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Association of Reproductive Health Professionals ARHP

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ARHP is a different kind of medical association. Our members define reproductive health in broad terms and recognize that the best health care is delivered through a team of professionals partnering with an informed patient. We are the association that brings together health care professionals across disciplines and specialties for evidence based training and network building among committed colleagues … (about 1/2).

Topics; Resources; Education; Membership; News; Advocacy;
Address: Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, East 1901 L Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036, USA;
Contact. (202) 466-3825, e-mail.

About 2/2: … Our mission is education. ARHP produces accredited, evidence-based programs for health care professionals across a broad range of topics. ARHP members are passionate about science and demand rigorous standards for peer-reviewed data in educational programs and integrity in patient care.  Continue Reading…

Advocates for Youth

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Rights, Respect, Responsibility

Established in 1980 as the Center for Population Options, Advocates for Youth champions efforts that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Advocates believes it can best serve the field by boldly advocating for a more positive and realistic approach to adolescent sexual health. Advocates focuses its work on young people ages 14-25 in the U.S. and around the globe … (about/Mission 1/2).

The 3 Rs; Topics; Professionals; Advocacy; Press; Blogs; Publications; History; Activist Resources; Get involved; Donate;
Address: Advocates for Youth, 2000 M Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20036, USA;

About/Mission 2/2: … Our Vision: The 3Rs: Advocates for Youth envisions a society that views sexuality as normal and healthy and treats young people as a valuable resource. The core values of Rights. Respect. Responsibility,® (3Rs) animate this vision:  Continue Reading…

Disabled Peoples’ International DPI

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also in french and spanish – DPI is pleased to announce that we are developing a sixth region within our network – a Region of Arab countries.  Already about ten countries have applied for membership to the new Region, and we anticipate everything being in place within the next 2-3 months

  • Disabled Peoples’ International is a network of national organizations or assemblies of disabled people, established to promote human rights of disabled people through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development.
  • The Goals of DPI: Promote the human rights of disabled persons;
  • Promote economic and social integration of disabled persons;
  • Develop and support organizations of disabled persons. (english Homepage).

Topics; News; Articles; Reports; Constitution; Newsletter; Donations; Links;
Regional websites: Africa, Asia/Pacific, Caribbean, Europe (site not working), Latin America;
Contact: go to search and put contact, you’ll find a hundred (100) different possibilities, belonging to region or topics etc.

Disabled Peoples’ International Seoul Declaration, September 8, 2007: There are no human rights to which persons with disabilities do not lay claim.  Upon this foundational principle at our last World Assembly in Sapporo, Disabled Peoples’ International called upon Member States of the United Nations to adopt of a specific international human rights treaty on the rights of persons with disabilities.   Continue Reading…

CSR Europe – The European business network for CSR

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Corporate Social Responsibility

2010 will be the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. Today, 79 million people in Europe live at risk of poverty – 16% of the population. In line with the theme of the Year, many CSR Europe members are addressing poverty and social exclusion issues as part of their CSR strategy, and several collaborative CSR Laboratories have brought together companies and stakeholders to develop joint approaches to combating social exclusion … (Homepage /Businesses combat poverty and social exclusion in Europe).

Governance; GA; Staff; Vacancie; History; Jobs; Activities; Membership; News; Media; Events; FAQs;
Address: CSR Europe, Rue Victor Oudart 7, 1030 Brussels, Belgium;

About: CSR Europe is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility with around 75 multinational corporations and 27 national partner organisations as members. Continue Reading…

Responsible Investor RI

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Linked on our blogs with UK investors join with politicians for mandatory GHG reporting call.

Responsible Investor provides institutional investors with a comprehensive online magazine and information resource which recognises the growing requirement to achieve investment returns within an environmental, social and corporate governance framework … (about 1/2 /Vision).

Homepage and Headlines;
Archive; RI-TV; Reports; Resources;
Addresses: for Correspondence: RI, 30 Spalding Road, London SW17 9BW, UK;
Registered Office: RI, 4th Floor, Tuition House, 27/37 St George’s Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4EU, United Kingdom;

About 2/2: … Comments from market practitioners:   Continue Reading…

Network of African People Living with HIV/AIDS NAP+

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also in french and portuguese

NAP+ is a pan African network of African peoples living with HIV and AIDS. The Network of African People Living with HIV and AIDS (NAP+) was founded in 1994 with the aim to improve the quality of life of African people; men ,women and children living with HIV and AIDS. NAP+’s strategy is to ensure a strong voice of people living with HIV/AIDS and their visibility … (about 1/2 /Introduction).


