staff; Newsletters; TeachNorth;
Addresses: North Country Education Services, 300 Gorham Hill Road, Gorham, NH 03581, USA;
2 Maps; Contacts.

History 2/2: … Mission: Promoting excellence in education for SAUs and their learning communities through cost-effective collaboration.

Vision: Continue Reading…

European Network on Debt and Development EURODAD

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EURODAD (European Network on Debt and Development) is a network of 59 non-governmental organisations NGOs from 18 European countries working on issues related to debt, development finance and poverty reduction. The Eurodad network offers a great platform for exploring issues, collecting intelligence and ideas, and undertaking collective advocacy … (about 1/2).

DEPT: Overview; Multilateral; Bilateral; Illegitimate; Private; Sustainability; Financials; Capital;
AID: Overview; Levels; Effectiveness; Poverty; Governance; Conditionality; International;
WHAT’s NEW: Events; News; Reports; Networking meeting; Calendar; NGO members; Staff members;
Address: EURODAD, Rue d’Edimbourg, 18–26, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium;
Map and Contact.

About 2/2: … The network focusses on debt cancellation, aid effectiveness, World Bank/IMF policy onditionality, and capital flight and financial regulation.  Continue Reading…

Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology APCTT

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of the economic and social commission for Asia and the Pacific

The objectives of the Centre are to assist the members and associate members of ESCAP through strengthening their capabilities to develop and manage national innovation systems;develop, transfer, adapt and apply technology; improve the terms of transfer of technology; and identify and promote the development and transfer of technologies relevant to the region.” (Homepage).

Organization; Areas; Focal Points; Events; Publications; Tech-Exchange; Tech Forum; Infocenter;
Map (16 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport): Located in Qutab Institutional Area, Adjoining the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, Delhi, India;
Contact: e-mail Club.

About: Welcome to the Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology APCTT.
APCTT is a regional institution of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) servicing the Asia-Pacific region.  Continue Reading…

The Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network

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a Faith Based Organization – Linked on our blogs with the AEFJN Trade Policy.

The coming website is under construction. Meanwhile this NGO is named:

on Wiser Earth: Contact Name: Begoña Iñarra, Phone: 32-2 234 68 10, Fax: 32-2 231 1413, Main E-mail, Website.
Address Headquarters: 174, rue Joseph II, Brussels B-1000, Belgium;
Scope: international; We Speak English, Francais, Español, Deutsch, Portugués.

on Water Assessing the Sustainable Development Potential of The Commission’s New Proposal for Establishing an European Water Facility for ACP Countries1: A Critical Review and Alternative Suggestions, 4 pdf-pages.

on You can find the last events on the signing and negotiations on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) in English on, a 24 pdf-pages text. It is a special number of the magazine “Trade Negotiations Insights” …

on Africa News, Documents, Justice.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War IPPNW

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Linked on oour blogs with Medical Association for Prevention of War MAPW.

IPPNW is the only international medical organization dedicated to preventing nuclear war and abolishing nuclear weapons. We recognize that the catastrophic health and environmental consequences of a nuclear war are at the extreme end of a continuum of armed violence that undermines health and security. IPPNW is committed to ending war and advancing understanding of the causes of armed conflict from a public health perspective … (full text Homepage).

News; Newsletter; Press releases; Events; Programs; Resources; Affilates; Our Blog; Support; FAQs;
Address: IPPNW CENTRAL OFFICE, 66-70 Union Square, #204, Somerville, MA 02143, USA;

About: International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War is a non-partisan federation of national medical organizations in 62 countries, representing tens of thousands of doctors, medical students, other health workers, and concerned citizens who share the common goal of creating a more peaceful and secure world freed from the threat of nuclear annihilation.  Continue Reading…

(re-) Launch of Portal for Human Rights Schools

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Added November 24, 2009: HREA’a Newsletter: Go to Launch of Portal for Human Rights Schools.

Launched (newly) by as part of their different Networks, on a renewed page (the old page)

Linked on our blogs with The Human Rights Education Associates HREA.

Launch of Portal for Human Rights Schools: HREA is very pleased to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with the launch of a new web portal to promote understanding and application of a human rights-based approach to schooling. This approach is concerned with the organisation of learning so that it is reflective of human rights principles and promotes understanding.

