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Index August 2010

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2010-08-01: SUNGI Development Foundation;
2010-08-01: Rural Support Programmes Network RSPN;
2010-08-01: LEAD Pakistan – Leadership for Environment and Development;
2010-08-02: Citizens Archive of Pakistan CAP;
2010-08-02: True Worth Foundation TWF;
2010-08-03: David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos;
2010-08-03: Sunny Trust International;
2010-08-03: Tax;
2010-08-04: – International Peace Council for States, Peoples and Minorities;
2010-08-04: International Peace Commission;
2010-08-04: International Committee for the Peace Council;
2010-08-05: Global Transformations Website;
2010-08-05: American Bar Foundation ABF;
2010-08-05: Sindh Agricultural and Forestry Workers Coordinationg Organization SAFWCO;
2010-08-06: International Law Institute ILI, Washington;
2010-08-06: Law and Development, University of London;
2010-08-06: British Institute of International and Comparative Law;
2010-08-07: Niehaus Center for Globalization & Governance CGG;
2010-08-07: Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation CCG;
2010-08-07: Globalism Research Centre;
2010-08-08: Center For Globalization And Policy Research CGPR;
2010-08-08: Global Economy, Regulation and Development GEARED;
2010-08-08: ONE International;
2010-08-09: Partner in Hope – Children’s Hope International;
2010-08-09: International Hope and Heritage IHH;
2010-08-09: Hope Rescue (for dogs);
2010-08-10: Stiftung Wings of Hope;
2010-08-10: Open to HOPE;
2010-08-10: Hope International Development Agency (UK);
2010-08-11: Knowledge Sharing ict-km CGIAR;
2010-08-11: Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts SIPA;
2010-08-11: Project Avalon;
2010-08-11: kabissa, space for change in Africa;
2010-08-12: Plunder, the Crime of our Time;
2010-08-12: Moscow State Institute of International Relations MGIMO;
2010-08-12: Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society;
2010-08-13: Political Economy Research Institute PERI;
2010-08-13: Horn Relief HR;
2010-08-13: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research CGIAR;
2010-08-14: ADD International;
2010-08-14: XIX ARTICLE 19 – International Centre Against Censorship;
2010-08-14: African Services Committee ASC;
2010-08-15: Diakonia;
2010-08-15: Africa Files, Toronto /Canada;
2010-08-15: / rabble podcast network rpn;
2010-08-16: AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa ARASA;
2010-08-16: AMANI Forum – The Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum of Peace;
2010-08-16: Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society;
2010-08-17: US geological survey – USGS;
2010-08-17: African Elections Project;
2010-08-17: African Elections Database;
2010-08-18: Ethics in Education;
2010-08-18: Ethics Resource Center ERC;
2010-08-18: Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada EPAC;
2010-08-19: African Human Security Initiative AHSI;
2010-08-19: African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights;
2010-08-19: Human Rights Library of the University of Minnesota;
2010-08-20: PAIL Institute – Procedural Aspects of International Law;
2010-08-20: Center for Justice and International Law CEJIL, Washington;
2010-08-20: Center for Development of International Law CDIL, New York;
2010-08-21: Hastings Center;
2010-08-21: Bioethics Research Library, Univ. Georgetown;
2010-08-22: International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics iKNOWpolitics;
2010-08-22: ACE the electoral knowledge network;
2010-08-22: Center for Public Integrity;
2010-08-23: Learning INnovation Knowledge LINK;
2010-08-23: Kellogg Foundation;
2010-08-23: Samaritan Guide – a project of the Acton Institute;
2010-08-24: Yale Center for the Study of Globalization;
2010-08-24: Azanian People’s Organisation AZAPO;
2010-08-24: African Democracy Institute IDASA;
2010-08-25: Publish what you Pay;
2010-08-25: Union Anti-Corruption Initiative UNICORN;
2010-08-25: Public Services International;
2010-08-26: TIRI – making integrity work;
2010-08-26: Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa EISA;
2010-08-26: VANSA Westerncape – Visual Arts in the Western Cape;
2010-08-27: openDemocracy – Open Democracy Advice Centre;
2010-08-27: Chr. Michelsen Institute CMI;
2010-08-27: U4 – Ustein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre;
2010-08-28: Transformation Resource Centre TRC, Lesotho;
2010-08-28: Legal Assistance Centre LAC;
2010-08-28: Lesotho Council of NGOs;
2010-08-29: Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv;
2010-08-29: Feminist Legal Research Unit FRLU;
2010-08-29: Central Society for the Education of the Deaf CSED;
2010-08-30: Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women GAATW;
2010-08-30: Common Cause – holding power accountable;
2010-08-30: German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management;
2010-08-31: International Peace Institute IPI;
2010-08-31: United Nations Peacebuilding Commission PBC;
2010-08-31: National Democratic Institute NDI.


See also our pages:

National Democratic Institute NDI

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NDI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization that has supported democratic institutions and practices in every region of the world for more than two decades. Since its founding in 1983, NDI and its local partners have worked to establish and strengthen political and civic organizations, safeguard elections, and promote citizen participation, openness and accountability in government. (Who we are).