Activities; Calendar; Docs; Partners; Newsletter; Join us;
Address (1 of 7): NAP+ Central Secretariat, P.O. Box 9389, 00200, Nairobi, Kenya;

About 2/2 /Vision: … NAP+ wants a continent, indeed a world, in which women, men, children and youth living with and affected by HIV and AIDS enjoy dignity, rights, freedoms, opportunities and responsibilities without discrimination. Continue Reading…

South East Asia Clinic Talk

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Linked on our blogs with 2010 International Legal Studies Internship Program; and with Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia BABSEA.

Vision Statement: Clinic Talk’s long term vision throughout the Southeast Asia Region and beyond is to provide a foundation for an advance to:

  • Develop, enrich and sustain ethical legal awareness
  • Increase knowledge and promote professional, ethical legal practice
  • Provide equal access to justice

Secure protection of rights, equality and citizenship to all members of society. (about Us).

Home Page;
Members; Forum; Register; Left Column: Anouncements, Events, Internet, Parties, Press, Teaching.

About This Project: 1. Basic Concept for Clinic Talk Website Forum: Continue Reading…

Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia BABSEA

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Linked on our blogs with 2010 International Legal Studies Internship Program BABSEA; and with South East Asia Clinic Talk.

At Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia (BABSEA) we envision a world where respect for human rights and human dignity are universally accepted and respected norms, where extreme poverty, social injustice and violence are relics of the past, and where human beings live in harmony with our ecosystem … (about 1/2 /Vision).

Articles; Finances; Legal Internships; Team; Volunteering; Legal Internship; Partners; Get involved;
Address: Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia, Cambodia Office, #144H, St. 143, BKK III, Phnom Penh, Cambodia;

About 2/2 /Mission /Goals /Countries: … Our Mission: Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia (BABSEA) is an international grassroots organization working to bring people together to overcome poverty, injustice and inequity in the Southeast Asia region. Continue Reading…

Malaria Foundation International MFI

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Embracing Humanity Worldwide

The MFI is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, dedicated to the fight against malaria since 1992. This website was created in 1995 to provide a central source of information about this devastating disease. The MFI works in partnership with many individuals and groups who have since joined this cause. The MFI’s goals are to support awareness, education, training, research, and leadership programs for the immediate and long term development and application of tools to combat malaria. Children are most vulnerable to malaria. This disease also severely affects pregnant women and non immune individuals. There are hundreds of millions cases of malaria annually in over 90 countries, which result in several million deaths each year … (full text about MFI).

Quick facts; Summary in your language; Education; Basics; Friends; Events; NewsDonate;
Address: Malaria Foundation International, 2120 Spencers Way, Stone Mountain, GA 3008, USA;

About Malaria: What is Malaria?  Continue Reading…

African Internet Connectivity

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African Internet and Telecoms Information – Mike Jensen, Independent IT, Internet and Telecom Consultant -Comprehensive data on information & communication technologies (ICTs), telecommunications, internet and computer infrastructure in Africa

All of Africa’s 53 countries and territories have internet connectivity, the challenge now is to broaden access and ensure that costs are brought down. Usage is still low and communication charges are often 10 – 100 times more expensive than developed countries, mainly due to the lack of infrastructure and the high prices charged by operators taking advantage of the restrictions on market entry that are in place in most countries … (Homepage, Current Projects, Publications, Contact).

Resources, Initiatives: Afridigital; Balancing Act Africa; CIPESA; FibreForAfrica; IDRC Acacia Programme; Many; Mbendi Guide: Computers and Communications; Network Startup Resource  Center NSRC; SLAC ICT Africa statistics; Village Telco, Mesh Potato; Developing Countries Mike has worked in since 1991;

Short Bio: Mike Jensen is an independant consultant with experience in over 40 countries in Africa assisting in the establishment of information and communications systems over the last 15 years.  Continue Reading… – Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India ARDSI

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Typically Alzheimer’s Disease begins with lapses of memory, difficulty in finding the right words for everyday objects or swinging mood. Mild symptoms may be a natural effect of ageing, but in Alzheimer’s Disease a pattern of problems emerges over six months or more. As it progresses the person may:

  • Routinely forget recent events, appointments, names and faces and have difficulty in understanding what is being said, become confused when handling money, driving a car or using a washing machine.
  • Undergo personality changes, appearing no longer to care about those around them, and becoming irritable or apathetic, suffer mood swings and burst into tears for no apparent reason, or become convinced that someone is trying to harm them … (full text What is Alzheimer).

All pages have the same URL, reach them by internal links, as for: Homepage, the man behind, what’s Alzheimer, what is ADI, WAF report 2009, Kolkota reports, XIth Nat.Conference, articles & memos, ARDSI chapters, research, ARDSI today, vision, events, membership form, Contact.

