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Statistics June 2011

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Our provider’s Web-Statistics for all blogs running under for June 2011:   Continue Reading…

Index June 2011

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2011-05-01: turn exchange;
2011-05-01: United Way Worldwide;
2011-06-02: Dundori Orphans Project;
2011-06-02: Cultivating Emotional Balance;
2011-06-03: African Women’s Development Fund AWDF;
2011-06-03: American Medical Women’s Association AMWA;
2011-06-04: Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County;
2011-06-04: Asian Women’s Shelter AWS;
2011-06-05: women’s link worldwide;
2011-06-05: Homeless Shelter Directory;
2011-06-06: Poverty Reduction;
2011-06-06: World Young Women Christian Association YWCA;
2011-06-07: Democratic Governance;
2011-06-07: Alice Springs’ Women’s Shelter, Australia;
2011-06-08: Cellule Nationale de Suivi et de Coordination pour la Protection de l’Enfant CNSCPE;
2011-06-09: IMF Boss (a WordPressBlog I like);
2011-06-09: Turning Point;
2011-06-10: Télécoms sans frontières TSF / Telecoms Without Borders;
2011-06-10: International Council of Voluntary Agencies ICVA;
2011-06-11: Great Transition Initiative GTI;
2011-06-11: MDPI – Open Access Publishing;
2011-06-12: Strategic Culture Foundation;
2011-06-12: Association for Cultural Studies ACS;
2011-06-13: Connaitre ses droits – savoir se défendre sans avocat;
2011-06-13: Global Scenario Group GSG;
2011-06-14: Resource Center of the Americas;
2011-06-14: Indian Law Resource Center – Justice for Indigenous People;
2011-06-15: NHS Future Forum;
2011-06-15: Forum for the Future;
2011-06-16: Groupe pour l’Etude et l’Enseignement de la Population GEEP;
2011-06-16: Alpha Galileo;
2011-06-17: Tabu e.V.;
2011-06-17: FORWARD – safeguarding rights and dignity;
2011-06-18: National Cristina Foundation NCF;
2011-06-18: Positive;
2011-06-19: Wayne Madsen Report WMR;
2011-06-19: World Economy & Development in brief;
2011-06-20: Eva Organization for Women E.O.W.;
2011-06-21: Development Alternative DAI;
2011-06-21: Education Development Center EDC;
2011-06-22: HelpAge International;
2011-06-22: Heifer International;
2011-06-23: Archives hub;
2011-06-23: Stoned – Backpacking Around Australia;
2011-06-24: Hong Kong Institute of Education HKIEd;
2011-06-24: Genesis Women’s Shelter GWS;
2011-06-25: International Relief and Development IRD;
2011-06-25: Lutheran World Relief;
2011-06-26: PoleStar Project;
2011-06-27: Center for Research and Documentation Chile-Latin America e.V. FDCL;
2011-06-27: Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter;
2011-06-28: Le Blog de Chris Blattman;
2011-06-28: Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes CNOP, Mali;
2011-06-29: expat blog – share your expat experience;
2011-06-29: Collectif pour la Défense des Terres Malgaches;
2011-06-30: Urban -  worldwide investigation into the future of cities;
2011-06-30: Synergie Paysanne du Bénin.


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Synergie Paysanne du Bénin

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Dans le cadre de la mise en oeuvre des résolutions et recommandations du carrefour National des jeunes Ruraux (CNJR) ayant regroupé les jeunes agriculteurs du Bénin et du Togo du 22 au 26 février 1999 et dans le souci de mettre les jeunes ruraux au centre des grands défis du monde rural à savoir la sécurité alimentaire, la participation réelle à la prise de décision, l’accès aux ressources de production, les jeunes paysans du Bénin ont décidé de se mettre en un mouvement de défense et de construction des positions collectives dénommé: Synergie Paysanne … (texte entier accueil /qui sommes-nous).

Activités /Plaidoyer; Revendications /Foncier; Partizipez /Adhésion; Partenaires; Etudes; Blog; Portrait de paysan; Liens;
Adresse: Synergie Paysanne, Boîte Postale, 1410 Abomey-Calavi, Bénin;

Objectifs, Missions:

  • Défendre les paysans dans leurs droits et mettre également l’accent sur leur devoir   Continue Reading…

Urban – worldwide investigation into the future of cities

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The Urban Age Programme, jointly organised with Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society, is an international investigation of the spatial and social dynamics of cities centred on an annual conference, research initiative and publication. Since 2005, over ten conferences have been held in rapidly urbanising regions in Africa and Asia, as well as in mature urban regions in the Americas and Europe … (about 1/2).

Who’s who /Network; Research; Conferences; Events; Publications; News; Award;
Left column: links to 11 cities; LSE-Cities;
Press /Contact.