What we do: Who we work with: Where we work; Event; Newsletter; Democracy Dialogue; Publications; Employment; Contribute;
Address: National Democratic Institute, 2030 M Street, NW, Fifth Floor, Washington, DC 20036-3306, USA;

About NDI: The National Democratic Institute (NDI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization that responds to the worldwide quest for popular civic participation, open and competitive political systems, and representative and accountable government.  Continue Reading…

United Nations Peacebuilding Commission PBC

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Our goal should be to live up to the expectations of societies and populations emerging from conflict and improving the contribution of the PBC to building hope for a better future. The 2010 Review gives us an opportunity to reinvigorate the vision behind the Peacebuilding Commission. It should result in a shared understanding of the purpose, role and functioning of the Commission. (PBC Chair, Ambassador Peter Wittig, Germany).

Support Office; Docs, Resoultions; Membership; Calendar; Q and A; Links; UN Partners;
Peacebuilding Fund; UN Peace and Security; Home;

Mandate of the Peacebuilding Commission: In the enabling resolutions establishing the Peacebuilding Commission, resolution 60/180 and resolution 1645 (2005) of 20 December 2005, the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council mandated it:  Continue Reading…

International Peace Institute IPI

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(former International Peace Academy IPA)

  • The International Peace Institute is an independent, international not-for-profit think tank with a staff representing more than 20 nationalities, located in New York across from United Nations headquarters.  IPI is dedicated to promoting the prevention and settlement of conflicts between and within states by strengthening international peace and security institutions.  To achieve its purpose, IPI employs a mix of policy research, convening, publishing and outreach … (about /Mission).
  • Our Brochure.

Homepage; Sitemap;
Programs; Publications; Events; News; Employment; People; Annual report; FAQs;
Address: International Peace Institute, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017-3521, USA;

History: Known as the International Peace Academy until early 2008, the International Peace Institute was founded by a group of individuals from within and outside of the United Nations who believed that a thoroughly independent institution, free from official constraints, could make a unique contribution to multilateral efforts to prevent and settle armed conflicts around the world.  Continue Reading…

German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management

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Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung

At present, the Platform website focuses mainly on German actors and activities in the field of peaceful conflict management. It offers only few English-language news, events and documents. However, we consider it important to provide also those unfamiliar with the German language with information on the Platform and its policy contexts, as well as on German activities in peaceful conflict management.  … (about 1/2).

english Homepage;
Events; How to participate; Documents; News; Publications; Newsletter;
Address: German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management, Obenmarspforten 7, 50667 Köln, Germany;

About 2/2: … We are therefore planning to add within the next months English-language abstracts of the most significant documents published by the Platform. These abstracts will be available in the publications section of the Platform website.  Continue Reading…

Common Cause – holding power accountable

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Common Cause is dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, reinventing an open, honest and accountable government that serves the public interest, and empowering ordinary people to make their voices heard in the political process.
In this spirit, Common Cause serves as an independent voice for change and a watchdog against corruption and abuse of power … (about /Vision).

Money in Politics; Gov’s Accountability; Rule of Law; Election Reform; Ethics in Gov.;
Take Action; Issues; Events; Volunteering; Internship; Ways to support;
Address: Common Cause, 1133 19th Street NW, 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20036, USA;

About /Common Cause: Common Cause is a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization founded in 1970 by John Gardner as a vehicle for citizens to make their voices heard in the political process and to hold their elected leaders accountable to the public interest. Continue Reading…

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women GAATW

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The main role of the GAATW-IS is advocating for a human rights based approach to trafficking and supporting the Alliance members in their work. As such, our activities focus on gathering, analysing and disseminating information among members, coordinating collaborative projects among members, carrying out relevant research and analysis on trafficking and migration trends, and advocating regionally and internationally for the protection of the rights of trafficked and migrant persons … (full text what we do).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Mission; Advocacy; Campaigns; Realising Rights; Research and Training; Access to Justice; Communications, Information; Multi-Year Proposal; Members; Get involved; FAQs: Links;
Address: GAATW International Secretariat, 191/41 Sivalai Condominium, Soi 33,Itsaraphap Rd, Bangkok-yai, 10600, Bangkok, Thailand;

About: The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)  is an Alliance of more than 90 non-governmental organisations from across the world. Continue Reading…

Central Society for the Education of the Deaf CSED

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making a difference in the lives of deaf children

The Central Society for the Education of the Deaf (CSED) is a well-established institution that educates children with profound hearing disability. We provide model teaching and training facilities in English and Marathi at both our centres, the Central School for the Deaf (CSD) and at Maitri Centre for Hearing Impaired Infants. CSED was started in 1966 by Rhoda and Adal Parakh in their living room, with just 10 students and three teachers, working on the principle of oral language and conversation to teach children with speech and hearing disability … (What we do).

Dream; Financial Datas; Gallery; FAQs; Your Help;
Address:  The Central Society for the Education of the deaf,3rd Floor, Municipal School Building, Opposite YMCA Swimming Pool, Farook S. Umarbhoy Path, Agripada, Mumbai 400 011. INDIA;

About /Purpose: To see deaf children overcome their hearing impairment as early as possible by using oral communication and language to participate equally in a hearing world. No child should be abandoned or ignored for lack of hearing. Instead, deaf children should have adequate opportunity to grow into bright and confident youngsters.  Continue Reading…

Feminist Legal Research Unit FRLU

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of the Law School of the Liverpool University

The Feminist Legal Research Unit (FLRU) was established in 1993 and brings together academic staff undertaking research into issues of equality and non-discrimination from a feminist perspective … (full text Introduction).

FRLU Homepage;
Publications; Seminars, Conferences; Postgraduate Studies; Collaboration Links; Weblinks;
University Address; The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK;
University Contact; People Contact.