Approaches to human rights-based schooling; Case studies: Schools implementing the HRBA; Documentation and evaluation;
Related e-learning courses: Child Rights Programming; Human Rights-Based Programming; Emerging practices;
Related resource:  the Global Human Rights Education Listserv; HREA’s accessibility and FAQs; HRBA’s Theoretical Roots;
Subscribe: put your e-mail address in the right column.

(About) Portal for Human Rights Schools: The Portal for Human Rights Schools offers resources for schools, policy makers, educators, students, and individuals interested in the implementation of a human rights-based approach (HRBA) to schooling. Continue Reading…

Alvoko al Mondpaco

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appeal for world peace … a website first in japanese … working with LimeSurvey

… There is an ALVOKO AL MONDPACO (AMO) association (Appeal for World Peace) created by Japanese and Swiss pacifists in 2009. This association suggests you support the EARTH by this list of signatures. (on 9 steps/english, scroll down).

Frontpage (with links for japanese, esperanto, français, english, deutsch);
Pictures; Donations; The 9 steps on the website of LimeSurvey.

Alvoko al Mondpaco’s english Homepage: … Dear Peace-lovers, Dear Earth-lovers, Here is a description of 9 steps that can lead to a better world. Please read them, study them and reflect on them.  Just click to support the idea(s).  Continue Reading…

Medical Association for Prevention of War MAPW

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Linked on our blogs with International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War IPPNW.

  • The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) works for the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction and the prevention of armed conflict. We promote peace through research, advocacy, peace education and partnerships. Please use our many resources on nuclear weapons, power and waste, peace and conflicts.
  • Our professional not-for-profit organisation has branches across Australia, and works globally through the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Please consider joining us, or supporting our work with a donation … (Homepage and recent News).

Causes, costs; The nuclear chain; Media; News; Newsletters; Resources; Join; Donate; Photos;
Postal Address: MAPW, PO Box 1379, Carlton, Victoria, 3053, Australia;
Street address: MAPW, Level 2, 161 Barry St (Corner of Grattan St), Carlton  Building: University of Melbourne), Australia;

About: The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) is a professional not-for-profit organisation that works to promote peace and disarmament. MAPW aims to reduce the physical and psychological impact, as well as environmental effect of wars throughout the world. MAPW has branches in every State and Territory in Australia.  Continue Reading…

Stamp Out Poverty

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  • Stamp Out Poverty was launched in April 2005 at the time of Make Poverty History with a remit to work on new sources of development finance.
  • Comprised of some of the leading UK charities including Oxfam, Christian Aid, Save the Children and War on Want, Stamp Out Poverty has focused on ways to bridge the funding gap to meet the Millennium Development Goals … (about 1/2).

Take action; Campaign; Our History; Declaration; Partners and Network; Updates; FAQs;
Address: Stamp Out Poverty, All Hallows on the Wall, 83 London Wall, London, EC2M 5ND, UK;

About 2/2: … Stamp Out Poverty is acknowledged for helping to open up political space around innovative sources of financing which has lead to initiatives such as UNITAID and the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm). Continue Reading…

European Marches Against Unemployment

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an ancient event that fills up still some blogs and hearts. What about a revival resp. an upgrade? You may find it:

on of 23 Apr 1998 – The European Marches Assizes Against Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Social Exclusion, Brussels, 18 and 19 April 1998, Final Motion of the Platform of European Demands against Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Social Exclusion:

We are witnessing the systematic dismantelement of social protection and of public services, linked to dereglementation, and to the precarisation
of jobs and salaries. Throughout Europe, Big Business is on the offensive making full use of both the Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties. The struggles of the unemployed men and women have grown and with it increasing demands for the redistribution of wealth. These demands arising out their struggles must be listened to by the economic and political leaders at all levels of the decision making process, including the European Union.