About 2/2: … As an event, the Urban Age catalyses the exchange of information, experiences and data across a global network of cities. Continue Reading…

Collectif pour la Défense des Terres Malgaches

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Izay mitambatra vato, izay misaraka fasika

L’opinion publique malgache, informée par la presse nationale et internationale, est particulièrement en alerte. Plusieurs grands projets en cours à Madagascar démontrent la réalité de contrats conjuguant une exploitation drastique des richesses du pays par des investisseurs étrangers à l’insignifiance des bénéfices en retour pour la Nation et les populations malgaches … (qui sommes-nous 1/2).

Articles; Textes /Publications /Declarations Tambazotra //Manifeste; Newsletter; Archives;
Contact admin.

Qui sommes-nous 2/2: … Le COLLECTIF POUR LA DEFENSE DES TERRES MALGACHES – TANY regroupe des individus d’origine malgache déterminés à unir leurs forces et à travailler ensemble pour s’opposer à la spoliation des citoyens et paysans malgaches de leurs terres.  Continue Reading…

expat blog – share your expat experience

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also in french and spanish

  • Who can help an expatriate better than another expatriate?
  • Expat blog is a project held by expatriates, for expatriates. Our ambition is to help people who want to live abroad, wherever they are in the world, and wherever they would like to live. The main idea is to make expatriates share their experience. Everybody can participate. (about).

english Homepage; Site map;
Network; Classifieds; Forum (by countries); Business; Blogs; Blog of the month; Newsletter; Pictures; Faqs;
Contact us.

Overview /Destinations: The living abroad participative website. Would you like to live, study or work in a foreign country? Or just discover how life is on the other side of the planet? Expat blog is dedicated to expatriates who want to share their living abroad experience. You’ll find in this section all the information you need to move abroad. Everybody can participate!   Continue Reading…

Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes CNOP, Mali

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Ayant deux fonctions principales, dont une fonction de représentation politique et une fonction de défense des intérêts des producteurs Agricoles, la CNOP vise:

  • L’éradication de la pauvreté en milieu rural,
  • La Souveraineté alimentaire pour le pays,
  • Des conditions de vie meilleures pour l’ensemble des ruraux,
  • Une Agriculture paysanne reconnue comme métier, sécurisée et respectée,
  • L’exploitation rationnelle des ressources naturelles pour la durabilité des systèmes de production et de la biodiversité, la préservation et la sauvegarde du patrimoine génétique. (Vision /voir à l’Accueil).

Fédérations membres: voir tous les liens dans la colonne de gauche;
Actualités; Présentation, Histoire; Réglement interieur; Statuts; Fondateur Ibrahima Coulibaly dans wikipedia;
Adresse: Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Mali, Kalaban coura, Rue 200, Porte 727, BP.E:2169, Bamako, Mali;
Contact: T. (223) 20 28 68 00, 76 17 09 79, e-mail1, e-mail2, e-mail3.

Projets/Programmes:   Continue Reading…

Le Blog de Chris Blattman

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Research, international development, foreign policy, and violent conflict

  • My teaching, research and writing lie at the intersection of public policy, economic development, civil war, political participation, and survey and statistical methods. So (most of the time) does my blogging.
  • I’m presently an Assistant Professor of Political Science & Economics at Yale University … (about me 1/2).

Homepage /BLOG;

About me 2/2: A CV is here. I have a PhD in Economics from UC Berkeley, a MPA/ID from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and a BA in Economics from the University of Waterloo.  Continue Reading…

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter

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… Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter was opened in 1983 by a group of community members who saw a need for a safe place for women and children fleeing violence. Since that time, Ernestine’s has assisted over 5,000 families with critical immediate care services … //
… Future: Ernestine’s Strategic Priorities 2010-2013:

  • To build fundraising capacity and raise more money by leveraging internal resources and increasing community engagement.
  • To enhance service delivery, advocacy and partnerships to meet the growing needs of all women and children accessing EWS.
  • To ensure our policies and procedures provide the foundation for excellence in service delivery.
  • To build on the strong organizational culture by ensuring alignment of values, demonstrating the commitment to our staff, students and volunteers and ensure excellence in service delivery … (full text past-present-future).

Get Help; Signs of Abuse; Safety Planning; FAQs; Media; Newsletters; Volunteer; Donate;
Posting Address: Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter, P.O. Box 141, Stn. B, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 5K9, Canada;

About /Violence, The Truth: Facts about Violence Against Women and Children in Canada:   Continue Reading…

Center for Research and Documentation Chile-Latin America e.V. FDCL

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main laguage: german – also in spanish

The Center for Research and Documentation Chile-Latin America e.V. (in german: FDCL – Forschungs- und Dokumentationszentrum Chile-Lateinamerika) a non-profit registered association, exists since 1974 and is a center for information and communication for individuals and groups that wish to inform themselves or get involved with Latin America-related issues. It is well known far beyond the borders of Berlin. Diverse projects, political initiatives, country committees, migrant groups and Latin America-related media projects work under the umbrella of FDCL … (full text about).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Projects; Journal LN; News; Films; Archives; Research/Request; Collections; Gallery;
Address: FDCL, Im Mehringhof, Aufgang 3, 5.Stock, Gneisenaustr.2a, 10 961 Berlin, Germany;
de.Impressum, Contact.