Address: ARDSI National Administrative Office, Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India, Guruvayur Road, P.B.No. 53 Kunnamkulam – 680 503, Kerala, India.

The man behind: It was the personal traumatic experience of caring his father late Rev. O.C. Kuriakose Kor Episcopa, that led Dr. Jacob Roy, a Paediatrician by profession, to turn zealously to form a society for the care and support of people affected with dementia.  Continue Reading…

Post Carbon Institute

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Linked on our blogs with The Next Decade’s Top Sustainability Trends, and with Transition US.

Founded in 2003, Post Carbon Institute is leading the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world. Post Carbon Institute provides individuals, communities, businesses, and governments with the resources needed to understand and respond to the interrelated economic, energy, and environmental crises that define the 21st century. We envision a world of resilient communities and re-localized economies that thrive within ecological bounds … (about 1/2).

Fellows; Staff; Board; Advisers; Speakers; Programs; Issues; Publications; Press; Videos; Calendar; FAQs; Donate;
Address: Post Carbon Institute, 613 4th Street, Suite 208, Santa Rosa, California 95404, USA;

About 2/2: … what we do: Climate change, the end of cheap fossil fuels, and our growth-dependent global economy are creating challenges of a scale and complexity never before seen. These unprecedented challenges call for wholly new approaches.  Continue Reading…

Transition US

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Linked on our blogs with Post Carbon Institute, and with The Next Decade’s Top Sustainability Trends.

Welcome to Transition US: We are a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. Transition Initiatives are part of a vibrant, international grassroots movement that builds community resilience in response to the challenges of peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis. Together we can make the transition to a more fulfilling, equitable and sustainable world. (Homepage).

Why Transition; Transition Map; Muller’s Map; Initiatives; Training; Blogs; Resources; Get involved;
Addresses: Transition US, physical Address: 447 Florence Ave., Ground Floor, Sebastopol, CA 95472, USA;
Mailing Address: PO Box 917, Sebastopol, CA 95473, USA;

About: Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. Continue Reading…

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(first choose between 13 languages) – Linked on our blogs with What Meditation Is – and What It Is Not.

If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness … (Meditation 1/2).

Frontpage in english;
Magazine OSHO Times (and subfiles); Resort; Multiversity;
Addresses (1 of 3): OSHO International, 410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022, USA;
Contacts -  go to Meditation /contact.

Meditation 2/2 (and subfiles, incl. Newsletter and CONTACT): … The beauty of the inner science is that it enables whoever wants to explore and to experiment within, to do so alone. Continue Reading…

AID INDIA – Action in Disabilities India

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

AID INDIA (Action in Disabilities India) is a not for profit organization aimed at empowering socially disadvantaged and often forgotten sections of Indian society (primarily impoverished rural women, people with disabilities, children and people with special needs). We help these disadvantaged people through socio economic development programs, education, by providing micro credit, and by providing training in the areas of health, human rights and utilization of resources for income generation … (about 1/2 /who we are).

Mission, Philo; Humanist Mov.; Microcredit; Orphanage; She home; Adoption; Area; Populations; Volunteering; Donations; Pictures;
Address: Aid India, 9, Rice Shop Street, Satankulam – 628 704, Thoothukudi District, Tamilnadu, S.India;

About 2/2 /who we are: … AID INDIA was established in 1992 as a registered NGO with the primary focus being the welfare of people with disabilities in rural areas of Tamil Nadu.   Continue Reading…

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

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in many languages

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was created to dramatically increase resources to fight three of the world’s most devastating diseases, and to direct those resources to areas of greatest need. (who we are).

english Homepage;
Saving Lives; How; Fighting; Partnership; Applicants; Resources;
Funding; Grant; Media; Newsletter: Subscription, Archive; MyGlobalFund: Blogs, Forums;
Contact: Questions, Comments, please e-mail.

About: The Global Fund is a unique global public/private partnership dedicated to attracting and disbursing additional resources to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Continue Reading…


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FiledBy, Inc. is a digital marketing company providing websites, online tools, marketing services and community building solutions for authors, writers and other content Creators to connect directly with readers and fans … (about 1/2).

Authors; Membership; Readers; Groups; Services; Blog; Team; FAQs;
Address: FiledBy Inc, 102 Woodmont Blvd, Suite 360, Nashville TN, 37205, USA;

About 2/2: … The company, based in Nashville, TN operates, the most comprehensive online directory of book authors on the Internet. Every published author, co-author or other listed contributor to a book (illustrators, photographers, narrators, editors and translators) either published or imported into the U.S. or Canada has a free listing/website, which they can claim and customize.
A single search engine provides access to information on over 3 million authors and contributors and 8 million books … (full text about).