Research Interest: The research interests of FLRU members span a range of fields, including Healthcare and Body Politics, Migration, the Open Method of Co-ordination, Discrimination, Domestic Violence, Children’s Rights, Employment, Family and Gender Mainstreaming.  Continue Reading…

Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv

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of the Klassik Siftung WEIMAR, still mainly in german … but … we are currently preparing an English version of our internet site and kindly ask for your patience … (english Homepage).

  • One of the most important literary archives in Germany, holding the estates of more than 120 important figures such as Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Christoph Martin Wieland, Johann Gottfried Herder, Ludwig Achim, Bettina von Arnim, Franz Liszt and Friedrich Nietzsche. (on Library Thing).
  • Briefwechsel zwischen Goethe und Schiller erstmals online: … Die Briefe können auf der Website des Goethe- und Schiller-Archivs gelesen werden … (SF1 online /Kultur, 27. August 2010).
  • Sitemap in german.

Klassik Siftung WEIMAR: german Homepage;
Online Datenbanken: Startseite mit dem Goethe- und Schiller Archiv, dem Archiv der Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek und weiteren Quellen;
Recherchenquellen im Internet; Besucherservice; Anreise/Travel; Presse; Museums-Shop;
Google map; … und Adresse: Klassik Stiftung Weimar, Burgplatz 4, D-99423 Weimar, Deutschland;
Kontakt Klassik Stiftung Weimar; Kontakt Forschung; Kontakt Goethe- und Schiller Archiv.

Download Schatzhaus der deutschen Literatur: das Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv in Weimar, 98 pdf Seiten:
Einführung: Willkommen auf Ihrer Entdeckungsreise im »Schatzhaus der deutschen Literatur« – willkommen im Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv in Weimar!  Continue Reading…

Lesotho Council of NGOs

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The Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (LCN) is an umbrella organizations for NGOs in Lesotho. It was established in May 1990 with an objective of providing supportive services to the NGO Community. The Council implements this through networking and leadership training and development, information dissemination, capacity building, coordination, advocacy and representation when dealing with the government and the international community … (about 1/2).

Member NGOs; ResourcesProgrammes; News; Medias; Staff; Donors;

About 2/2 … /1.1. Vision: An effective and vibrant civil society within a democratic, peaceful and sustainable Lesotho.  Continue Reading…

Legal Assistance Centre LAC

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fighting for human rights in Namibia since 1988

LAC Assists People from All Walks of Life: The LAC’s main objective is to protect the human rights of all Namibians. It is the only organisation of its kind in Namibia. It has a head office in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, along with two regional offices. It is funded by national and international donor organisations as well as individuals. Its work is supervised by the Legal Assistance Trust, whose trustees include legal practitioners, other professionals and community leaders … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
News; Projects; Publications; Laws; Careers; Internships; Get involved; Links, Networks;
Addresses (1 of 3): Legal Assistance Centre, Head Office, PO Box 604, 4 Korner Street, Windhoek, Namibia;

About 2/2: … It works in five broad areas:  Continue Reading…

Transformation Resource Centre TRC, Lesotho

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The end of Apartheid in 1994 spelt a new era in the work of TRC. Like all other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Lesotho we were affected financially. TRC decided to abandon its regional focus for an internal one. Many challenges were waiting in the country: democracy education, the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) and conflict management.
Today TRC is a vibrant NGO with four main projects: the Library, the Democracy and Human Rights programme, the Water For Justice Project and Information and Communication … (full text about 1/2 /General Info).

Democracy, Human Rights; LDP page; Publications downloads; Gallery; Links; Feedbacks online;
Address: Transformation Resource Centre, P.O.Box 1388, Maseru 100, 1 Oaktree Gardens, Qoaling Road, Old Europa, Lesoto;

About 2/2 /Background: In 1978, two years after the Soweto students uprising, one year after the death of the noted anti apartheid activist Steve Biko and the banning of many progressive Christian groups in South Africa, a South African family, Jimmy and Joan Stewart, moved to Lesotho in order to live a dream God had given them.  Continue Reading…

U4 – Ustein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

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Linked with Chr. Michelsen Institute CMI.

A project of the Chr. Michelsen Institute CMI, Research for Development and Justice, Bergen, Norway.
The U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre assists donor practitioners in more effectively addressing corruption challenges through their development support. U4 serves eight development agencies: Norad (Norway), DFID (UK), CIDA (Canada), GTZ (Germany), MinBuZa (the Netherlands), Sida (Sweden), BTC (Belgium) and AusAID (Australia) (view partner agencies’ contact details) by providing resources and services … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Partner Agencies; Feedback online;
Addresses: Postal Address: CMI-U4, PO Box 6033 Postterminalen, 5892 Bergen, Norway;
Visiting Address: Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen, Norway;

About 2/2: … Through this extensive online resource centre, we guide users to relevant anti-corruption resources, including our own applied research (Themes), and we communicate the work of the U4 partner agencies through a searchable database of projects and initiatives. Continue Reading…

Chr. Michelsen Institute CMI

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Linked with U4 – Ustein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre.

Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) is an independent centre for research on international development and policy. CMI was founded in 1930, and is located in Bergen, Norway. CMI conducts both applied and theoretical research, and has a multidisciplinary profile anchored in four thematic research groups: … (about 1/2).