Here are some of the more urgent demands that we have put forward to the unemployed, those in short-term contracts, wage-earners, and European citizens. In order to succeed, these demands need the combined forces of salaried workers and the jobless, in coordonnated joint struggles, that ignore borders:   Continue Reading…

World Federalist Movement WFM – Institute for Global Policy WFM-IGP

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World federalists believe that all people have the fundamental right to self-government. Some policy matters, depending on their scope, fall under the authority of local governments whereas others fall under the jurisdiction of national governments or international institutions … (full text Vision).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Montreux Declaration: The Declaration; Members & Governance; Global Governance Roundup; Employment; Internships; Donations;
Addresses: 1) WFM-IGP, 708 Third Avenue, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10017, USA;
2) WFM-IGP, Bezuidenhoutseweg 99A, 2594 AC, The Hague, The Netherlands;

About: The World Federalist Movement (WFM) is an international citizen’s movement working for justice, peace, and sustainable prosperity. We call for an end to the rule of force, through a world governed by law, based on strengthened and democratized world institutions. World federalists support the creation of democratic global structures accountable to the citizens of the world and call for the division of international authority among separate agencies.  Continue Reading…

Weltwirtschaft, Ökologie & Entwicklung WEED

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with an english page as homepage: World Economy, Ecology & Development.

WEED wurde 1990 gegründet und ist eine unabhängige Nichtregierungsorganisation. Wir sind mit dem Ziel angetreten, in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland über- die Ursachen der weltweiten Armuts- und Umweltprobleme – sowie über wirksame Reform- und Transformationsvorschläge aufzuklären. Die sozialen und ökologischen Auswirkungen der Globalisierung verlangen nach einer Wende in der Finanz-, Wirtschafts- und Umweltpolitik hin zu mehr sozialer Gerechtigkeit und ökologischer Tragfähigkeit. WEED will die Mitverantwortung der Industrienationen für die ungerechte Weltwirtschaftsordnung und globale Umweltzerstörung stärker ins Zentrum der Arbeit sozialer Bewegungen und Nichtregierungsorganisationen rücken … (WEED 1/2).

(All pages only in german): Homepage; Sitemap;
Publikationen; Mitmachen; Presse; Termine; Spenden;

WEED 2/2: … WEED engagiert sich in nationalen und internationalen Netzwerken und führt Organisationen und Initiativen in Nord und Süd zusammen. Mitglieder von WEED arbeiten in unterschiedlichen Bereichen und Institutionen, die mit Fragen der globalen Entwicklung zu tun haben.  Continue Reading…

Tembea Youth Centre for sustainable development

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(TYC for SD)

Linked on our blogs with Requests for Information: 2 – 8 November 2009 (part I).

  • Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development is an indigenous community based development organisation based in Siaya district, Kenya.
  • Established in the year 2003, our main goal is to enhance socio-economic capacities of communties through assetbased community development, thus working hand in hand and collaboration so as to achieve self reliance and sustainable livelihoods and growth through health, environment conservation and poverty alleviation programs at grassroots levels … (full text Homepage).

Energy; Environment; HIV/AIDS; Justice; Kungo Kod Hola group; Donate; Programs: Nutrition, Become a partner; Our Partners;
Address: TEMBEA YOUTH FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPEMENT, Ugunja Market Centre, (along Kisumu Busia Highway), P.O. Box 313, 40606, UGUNJA, Kenya;

About /History: Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development is an indigenous community based development organization based in Siaya District, Nyanza Province, Kenya. Continue Reading…

Freedom of Conscience

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Linked with/lié avec La grande dette de la presse anti-secte envers le guillemet et le mode conditionnel.

The Coordination of Associations and Private individuals for Freedom of conscience (CAP is an association which constituted spontaneously at the conclusion of the first day of hearing of the numerous victims of the witch-hunt which rages in France against the new religions, the groups of spiritual search, the alternative medicines … (full text about).

english Homepage;
Articles; Archives: down right column; Support us; … a vast hoax;
Contact by e-mail.

The french website: Coordination des Associations & Particuliers pour la Liberté de ConscienceContinue Reading…

Association for Psychological Science APS

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The Association for Psychological Science (previously the American Psychological Society) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of scientific psychology and its representation at the national and international level … (about 1/2 /Who We Are).