Water Aid – International Site

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  • Vision: WaterAid’s vision is of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation.
  • Mission: WaterAid transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities. We work with partners and influence decision-makers to maximise our impact … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Learn; Water; Sanitation; Hygiene; Docs; Events; How; Where, and map; Voluteer; Get involved; Donate; (see also: Water Aid UK);
Address: WaterAid, 2nd floor, 47-49 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JD, UK;
Map and Contact.

About 2/2: … What we do: WaterAid enables the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water and sanitation. Together with improved hygiene, these basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods, forming the first essential step in overcoming poverty. Continue Reading…

Global AIDS Alliance

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  • The mission of the Global AIDS Alliance (GAA) is to halt the global AIDS crisis and mitigate its impacts on poor countries hardest hit by the pandemic.
  • Founded in 2001, GAA plays a critical role in shaping the AIDS policy debate and catalyzing campaigns to speed the pace of the global response to HIV/AIDS. We combine media outreach and public education with targeted coalition-building and grassroots mobilization to raise awareness and inspire activism in support of advocacy to persuade policymakers to implement a comprehensive response to global HIV/AIDS. At the same time, we seek to address the epidemic’s fundamental links to social justice issues such as poverty and gender inequity … (about 1/2).

Action alerts; Action; Join; Issues; Info; News; Voices; Contribution; Donate;
Address: Global AIDS Alliance, 1121 14th Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005, USA;

About 2/2: … In just a few short years, GAA has achieved considerable success in increasing funding and influencing AIDS policy—earning a well-deserved reputation for holding decision-makers accountable and encouraging concerned citizens to demand political action. Continue Reading…

Center for Health and Gender Equity CHANGE

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  • CHANGE monitors policies and funding streams that affect women’s health and rights abroad by Shaping U.S. International Policy, and by Monitoring Implementation of U.S. Policy on the Ground.
  • We advocate for effective policy guidance and increased funding by the Executive and Legislative Branches, advocate for evidence-based operational strategies to be developed by key agencies, and monitor implementation of these policies and programs on the ground.
  • We use our fieldwork to provide policy makers and our core constituencies (women’s, health, rights groups) with information on the implications of policies and funding streams for health and rights, and make recommendations based on these findings to advocate for needed changes … (Program /our work).

Staff; Board; Publications; Links;
Address: Center for Health and Gender Equity, 1317 F St. NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20004, USA;

About /Mission: The Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) is a U.S.-based nongovernmental organization whose mission is to ensure that U.S. international policies and programs promote sexual and reproductive health within a human rights framework of women and girls worldwide. Continue Reading…

Global Issues

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Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All

  • Welcome to the global issues web site. This web site looks into global issues that affect everyone and aims to show how most issues are inter-related.
  • There are over 550 articles on this site, mostly written by myself. The issues discussed range from trade, poverty and globalization, to human rights, geopolitics, the environment, and much more. Spread over these articles, there are over 7,000 links to external articles, web sites, reports and analysis to help provide credence to the arguments made on this web site — Anup Shah. (About).

Poverty: Facts and Stats; Around the world; Causes; Women’s rights; Racism; Global Financial Crisis; World military spending;
Who am I, Site funding; Site Updates; FAQs; Links, resources; Support; Articles by issues; World news; Homepage’s right column: list of Issues;

Why am I doing this? /The Importance of the Media: The mainstream media is one of the most important aspects of a functioning and participatory democracy. It helps us form our views of the world around us, influence our opinion and let us learn about all manner of things we may otherwise never have come across. It is incredibly beneficial but in today’s world, it also has real problems.  Continue Reading…

Media Matters – Media Fact Check

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Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media … (about 1/2).

Research; TV; Press; Blog; Columns; Newsletter; Donate;
Address: Media Matters, 455 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20001;

About 2/2: … Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation — news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the conservative agenda — every day, in real time.  Continue Reading…

Action for Good Governance and Networking in India AGNI

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  • AGNI is a voluntary movement and is non-political and non-sectarian. It networks citizen groups so as to create the democratic “numbers” that political systems cannot easily ignore. It works with government agencies for transparency and accountability in them.
  • Each organisation in the AGNI network maintains its own goals, character, structure and activities. AGNI promotes communication among them and collective assertion by them vis-à-vis political and administrative authorities … (about 1/2).