Staff; Strategy; Research; Research Partners; News, Events; Working Papers; Publications; Conference Papers; Library; History;
Address: Chr. Michelsen Institute, P.O. Box 6033, Jekteviksbakken 31, N-5892 Bergen, Norway;

About 2/2: … The geographical focus is Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern and Central Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, see world map of CMI’s activities.  Continue Reading…

Open Democracy Advice Centre

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free thinking for the world

openDemocracy is committed to human rights and democracy. We aim to ensure that marginalised views and voices are heard. We believe facilitating argument and understanding across geographical boundaries is vital to preventing injustice … (about 1/2 /our Values).

Team; Submit an article; Supporters; Jobs; Donate; New: Ethical Politics; Forums;
openEconomy; 50:50; openIndia; ourKingdom; oD Russia; openSecurity;
Address: openDemocracy Ltd, PO Box 49799, London, WC1X 8XA, UK;

About 2/2 … /Our mission: openDemocracy publishes high quality news analysis, debates and blogs about the world and the way we govern ourselves.  Continue Reading…

VANSA Westerncape – Visual Arts in the Western Cape

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The Visual Arts Network of South Africa is an umbrella organisation serving the interests of visual arts practitioners. Its membership consists of individual visual arts practitioners, curators and administrators, as well as organisations, companies, institutions and service providers that participate in or serve the visual arts sector. VANSA does not seek to replace or duplicate the functions of existing organisations and structures in the sector – it exists to promote greater unity and internal cooperation and communication within the visual arts … (Who we are 1/2).

Aims, Objectives; News; Spin-Space; Industry Events; Projects; People; Membership; Links; Support;
Address physique: VANSA WESTERN CAPE VANSA’s Spin Space Gallery, NO 8 Spin Street, Cape Town, 8002, South Africa;
(postal: P.O. BOX 15086, Vlaeberg, 8001, South Africa);

Who we are 2/2: … /History: VANSA was formed by leading figures in the visual arts sector from across South Africa in 2003 in response to the absence of a national structure that could represent the interests of the sector and systematically and constructively address the historical imbalances (in terms of access and opportunity) that continue to characterise the sector.  Continue Reading…

Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa EISA

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EISA is a not for profit organisation. It was established in 1996 and is based in Johannesburg (South Africa) with field offices in Kinshasa (DRC), Antananarivo (Madagascar), Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire), N’djamema (Chad) and Maputo (Mozambique) … (about 1/2).

Elections, politics; Conflict management; Balloting; Country profiles; Datas, analysis; Election calendar; Links; Donors;
Addresses /Physical: EISA, Head Office, 14 Park Road, Richmond, Johannesburg, South Africa;
/Postal: BP 1221, Kinshasa 1, République Démocratique du Congo;

About 2/2: … /Vision: An African continent where democratic governance, human rights and citizen participation are upheld in a peaceful environment. Continue Reading…

TIRI – making integrity work

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Governance Access Learning Network

Tiri is an independent non-governmental organisation that works with governments, business and civil society to find practical solutions to making integrity work. Improvements in integrity offer perhaps the single largest opportunity for sustainable and equitable development worldwide … (Who we are 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Where we are; What we do; How we work; Where we work; Jobs; Volunteering, Internships;
Addresses (1 of 4): TIRI, 3rd floor, Downstream Building, 1 London Bridge, London SE1 9BG, UK;

Who we are 2/2 /Mission: … Integrity is an essential component of sustainable development, of the safeguarding of human rights, of strengthening democracy and of poverty reduction. To achieve these aims, we work to raise standards of integrity in specific institutions by promoting and facilitating a growing network of reform leaders, specialists, and policy practitioners informed by sound and objective evidence.  Continue Reading…

Public Services International

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in 6 languages

  • … In 1997, the PSI Congress further regionalised the organisation of PSI. Regional Committees were given executive powers and in each of the regions (Africa and Arab countries, Asia and the Pacific, Inter-America and Europe), regional offices and sub-regional constituencies have been established.
  • Together, the PSI staff in the regions and sub-regions work to facilitate organisation and closer communication with PSI affiliates. There are four regional groupings, as represented in the map to the right. (full text about).

english Homepage; Sitemap;
Meetings and Networks; Policy Issues; Campaigns; Resource Centre; Help;
Contact online.

Join: … Who can join PSI? PSI membership is open to unions and other organisations for people employed in national, regional and local government:   Continue Reading…

Union Anti-Corruption Initiative UNICORN

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united against corruption

UNICORN works with trade unions around the world to combat bribery and corruption (Homepage and Highlights).

Trade Unions; News; Reports; External reports; Resolutions; Newsletter; IntFin; Action; Links;
Address: UNICORN INTERNATIONAL NETWORK LIMITED, Hardie Caldwell LLP, Citypoint 2, 25 Tyndrum Street, GLASGOW, G4 0JY, UK;

About 2/2: UNICORN makes a unique contribution to the global fight against bribery and corruption by mobilising the strengths of the trade union movement.  Continue Reading…

Publish what you Pay PWYP

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in 5 languages

Publish What You Pay PWYP is a global civil society coalition that helps citizens of resource-rich developing countries hold their governments accountable for the management of revenues from the oil, gas and mining industries. Natural resource revenues are an important source of income for governments of over 50 developing countries. When properly managed these revenues should serve as a basis for poverty reduction, economic growth and development rather than exacerbating corruption, conflict and social divisiveness … (full text about).