Advocacy; Students; What Member Category is Right for Me? Join APS; our blog; Books; Mailing List; Donate;
Address: Association for Psychological Science, 1133 15th Street, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005, USA;

About 2/2 Mission: … The Association’s mission is to promote, protect, and advance the interests of scientifically oriented psychology in research, application, teaching, and the improvement of human welfare.  Continue Reading…

Social Psychology Network SPN

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Social Psychology Network (SPN) is an educational organization with more than 1,500 members worldwide. Founded by Scott Plous in 1996, the Network grew in its first three years to include more than 3,500 searchable links and three affiliated partner sites: the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (; the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (; and Research Randomizer (, a web-based tool for random sampling and random assignment). By late 1998, the pages of SPN had been visited more than 750,000 times, and the National Science Foundation invited Dr. Plous to apply for a grant to further develop the Network …  (about the Network 1/2).

Sitemap (with many links for each item) to: Partner Sites, Interactive Forums, Online Directory of Psychologists, Free Services and Resources, Areas of Psychology, General Psychology Resources, Career Resources with their sub-items, Research Resources, Teaching Resources with their sub-items, Psychology Degree Programs.
Contact online.

About the Network 2/2: … In 1999 Dr. Plous received a five-year NSF research grant to support SPN and its partner sites.   Continue Reading…

SALTO-Youth resource centres

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  • SALTO stands for support, advanced learning and training opportunities within the European YOUTH programme. What is the history and scope of this network of SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres?
  • is a network of 8 Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the youth field. It provides youth work and training resources and organises training and contact-making activitiesto support organisations and National Agencieswithin the frame of the European Commission’s Youth in Action programme and beyond. SALTO-YOUTH’s history started in 2000 and is part of the European Commission’s Training Strategy within the Youth in Action programme and works in synergy and complimentarity with other partners in the field … (Why? What? Where? When? Who? 1/2).

Cultural diversity; Eastern Europe/Caucasus; South-East Europe; EuroMed; Inclusion;
Training, Cooperation; Participation; Information; My SALTO; How to link;
Contact Points with many addresses.

Why? What? Where? When? Who? 2/2: … Download the SALTO flyer, 8 pdf-pages. Download also the interactive SALTO Powerpoint presentationContinue Reading…


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  • Welcome to, a web site for students, teachers, and others interested in the causes and consequences of prejudice.
  • In these pages you will find more than 2,000 links to prejudice-related resources, as well as searchable databases with hundreds of prejudice researchers and social justice organizations.
  • To the right, you’ll also find a variety of interactive exercises offering unique perspectives on prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination …  (full text homepage).

Readings; Exercises, Demos; Multimedia; Teachers; Experts; Organization; Links;
Address: Professor Scott Plous, Department of Psychology, 207 High Street, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT 06459-0408, USA;

About: was established in 2002 with funding from the National Science Foundation (Grant Number 9950517) and McGraw-Hill Higher Education. The purpose of the site is to offer educational resources and information on prejudice, discrimination, multiculturalism, and diversity, with the ultimate goal of reducing the level of intolerance and bias in contemporary society.   Continue Reading…

Australian Council for International Development ACFID

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  • ACFID is an independent association of Ausstralian non-profit aid and development agencies …
  • … of non-government organisations (NGOs) working in the field of international aid and development.
  • It administers a Code of Conduct committing members to high standards of integrity and accountability.
  • Vision: To promote conditions of sustainable human development in which people are able to enjoy a full range of human rights, fulfil their needs free from poverty, and live in dignity.
  • Networks: … (about).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Code of Cunduct; Member Directory; Training; Resources; get involved; News, media; Links;
Address: ACFID, 14 Napier Close Deakin ACT 2600, Australia;

Inside ACFID: … /ACFID Structure /Executive Committee: … (full text). Continue Reading…

The other 3 Rs

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responsibility, relationships, respect – this unique teaching resource meets the requirements of the UK National Curriculum in a number of subject areas, and can be adapted for use in any country.

The Other 3Rs is a unique series of teaching modules developed in response to requests from teachers for material to meet the demands of the curriculum in the areas of Personal and Social/Health Education and Citizenship. The Course can be used across the curriculum … (Aims 1/2).