Activities; Achievements; Photogallery; Support; Election Offices: City, Suburb;
Address: AGNI, Seva Niketan, Sir J. J. Road, Byculla, Mumbai – 400 008, INDIA;

About 2/2: … HOW AGNI RUNS / FUNCTIONS: AGNI’s Board of Trustees manages the assets and finances of the Trust and frame broad policy. Continue Reading…

The CODE for Global Ethics

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Linked on our blogs with Rodrigue Tremblay – Canada, and with Economy USA 2010: From the Scandalous Past to the Uncertain Future.

… Tremblay was president of the Association canadienne de science économique (1974-75) and of the North American Economics and Finance Association (1986-87). He was chairman of the Department of Economics of the University of Montreal (1973-76) ), member of the Committee of Dispute Settlements of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) (1989-93) and vice-president of the Association internationale des économistes de langue française (AIELF), from 1999 to 2005 … (full text about).

english Homepage;
The 10 humanist commandements; (the book’s) contents; Blog; CODE in Australia; Links;

An excerpt from the Introduction: … Since our worldview affects how we interact with others, any moral code must be judged as to how its adherents treat other people and whether or not it improves people’s lives. Continue Reading…

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power ACT-UP

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For meeting the challenge of the AIDS epidemic and its crisis of conscience with vigilant acts of political and cultural provocation  –  thereby giving voice to the essential creative will of our humanity.

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) is an international direct action advocacy group working to impact the lives of people with AIDS (PWAs) and the AIDS pandemic to bring about legislation, medical research and treatment and policies to ultimately bring an end to the disease by mitigating loss of health and lives[1] … (on wikipedia 1/2).

Homepage Act Up New York;
Infos; Reports; Documents; DIVA TV; 20 years; Treatment; Disobedience; Youth Education;
Currents; New Police Rule; Political; ADAP; Pharma Greed; Merchandise; Donations;
Contact by e-mail.

More on wikipedia 2/2: … ACT UP was effectively formed in March, 1987 at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center in New York. Larry Kramer was asked to speak as part of a rotating speaker series, and his well-attended speech focused on action to fight AIDS. Continue Reading…

Acil Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation

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This Foundation shows no own website, but is named:

on NGO INDIA: Purpose: Education, Employment, Environment, Health, Micro-enterprises, Poverty, Rural Development, Sanitation, Training, Urban Development, Water, Women’s issues.
Aim/Objective/Mission: Our aim is integrated Development. We have a social base and human face. Our aim is to spread out in all the states in India and to reach out to the poor families, substantially increase their income and upgrade their Quality of Life. Development through education is our route. This can be achieved by empowerment of women, upgrading the skills of the youth through training. Watershed development healthcare and other activities which would benefit the community at large.

on KarmaYog: Tel 91-022-4469341; Fax 91-022-4452573; E-mail.
Address: Acil Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation, 409 New Udyog Mandir, No 2 Moghul lane, Mahim (West) – 400016, Maharashtra, India.

on Wiser Earth.

Southern African NGO Network SANGOnet

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Linked on our blogs with The SANGOnet ICT Discussion Forum (Thetha).

The Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) was founded in 1987. Over the past 22 years it has developed into a dynamic civil society organisation with a history closely linked to the social and political changes experienced by South Africa during its transition to democracy. SANGONeT is still one of very few NGOs in Africa involved in the field of information communication technologies (ICTs) and continues to serve civil society with a wide range of ICT products and services … (about 1/2).

Vision, Mission; Governance; Programmes; Staff; Thetha;
Issues: Economic justice; Health; Human Rights; NGO management; SOS campaign; Technology; Gender;
Address: SANGOnet, 29th Floor, UCS Building, 209 Smit Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa;

About 2/2: … SANGONeT’s ICT services and interventions are shaped by the challenge of strengthening the capacity of NGOs in finding long-term and sustainable solutions in response to Southern Africa’s development problems. Continue Reading…

The SANGOnet ICT Discussion Forum (Thetha)

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linking civil society through ICTs – Linked on this blog with SANGOnet.

  • SANGOndet’s Thetha forums provide NGOs with an opportunity to discuss information communication technology (ICT) challenges facing the sector.
  • The forums highlight ICT policy issues and promote practical applications, and form part of SANGONeT’s broader objective to increase the use and awareness of ICTs within the NGO sector in South Africa.
  • Starting in July 2006, SANGOnet started to expand the Thetha initiative to the rest of Southern Africa. Thetha forums were held in Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho and Angola … (full text Homepage).