Objectives; History; Governance; Activities; Where; Resources; News; Blog; Staff; Jobs; FAQs; Funding;
Address: Publish What You Pay, c/o Open Society Foundation – London, 4th Floor, Cambridge House, 100 Cambridge Grove, London W6 0LE, UK;

Mission: A global campaign for revenue transparency in the oil, gas & mining industries. Continue Reading…

African Democracy Institute IDASA

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  • Idasa is an independent public interest organisation committed to promoting sustainable democracy based on active citizenship, democratic institutions, and social justice.
  • It is a registered Section 21 company in South Africa, has a functioning Board of Directors, and employs Grant Thornton as its company auditors. Idasa is a recognised public interest organisation in Africa. It maintains international links with many similar organisations through the world movement for democracy. (What is IDASA).

All pages have the same URL. Find Homepage, About, Programmes, Topics, Publications, Employment, Newsletter, FAQs, Donate, Contact.

More About IDASA: It has been said that an understanding of the past is the only reliable guide for the future. South Africans would do well to be reminded of that. As a nation South Africans are expert at complaining mightily about the present and compulsively predicting the future, but it seems share a collective amnesia when it comes to the past.  Continue Reading…

Azanian People’s Organisation AZAPO

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Just a glance at this topic suggests there is something the matter with our consciousness even after the attainment of independence from our former colonial rulers quite a while back. It further asserts that we are oppressed and that we should strive for the liberation of our minds. These must be troubling notions, considering that we have freed ourselves from colonial rule many decades ago on average, in some cases after waging bitter struggles with heavy casualties … (full text Homepage).

News; Infos; Campaigns; Structures; Leadership; Forum; Links (our articles); History;
Addresses 1 of 6): AZAPO, Head Office, Suite 1900, 19th Floor, Kine Centre, 141 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa;

THE DANGERS OF TENDERPRENEURSHIP: On a recent visit to one of Gauteng’s top shopping malls, I collided with an old friend and comrade, who I used to serve with in the AZAPO student wing, AZASCO.  Continue Reading…

Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

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  • The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization is devoted to examining the impact of our increasingly integrated world on individuals, communities, and nations.
  • Globalization presents challenges and opportunities. The Center’s purpose is to support the creation and dissemination of ideas for seizing the opportunities and overcoming the challenges … (full text Mission).

About Yale Global; Global Trade Reform; Activities; Workshops; Core Issues; Staff;
Address: The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Betts House, 393 Prospect Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511, USA;

Homepage/About: The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization (YCSG) was launched in the fall of 2001 to enrich the debate about globalization on campus and to promote the flow of ideas between Yale and the policy world. Continue Reading…

Samaritan Guide – a project of the Acton Institute

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Private charities do demanding and heroic work for vulnerable people. We seek to reward their good work with prizes and publicity

  • The Guide: This online guide provides detailed information on hundreds of private charities around the country. This unique charities rating resource is intended to be a reference for charities and donors alike, encouraging good practices and prudent investments.
  • The Award: This $10,000 grand prize is awarded once a year to an exceptional and privately funded nonprofit that fosters deep personal change in the individuals they serve. A comprehensive application makes an organization eligible for the Award and enters it in the Samaritan Guide.
  • (Homepage and News).

Award Winners; Excellent Non-Profits; Methodology; Resources; The Acton Institute;

FAQs … /Objectives: What is the objective of the Samaritan Award and Guide? The last forty years of federal welfare programs have taught us that, in general, such programs are not only ineffective in helping vulnerable populations, but often make social problems worse.  Continue Reading…

Kellogg Foundation

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helping communities stand up for children

  • The W.K. Kellogg Foundation supports children, families, and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society.
  • Values: … (Who we are 1/2).

What we support; Grants; Knowledge Center; FAQs, Glossary; Employment; Catalog;
Address: W.K. Kellogg Foundation, One Michigan Avenue East, Battle Creek, MI 49017-4012, USA;

Who we are 2/2 /the foundation: … The W.K. Kellogg Foundation was established in 1930 by breakfast cereal pioneer W.K. Kellogg, who defined its purpose as “…administering funds for the promotion of the welfare, comfort, health, education, feeding, clothing, sheltering and safeguarding of children and youth, directly or indirectly, without regard to sex, race, creed or nationality.…”  To guide current and future trustees and staff, he said, “Use the money as you please so long as it promotes the health, happiness and well-being of children.” Continue Reading…

Learning INnovation Knowledge LINK

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policy-relevant resources on innovation for a new rural economy

LINK seeks to stimulate debate and share lessons on rural innovation policy and practice through research and advisory services. (left column).

Homepage and latest news;
Research; Fodder Experiment; Benchmarking; Discussion Papers; Partners; Links;
Address: LINK Secretariat, 8-2-608/1/2, Karama Enclave, Banjara Hills, Road No 10, Hyderabad 500 034, INDIA;

About /overview: /OVERVIEW – The work of LINK is a response to three issues:  Continue Reading…

Center for Public Integrity

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investigative journalism in the public interest

The mission of the Center for Public Integrity is to produce original investigative journalism about significant public issues to make institutional power more transparent and accountable … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Our Work; Investigations; Blog; Research Tools; News release; Reports; Donate; the center on wikipedia;
Address: Center for Public Integrity , 910 17th Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20006, USA;

About 2/2: … To pursue its mission, the Center:  Continue Reading…

ACE the electoral knowledge network

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in 5 of 6 UN languages

The ACE Electoral Knowledge Network is your portal to the world of elections.  The ACE network promotes credible, and transparent electoral processes with emphasis on sustainability, professionalism and trust in the electoral process. ACE offers a wide range of services related to electoral knowledge, assistance and capacity development. The network comprises of a global, thematic component (the ACE Practitioners’ Network) and a regional component (the ACE Regional Electoral Resource Centres) … (about 1/2).

english Homepage; Sitemap;
elections today; ncyclopaedia; Data; Advice; Full Partners; Practitioners’ Network; Regional Dimension of ACE; Articles; Forum, Debate; FAQs;
Contact online.