Using the course; Authors; Publishers; Download; Buy (Family Education Trust);

Aims 2/2: … The aims of the course are:   Continue Reading…

World Kindness Movement WKM

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The idea behind the World Kindness Movement (WKM) crystallised at a conference in Tokyo in 1997 when the Small Kindness Movement of Japan brought together like-minded kindness movements from around the world. The WKM was officially launched in Singapore on 18 November 2000 at the 3rd WKM Conference. The mission of the WKM is to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
World kindness day 13th November; Media Center; Resources; News; get involved;
Address: World Kindness Movement Secretariat, c/o The SKM, 140 Hill Street, 05-01, MICA Building, Singapore 179369;

About/who we are 2/2: … Origins /History: The concept of forming a group specifically to spread kindness is a relatively new phenomenon.  Continue Reading…

All India Association of Micro-Enterprise Development AIAMED

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AIAMED had beginnings in the South Asia Network (SAN) in 1994. It got registered as a Trust in 1997 to act as a support organisation and also as a network. Its mission is to strengthen non-governmental and other type of organisations involved in micro finance and micro enterprise either fully or partially as its program component. Apart from Capacity Building of these organisations, it is also involved in Institutional Strengthening of the sector. AIAMED though its work on networking, joint action, information sharing, training, study and research hopes to achieve its aims. The Board of Trustees and Board of Governors govern AIAMED … (profile 1/2).

Strategy; Training; Research; Consultancy; new Venture; Partners; Membership;
Contact. PHONE: 91-11-55437348, MOBILE: 98183 53598 / 35213503, E-MAIL.

Profile 2/2: … AIAMED is a part of ‘Micro-Credit Summit Campaign’ to reach 100 million poor people by 2005.   Continue Reading…

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

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Linked on our blogs with A Zero Growth Economy? What Would It Mean for Us All?

For learning, leisure and life: Woodbrooke is Europe’s only Quaker Study Centre, offering adult education since 1903. Here you can experience short courses on personal spiritual growth, theology, creative arts, and training for Quaker roles. We also offer bed and breakfast accommodation, and hire out our elegant meeting rooms for conferences. (Homepage).

Courses, learning; Conference facilities; Accomodation; Our planet …; Project blog; Donation; Newsletter;
Map; Address: Woodbrooke, 1046 Bristol Road, Birmingham, B29 6LJ, UK;

About Woodbrooke: Welcome to Woodbrooke. Woodbrooke is Europe’s only Quaker Study Centre. It is based in the former family home of the local chocolate maker, George Cadbury, himself a Quaker, and has, since 1903, provided education for those of any faith or none from around the world. Education has always been based around exploring Quakerism and the themes of interest to Quakers, such as Peace and Reconciliation, Quaker History and Spiritual Journeys. Continue Reading…

Open Youth

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also in Bulgarian

Vidin is situated in the Northwest part of Bulgaria on the bank of the river Danube. It is near the frontiers with Romania and Serbia. The town is the center of the district with a population of 45 000 people, one third of which are representatives of minority groups. The population is getting older, because the young people emigrate in order to find better opportunities for professional realization … (full text EVS community details).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Exchanges; Projects; Other activities; News;

About: “Open Youth” is a non-profit non-governmental organization, created and managed entirely by young people.  Continue Reading…

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition GAIN

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Linked on our blogs with Innovative solutions for improved nutrition.

  • GAIN itself is an alliance of governments, international organizations, the private sector and civil society.
  • The projects we fund and advise are always implemented in partnership with government, business and civil society organizations to ensure that public health objectives are reached.
  • We create national and regional Business Alliances of leading companies, which are exploring ways to bring high quality, affordable fortified foods to those most in need, including the “base of the pyramid”: the poorest groups
  • … (full text Approach).’s-approach-fighting-malnutrition

Homepage; Sitemap;
About Malnutrition; Deficiencies; Nutrition Facts; Programs; Performance;
Partnerships; Countries; Medias, resources; Events; Careers; get involved;
Address: Office: GAIN, Rue de Vermont 37-39 – 1202 Geneva – Switzerland;
Mail: PO Box 55, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland;

About GAIN: Investing in Partnerships to Fight Malnutrition:   Continue Reading…