Thetha countries: Southern A. Thethas, Regional, Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Angola, South Africa, e-Waste; Past Events;
Address: SANGOnet, P.O. Box 31392, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa 2017;

Background: During the past few years an increasing number of Southern African NGOs have started to use ICTs in support of their development work. However, the impact of and exposure to ICTs by the NGOs in general continue to be limited. At the same time, although ICTs present NGOs with many new opportunities, they also challenge the very way in which these organisations have conducted their work historically.  Continue Reading…

Ability Foundation

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looking beyond disabilities & breaking barriers together

Ability Foundation is a national cross disability organisation established in 1995 as a public charitable trust for the empowerment and mainstreaming of persons with disabilities. Based in Chennai, India, Ability Foundation is involved in pioneering activities, ranging from publishing and media, counselling and referral services, advocacy, and training and employment. Over the years, the Foundation has organized several events all of which aim at dispelling stereotypes and changing public attitudes/perceptions towards disabled persons … (full text Homepage).

Vision; Mission; Core Group; Media; Employ Ability; EquABILITY; Access to audits; Networking; Disability Rights; Work with us; Donate;
Addresses and map: Registered Office: Ability Foundation, 27, Fourth Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020, Tamil Nadu. India; – Administrative Office: Ability Foundation, 28, Second Cross Street, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020, Tamil Nadu. India;

Who we are: We are the dreamers of a better world. A world without barriers. A world where being disabled does not automatically equate with being disadvantaged… where words like “empathy” and “empowerment” forever replace “pity” and “neglect”… where access in every sense and equitable opportunities are the norm. Continue Reading…

The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform COMER

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This website has the same URL for every page.

COMER is an international publishing and education resource based in Toronto, Canada, and is comprised of people who are concerned about the destabilization that current economic and monetary policies have caused and are causing for the citizens of Canada and other nation states … (full text about).

Click on the internal links as: Homepage, About, Events, New on COMER, Library, Obama Petition; Recommended, Oh Canada, Web of Debt, Meltdown Books, Current Articles, Kingston COMER, Trendspotting, Some History, Dept Ode, Afghanistan
… and a Link to a Video: the coming collapse of the American Middle Class, 57.37 min.

Exception: Contact by e-mail.

Some History: As I recollect, having been a male factory worker in a “traditional occupation” from about 1965 to 1989, it was not a case of what male workers demanded or didn’t demand. They/we had the ground shot out from under us.  Continue Reading…

American Monetary Institute AMI

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the independent study of monetary history, theory and reform

The American Monetary Institute (AMI) is a publicly supported charity, founded in 1996 to present the results of our research in a manner understandable by the average citizen; leading to monetary reforms which bring forth a greater level of economic justice and a more equitable and efficient functioning of government … (about 1/2).

Contribute; Conferences; Newsletter: scroll down of About 2/2; Links;
Address: The American Monetary Institute, PO Box 601, Valatie, NY 12184, USA;
Map; Contact.

About 2/2:
… This field deserves serious study because while attention is usually focused on the elections of presidents, prime ministers, and representatives, the real outcomes in society – whether there will be general economic justice or special financial privileges for the few – are often quietly determined behind the scenes by the structure of a society’s monetary system.  Continue Reading…

Free Gold Monetary Report FGMR

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Linked on our blogs with The Federal Reserve Needs More Money.

James Turk began publishing the Freemarket Gold & Money Report in March 1987 as a subscription-based investment newsletter focusing primarily on precious metals and national currencies.  In August 2009, the newsletter completed a total transformation to become a free, web-based commentary.  Accordingly, its name was changed to the Free Gold Money Report.
The objective of this website is to be informative and educational. It aims to help readers better understand gold, money and currency through James Turk’s commentaries and insights … (about 1/2).

Welcome Page; Sitemap;
Fear Index; Markete Commentaries; Articles; Questions/Answers;

About FGMR: … About James Turk: James Turk is founder and chairman of GoldMoney, which provides a convenient and economical way to buy and sell gold, silver and platinum online using the digital gold currency for which he was awarded four US patents.  Continue Reading…

Prosperity UK

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freedom from dept slavery

  • Welcome to the website of PROSPERITY, a monthly Money Reform journal based in Glasgow, Scotland, which is dedicated to spreading understanding about the nature of our debt-based money system, and campaigning for publicly-created debt-free money.
    What is Money Reform? Money Reform (sometimes called, Monetary Reform) highlights the fact that our economy today is “debt-based”, meaning that virtually all money is supplied into the economy as a debt owed to the private banking system. We are reliant upon this banking system for the supply of almost all our means of exchange … ( full text Intro).