About 2/2: … The ACE website is an online knowledge repository that provides comprehensive information and customised advice on electoral processes. Continue Reading…

International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics iKNOWpolitics

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also in spanish, in french and in arabic

  • USA: 19th Amendment: How far have women in politics come since 1920?
  • Ninety years after the 19th Amendment enshrined women’s right to political participation in the US Constitution, women may be having one of their most influential years yet in American politics, analysts say.
  • The first 50 years of American women’s suffrage was “votes without leverage,” according to a book of the same name by Anna Harvey, a political scientist at New York University. But women’s leverage on politics is now stronger than ever, and it appears to be growing with each successive election cycle. (Homepage).

Ask; Discuss; MyKnow; Project Update; Our 3rd anniversary; Library;
News; Newsletter; Events; Partners; Affiliates; Donors; Links;
Contact online.

About iKNOW politics: The International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics) is an online workspace designed to serve the needs of elected officials, candidates, political party leaders and members, researchers, students and other practitioners interested in advancing women in politics.  Continue Reading…

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Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy

  • EthicsCentre CA is a registered charity governed by volunteers and supported by organizations and individuals who share a commitment to ethical values.
  • Founded in 1988, we are a uniquely Canadian, independent ethics centre. We are dedicated to promoting and maintaining an ethical orientation and culture in Canadian organizations.
  • Our mission is to champion the application of ethical values in the decision-making process of business and other organizations.
  • We operate in a non-judgmental and inclusive way to explore and promote the positive role of ethical decision making. We serve as a forum and catalyst for constructive discussion and debate. (About).

Education; Resources; Membership; Newsletter; Events; Board; History;
Address: EthicsCentre CA, Hélène Yaremko-Jarvis, Executive Director, One Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, ON, M5E 1W7, Canada;

Purpose: Through awareness-raising, learning, and networking opportunities, EthicsCentre CA brokers partnerships, fosters understanding, identifies best practices and helps develop ethically-based leadership for today’s organizations. Continue Reading…

Bioethics Research Library, Univ. Georgetown

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The Bioethics Research Library at Georgetown University began as a few shelves of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics’ scholars’ books. As the interdisciplinary field of bioethics grew, so did the library. It now includes:

  • More than 300,000 books, journal articles, audiovisuals, and archival materials on a wide range of topics.
  • Materials written in over 20 languages.
  • A diverse range of opinions expressed on bioethical issues around the world … (about 1/2).

Library Databases; Other Databases; Resources for: Educators, Health Care prof.; Librarians; Students;
Publications; Professional Staff; Support;
Address: Bioethics Research Library, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, 102 Healy Hall, 37th & “O” Streets, NW, or Box 571212, Washington, DC 20057-1212, USA;

About 2/2: … Visiting the Library: Continue Reading…

Hastings Center

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The Hastings Center is an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit bioethics research institute founded in 1969. The Center’s mission is to address fundamental ethical issues in the areas of health, medicine, and the environment as they affect individuals, communities, and societies … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Publications; Research; Bioethics; Center News; Medias; Events; Staff; Internships; Annual reports: 2009; We on YouTube; Support;
Addresses (1 of 3): The Hastings Center, 21 Malcolm Gordon Road, Garrison NY 10524-4125, USA;

About 2/2: … To achieve this mission, the Center has established four goals:  Continue Reading…

Center for Development of International Law CDIL New York

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A one page website, find there:

Find there (scroll down):

  • Specific Project Descriptions, Human Rights, International Law and the Individual, Earth Summit Agenda 21 UNCED, United Nations Decade of International Law UNDIL, U.N. Reform;
  • Address: CDIL, P.O. Box 2022, Grand Central Station NY, NY 10163, USA;
  • Contact. Tel. 212 599 2542, Fax. 212 599 1332, e-mail.

Find on the top of the page:

  • The Center for Development of International Law (CDIL) is a non-governmental organization with consultative status with the United Nations (UN) ECOSOC consultative status. It was established to promote the development of international law and strengthening of the international legal order.  Continue Reading…

Center for Justice and International Law CEJIL, Washington

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also in spanish

  • The institutional mission of CEJIL is to contribute to the full enjoyment of human rights in the Americas through the effective use of the tools of the Inter-American System and international human rights law.
  • CEJIL aspires for its work to help forge the ideal of a hemisphere where people live freely, without fear or want, as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Preamble of the American Convention of Human Rights.
  • In this regard, CEJIL has established the following priority objectives: … (full text about).

english Homepage;
Inter American system; HR defenders; Litigations; Board; Strategies; Cases; Tools;
Address: CEJIL, 1630 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 401, Washington, D.C., 20009-1053; USA;
Contact online.

CEJIL: The Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that protects and promotes human rights in the Americas through the strategic use of the tools offered by international human rights law. Continue Reading…

PAIL Institute – Procedural Aspects of International Law

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The Procedural Aspects of International Law Institute (PAIL Institute) is a nonprofit organization devoted to furthering the observance of international law through research, consulting, and publishing monographs and other educational materials … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Guide;
Sources; Publications; Dispute Settlement; Doctrines; Board; Advisories; Links, Blogs;
Address: The Procedural Aspects of International Law Institute, Inc, P.O. Box 33016, Farragut Station, Washington, D.C. 20033-0016,USA;

About 2/2: … Established in 1965 by academic lawyers, governmental officials, and private practitioners, the Institute’s activities include work in areas as diverse as international claims settlements, a draft convention on terrorism, the concept of autonomy in international law, the reform of international organization and the international protection of human rights. The 26 volumes of The Pail Monograph Series represent the longest, continuously-edited collection of international law monographs.

Human Rights Library of the University of Minnesota

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The University of Minnesota’s Human Rights Library houses one of the largest collections of more than sixty thousand core human rights documents, including several hundred human rights treaties and other primary international human rights instruments. The site also provides access to more than four thousands links and a unique search device for multiple human rights sites. This comprehensive research tool is accessed by more than a 250,000 students, scholars, educators, and human rights advocates monthly from over 150 countries around the world. Documents are available in nine languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Homepages: of the University; of the School of Law, of the General Library; of the Law Library Website, and finally the english Homepage of the Human Rights part of the Law Library;


Treaties; UNdocs; Regionals; Topic Guides; Links to over 4′000 other sites;

About the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center and Library; Fellowship; Military and Medecine; Education Experience; Refugees/Asylums; US HR docs; HR USA; HR in the news; Donate;

Contacts: The University of Minnesota, the General Library, and the  Law Library, 120 Walter F. Mondale Hall, 229 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA.

African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

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in french: Commission Africaine des Droits de l’Homme et des Peuples

  • The African States members of the Organisation of African Unity, parties to the present Convention entitled “African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights
  • Recalling Decision 115 (XVI) of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government at its Sixteenth Ordinary Session held in Monrovia, Liberia, from 17 to 20 July 1979 on the preparation of “a preliminary draft on an African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, providing inter alia for the establishment of bodies to promote and protect human and peoples’ rights”;
  • Considering the Charter of the Organisation of African Unity, which stipulates that “freedom, equality, justice and dignity are essential objectives for the achievement of the legitimate aspirations of the African peoples”; … (full long text AFRICAN CHARTER ON HUMAN AND PEOPLES’ RIGHTS).

english Homepage and latest News;
Procedure; Guidelines; Decisions; Affiliate Status; About Sessions; Child Charter; Members; Observers; News; Docs /Communiques; Special Rapporteurs;
Address: African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, No 31 Bijilo Annex Layout, Kombo North District, Western Region, P.O.Box 673, Banjul, The Gambia;
Contact online.

Mandate: In addition to performing any other tasks which may be entrusted to it by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government, the Commission is officially charged with three major functions:  Continue Reading…

African Human Security Initiative AHSI

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another project managed by Institute for Security Studies ISS /South Africa – also in french

The African Human Security Initiative 2 (AHSI2) is a follow-up to AHSI1, a regional programme that used the system of peer review to monitor the extent of compliance of eight African countries with their commitments to democracy, good governance and civil society participation. AHSI2 uses the peer review concept to complement the formal NEPAD/APRM (New Economic Partnership for Africa’s Development / Africa Peer Review Mechanism) process by focusing on the criminal justice system in selected countries identified for APRM review. Through local partnerships, AHSI2 intends to build the capacity of an expanded membership to undertake research on security issues in order to facilitate the work of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union … (full text english Homepage and latest News).

Background Papers; Partners; Country Reviews; Theoreticals; Events;
Addresses: Institute for Security Studies. Ethiopia Office, First Floor, Ki-ab Building, Alexander Pushkin Street, Pushkin Square, or PO Box 2329, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;

Project Information: The overarching goal of this project to generate information that can be used to review the scale of crime and the criminal justice systems in countries undergoing the APRM.  Continue Reading…

Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada EPAC

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Association des praticiens en éthique du Canada APEC

To achieve our vision of exemplary ethical behaviour in Canadian organizations, our mission is to enhance the quality and availability of ethics advice and services across Canada, and enable individuals to work successfully in the field of organizational ethics. (Mission/Vision 1/2).

Standards; Competency Profile; Education; Training; Blogs; Newsletter; Join; Sponsors; Links;
Address: EPAC-APEC OFFICE SERVICES, Pat McGregor, 51 Dalgleish, Kingston, ON, K7L 5H6, Canada;

Mission/Vision 2/2: … Our vision is that all Canadian organizations, whether public, private or voluntary, will operate in an exemplary ethical and socially responsible manner at home and abroad, in accordance with their own stated values, leading standards in their sector, and applicable international standards. Continue Reading…

Ethics Resource Center ERC

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  • The Ethics Resource Center (ERC) is a private, nonprofit organization devoted to independent research and the advancement of high ethical standards and practices in public and private institutions.  For 88 years ERC has been a resource for institutions committed to a strong ethical culture.
  • ERC’s expertise also informs the public dialogue on ethics and ethical behavior.  ERC researchers analyze current and emerging issues and produce new ideas and benchmarks that matter – for the public trust … (about 1/2 /Mission and Values).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Resources; Research; Services; Board; Fellows; Leadership; Annual reports; Support;
Address: Ethics Resource Center, 2345 Crystal Drive, Suite 201, Arlington, VA 22202, USA;
Contact online.