News; Articles; Views; Reviews; Updates; Subscribe; Principles; Links;
Address: PROSPERITY, 268 Bath Street, UK, G2 4JR, UK;

The Broomsgrove Group: The first meeting of the Bromsgrove Group was held in October 1997. Its purpose was to bring together, in loose association, people concerned about a variety of social, religious, environmental, academic, and ecological issues …  Continue Reading…


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a society for biodiversity conservation in Northeast India – a scientific and industrial research organisation

Mission of Aaranyak: To foster conservation of biodiversity in Northeast India through research, environmental education, capacity building and advocacy for legal and policy reform to usher a new era of ecological security. (Homepage).

Objectives; Programmes; Events; News; Publications; Membership;
Address: Aaranyak, Snail Mail, EVER GREEN, 50, Samanwoy Path, Survey, P.O. Beltola, Guwahati 781028, Assam, INDIA;

About: Aaranyak is a registered society working in the field of biodiversity conservation in North East India since 1989. Its strength lies in applied research in biological and social field and its thrust area of work is the North Eastern India and Eastern Himalayas. Continue Reading…

The Group of 77 at the UN

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(as many people – including myself – do not know much about, here the presentation of this group, receiving a new category).

Linked on our blogs with What happened at the summit.

Establishement: The Group of 77 (G-77) was established on 15 June 1964 by seventy-seven developing countries signatories of the “Joint Declaration of the Seventy-Seven Countries” issued at the end of the first session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD in Geneva. Continue Reading…

In the Spirit of the Forum for Stable Currencies

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  • The Forum for Stable Currencies is a voluntary initiative of concerned citizens and Parliamentarians – independent of race, religion or political party.
  • It was founded in 1998 by Lord Sudeley and Sabine K McNeill by initiating public meetings at the House of Lords … (about 1/2).

Financial Fairness; Stop Cash Crumble; Petition in Context; Submissions to Committee;
Early Day Motions EDMs; Understanding … ; Micro Donations; Usury-free banking as social business;
Find in the Right Column articles about: recent posts, permanent pages, by the same blogger, challenging the recessions, complementary currencies, comprehensive overviews, dept and development, digital money, e-petitions … etc. etc.
No Contact.

About 2/2: … Its archive site reports the programme of international speakers addressing monetary reform, problems encountered by ‘bank victims’ and solutions – from grassroots to governments – via banks and central banks. In the House of Commons, Early Day Motions addressed ‘public’, ’social’ or ‘green’ credit.  Continue Reading…


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Stand is the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network – Linked on our blogs with The Genocide Intervention Network GI-NET;

  • STAND, the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network, envisions a world in which the international community protects civilians from genocidal violence. At its core, our mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and stop genocide.
  • To do so, STAND’s Leadership Team recruits, trains, organizes and mobilizes students around the world by providing materials, educational information, online resources, policy expertise, and a network of concerned and active peers … (full text about).

Join; Learn; Act; Blog; Get Stuff;
International: STANDabroad; Resources; Translations; a new Chapter; Donate online;
Address: Genocide Intervention Network, Attn: STAND, 1333 H St., NW, First Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005, USA;

STAND International: STAND International is organizing and coordinating – globally – the growing efforts by students to protect the victims of genocide and to prevent future genocide. Continue Reading…

Save Darfur

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  • Around the country and across the globe, the Save Darfur Coalition is inspiring action, raising awareness and speaking truth to power on behalf of the people of Darfur. Working with world leaders, we are demanding an end to the genocide, and our efforts are getting results.
  • The key to our success is the millions of everyday citizens who have joined our movement. With you and other committed activists by our side, we will end the genocide. (About Us).

Annual report; News; Blog; Members; Jobs; Finances; Take action; Learn; Donate;
Address: Save Darfur Coalition, 1025 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 310, Washington, D.C. 20036, USA;

Unity Statement: We stand together and unite our voices to raise public awareness and mobilize a massive response to the atrocities in Sudan’s western region of Darfur. Continue Reading…

Disasters Emergency Committee DEC

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The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) was formed in 1963. We are an umbrella organisation for 13 humanitarian aid agencies. At times of overseas emergency, the DEC brings together a unique alliance of the UK’s aid, corporate, public and broadcasting sectors to rally the nation’s compassion, and ensure that funds raised go to DEC agencies best placed to deliver effective and timely relief to people most in need … (full text who we are).

Homepage; Sitemap;
The 13 DEC members; How to help; Mission; How we work; Criteria; Latest Appeal; Darfur and Chad; Donate; FAQs;
Address: DEC Secretariat, 1st Floor, 43 Chalton Street, London NW1 1DU, UK;

How we work: The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) was formed in 1963. The DEC unites 13 of the UK’s humanitarian agencies in their efforts to raise income through media appeals to provide humanitarian emergency relief and alleviate the suffering of people affected by major disasters overseas.   Continue Reading…

European Network on Dept and Development EURODAD

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also in french and spanish – Read also on our blogs: … and specially this publication.