About 2/2: … ERC has been in the organizational ethics business for a long time – 88 years and counting – and there are resources available at that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.   Continue Reading…

Ethics in Education

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Human beings have an innate ethical sense that urges them to make predictable choices.  Although most people believe that their actions are guided by logic and reason, reason often acts only as a mechanism to justify these choices. Language allows people to construct sophisticated rationales which support what are often genetically driven decisions. Ethics education is about recognizing the real power of one’s innate ethical sense and how it influences our behavior. In this way we can free reason to become a tool to truly guide our actions.  Without the wisdom that results from understanding one’s innate ethical self, reason remains a powerful propaganda prop for unchallenged intrinsic human ethical imperatives … (What is Ethics 1/2).

Ethics Workbook: book one, 96 p and book two; 122 p, book two; Novels; Coat of Arms; Movie Jigs; Holocaust; FAQs;
Submissions (and a Contact possibility).

What is Ethics 2/2: … How do educators attack this problem? It is best to build on the beliefs, which students already bring with them, that ethics must be about individuals, and that the extent of individual freedom is a measure of what is right.  Continue Reading…

African Elections Database

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site hosted by, USA.

… The purpose of the African Elections Database is to provide a comprehensive archive of past and present election results for the 48 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa … (about the Database 1/2).

Authorities; Chronology; Updates; Terms, Definitions; Recents; Calendar;
Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa;
Contacts and addresses: for each country scroll down of any page and click on the link.

About the Database 2/2 (inkl. Sources and Links) /Election Pages & Results: Each country’s election page starts with a political profile.  Continue Reading…

African Elections Project

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aussi en français

The African Elections Project :  your authoritative African Elections Information and Knowledge online portal, covering elections across the continent. (on the english Homepage).

Partners; Links; Countries: find most of them in the bottom line of each page;
Contacts online and some regional adresses.

About /Elections Project Scope (here after about West Africa):  Continue Reading…

US geological survey – USGS

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Science for a changing world

  • Mission: The USGS serves the Nation by providing reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters; manage water, biological, energy, and mineral resources; and enhance and protect our quality of life.
  • Vision: USGS has become a world leader in the natural sciences thanks to our scientific excellence and responsiveness to society’s needs. (Our Mission and Vision).

Who, What, How, Budget, Working with us, Organization, News: see all on about;
Publications; Education; we on Social Medias; Hazards; Partnerships; largest earth science library /databases;
Contacts online and regional Adresses.

USGS Science Strategy: In order to respond to evolving national priorities, the USGS must periodically reflect on and optimize its strategic directions. This report is the first comprehensive science strategy since the early 1990s to critically examine our major science goals and priorities.  Continue Reading…

Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society

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fignting odds with special courage – Institute for special children

Vision: To make special children confident and self reliant members of the society.
Mission: To provide these children with all the educational & training facilities to enhance their apabilities and rehabilitate them in the society. (about 1/2 /Vision/Mission).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Members; Publications; Institute’s Photo; Education; Activities;
Addresses (1 of 2): Mughalpura Campus, 34 Larechs III, Post Office Scheme Mughalpura, Lahore, Pakistan;

About /History: Rising Sun Institute for Special children, a project of Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society, is in exact keeping of this United Nation’s Convention for the development of a mentally or otherwise retarded child.   Continue Reading…

AMANI Forum – The Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum of Peace

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1. What is AMANI Forum? The Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum on Peace – AMANI Forum is an initiative of African Parliamentarians in the Great Lakes region. It is a network of parliamentarians who are committed to peace and to the peaceful resolution of conflicts, both within their own countries and in the region as a whole. Recognizing that the protracted conflicts in the Great Lakes region are fundamentally interlinked, and that parliamentarians are in a unique position to contribute substantially to conflict prevention and resolution, a group of parliamentarians decided in 1998 to create a regional structure to enable Parliamentarians work in a coordinated manner towards sustainable peace … (about 1/2).

Activities; Events; Vacancies; Publications; Press; Blog; Links;
Address: Regional Secretariat, The Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum on Peace – AMANI Forum, 2nd Floor, Titan Complex, Chaka Road, P.O. Box 25592-00603, Nairobi, Kenya;

About 2/2: … Since then, AMANI has grown to be a resolute voice of peace in the Region with a membership of over six-hundred and fifty (650) parliamentarians. Continue Reading…

AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa ARASA

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We are a regional partnership of non-governmental organisations working together to promote a human rights based response to HIV/AIDS and TB. (Homepage).

Advocacy; Capacity building; Campaigns; Guidelines; Declarations; Fact Sheets; Newsletter; Staff; Forum; Partners; Downloads;
Contacts /office addresses.

About /Organisational Structure: ARASA is constituted in the form of a trust and all partner organisations are members of the trust. Three steering committees, comprising trust members, act as advisory boards to the three ARASA programme areas: training and awareness raising, advocacy and lobbying and regional treatment literacy and advocacy. Continue Reading… / rabble podcast network rpn

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news for the rest of us, uncensored, unfiltered …

Linked with Africa Files (Toronto, Canada), with Vox Sambou and the Solid’Ayiti initiative for Haiti, and with Weekly Diaspora: Will $600 million border security bill target innocents?

The rabble podcast network is a growing collection of Canadian podcasts which offer an alternative take on politics, entertainment, society, stories, community and life in general. (Homepage and current rabble poll).

rabble; babble;; podcasts; blogs; Books; Photos; What’s up? Now what? Active topics; Support;
Address:, Suite 400, 215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5T 2C7, Canada;

Landing Welcome: Come on in — we’re glad you’re here. was built on the efforts of progressive journalists, writers, artists and activists across the country. Continue Reading…