Picked up on Weitzenegger’s Website for International Development Cooperation, and its Newsletters.

EURODAD (European Network on Debt and Development) is a network of 59 non-governmental organisations NGOs from 18 European countries working on issues related to debt, development finance and poverty reduction. The Eurodad network offers a great platform for exploring issues, collecting intelligence and ideas, and undertaking collective advocacy … (about 1/2).

Homepage and News;
Dept overview; Multilateral dept; Billateral dept; Illegitimate dept; Aid overview; Poverty analysis and strategies; Members; Calendar; Addresse: eurodad, Rue d’Edimbourg, 18–26, 1050 Brussels, Belgium;
Contact. tel: +32 2 894 46 40, fax: +32 2 791 98 09

About 2/2: … The network focusses on debt cancellation, aid effectiveness, World Bank/IMF policy onditionality, and capital flight and financial regulation. Continue Reading…

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Imaginaid est une plate-forme associative genevoise pour la création contemporaine concernée, humaniste et environnementaliste. Elle initie des expositions artistiques et d’autres projets culturels destinés à rendre le public sensible à des causes sociétales ou politiques d’aujourd’hui … (Mission 1/2).

Expositions; Artistes; Evènements; Blog; Liens;
Adresse: Imaginaid Galerie, Rue des Grottes 28, 1201 Genève, Suisse;

Mission 2/2: … Indépendante et se distinguant par son côté commercial, Imaginaid Galerie partage en essence les mêmes objectifs, tout en se concentrant sur la promotion et le soutien à long terme d’artistes et autres créateurs, issus des arts visuels et du photojournalisme, émergents ou reconnus, suisses ou étrangers. Continue Reading…

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Committee for defense of the Iranian Peoples Right – for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Justice

Linked on our blogs with Iran: Regime change by the people, for the people, and with Ibrahim Yazdi arrested.

  • CODIR was established in 1981 by a group of British labour and trade union activists in collaboration with Iranian democrats living in exile in the UK.
  • The main aim of the organisation since its inception has been to provide truthful and unbiased information and analysis about the reality of life in Iran.
  • CODIR campaigned against the eight year fratricidal Iran-Iraq war. It has also worked hard against the brutal suppression of human rights and other abuses committed by the regime in Iran … (about 1/2).

CoDIR says; Action; News, analysis; Iranian Labor; Sensorship Iran; Women; Youth; Archive;
Address: B.M.CODIR, London, WC1N 3XX, UK;
Contact: e-mail1, and e-mail2.

About 2/2: … CODIR campaigns have won the support of many progressive MPs, MEPs, trade unions and Trades Councils. CODIR enjoys the widest support amongst trade unions in the UK with UNISON, FBU, Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, USDAW, BECTU, the Scottish TUC, TGWU London region, Scottish TGWU and Scottish UNISON being on the list of its affiliates for many years. Continue Reading…

The Genocide Intervention Network GI-NET

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have a hand in stopping genocide – Linked on our blogs with STAND. (on Jan. 3rd).

Genocide Intervention Network (GI-NET) empowers individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and stop genocide. Our members envision a world in which the global community is willing and able to protect civilians from genocide and mass atrocities. The Genocide Intervention Network is mobilizing a permanent anti-genocide constituency that lobbies our leaders for substantial action, and creates a political cost for those officials who fail to take these necessary actions … (about /Mission 1/2).

Educate; Resources; Events; Blog; Staff; Jobs; Board; Join us; FAQs; Donate;
Address: Genocide Intervention Network | 1200 18th St NW, Suite 320, Washington, DC 20036, USA;

About /Mission 2/2: … In the past, the United States and the international community have failed to prevent and stop genocide because of a lack of political will in our elected officials and among our citizens. There has been no political consequence for our leaders if they did not take action. Continue Reading…

Earth Council Alliance ECA

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To foster a sustainable global society founded on the principles of respect for the Earth and life in all of its diversity, economic and socoial justice, and a culture of peace and non-violence in accordance with the principals setout in the Earth Charter … (about /Vision 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Earth Councils worldwide; Network; Initiatives, projects; Members; News, events; Publications; History;
Address: Headquarters, Earth Council Alliance, 1220 Rosecrans St. #418, San Diego, California, 92106, USA;

About 2/2: … Earth Council Alliance (ECA) supports Earth Councils and other people and organizations committed to sustainability initiatives and preserving the world for today’s peoples and future generations. Continue Reading…