Legal Advice: The legally-binding advice can be found in the German version of this impressum.  Continue Reading…

PoleStar Project

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The Polestar System is a software tool for integrated sustainability planning and long-range scenario analysis. Rather than a rigid model reflecting a particular approach to simulating socio-ecological systems, it offers a flexible and adaptable accounting framework for constructing a wide range of possible futures … (the Polestar System).

Publications; Global Scenarios; See also: Global Scenario Group GSG; Great Transition Initiative; Tellus Institute;
Address: PoleStar Project, Tellus Institute, 11 Arlington Street, Boston, MA, 02116, USA;

Background: The PoleStar Project was conceived in 1991 by Prof. Gordon Goodman, Director of Stockholm Environment Institute, and Dr. Paul Raskin, President of Tellus Institute.  Continue Reading…

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developing systems, services and media for women and men to work together as equals in work, life and politics

You may already know us under the names Eyecatcher Associates, Shevolution, or Project Parity.  To recognise the increased interest in, and success of, our gender related activities, we have recently brought our gender work together in this website to share news and information.  In this site you will find links to partner organisations all over the world and exclusive access to articles and back-catalogues of work by Lesley Abdela. has been awarded a Studyweb Academic Excellence Award for its informative content … (full text About Us /who we are).

Lesley Abdela MBE; Who; What; Where; Project Party; References; International Links;
Address: , Lower Windmill Oast, Lamberhurst, Kent, TN3 8AL, UK;

Aims: Equal Opportunities is an issue of efficiency, not just social policy.  No organisation or country is working efficiently if it is not drawing on the full talents available to it.   Continue Reading…

Lutheran World Relief LWR

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Lutheran World Relief LWR is an international nonprofit organization specializing in International Development and Disaster Relief. LWR is a joint ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. It is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. According to its website, LWR promotes sustainable development by helping communities increase the quality of life, engage in Fair Trade, and be better equipped to handle emergencies. This expanded mission originated from its beginnings as a non-governmental organization founded in 1945 for helping many European Lutherans who suffered devastation during World War II.[2] … (full long text and explanations on wikipedia).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Where; How; Resources; Clean Water; Food Security; Fair Trade; Jobs; Be Involved; Contribute;
News; Newsletter; Financials, 23p; Advocacy; History; Staff; Board; Links;
Address: , 700 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA;

About Us /VISION: Empowered by God’s unconditional love in Jesus Christ, we envision a world in which each person, every community, and all generations live in justice, dignity, and peace.  Continue Reading…

International Relief and Development IRD

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IRD provides cost-effective relief and development programs in six core sectors, as well as facilitating in-kind contributions as needed:

  • Democracy, Governance & Community Development: IRD works at the ground level with local partners to promote planning, education and training to rebuild community life when it has been disabled by tragedy and conflict. IRD programs encourage citizen participation, guide the distribution of humanitarian aid, and help identify community goals and priorities.
  • Community Stabilization: … (full long text What we do).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Compliance; Publications; Subscribe; Press; Join /Register; Get involved; Donate; Board; Staff; Donors, Partners; Careers;
Address: , 1621 North Kent Street, Fourth Floor, Arlington, VA 22209, USA;

Who we are /Our Mission: IRD’s mission is to reduce the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable groups and provide tools and resources needed to increase their self-sufficiency.   Continue Reading…

Genesis Women’s Shelter GWS

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After years of operating Austin Street Centre, a homeless shelter in Dallas, TX, Shelter Ministries of Dallas became aware of the unique needs and vulnerabilities of abused women and children seeking their services. In January 1985, Shelter Ministries of Dallas began operating Genesis Women’s Shelter as a safe haven for these victims of domestic violence. After a yearlong struggle to choose a location, the City of Dallas generously provided a seven-bedroom site for the Shelter at a cost of only $1 per year – the Shelter remains at this undisclosed location to date … (about /History 1/2).

Services; Education; News, Media; Blog; Events; Join; Volunteer; Employment; Partners; Friends; Donations;
Address: Genesis Outreach, 4411 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 201, Dallas, TX 75219, USA;

About /History 2/2: … Through the collaborative efforts of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas (Grace Union Presbyterian) and the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, Genesis Women’s Shelter was opened, and today, Board representation remains equally divided between these two groups.  Continue Reading…

Hong Kong Institute of Education HKIEd

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  • The Hong Kong Institute of Education is a publicly-funded tertiary institution dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning, through a diverse offering of academic and research programmes on teacher education and complementary social sciences and humanities disciplines.
  • We nurture educators and social leaders who are intellectually active, socially caring, and globally aware, to become agents of change in the communities that they serve. We place great emphasis on research capability – our research will contribute to the advancement of knowledge, scholarship and innovation, with sustainable impact on social progress and human betterment … (about 1/2).
  • HKIEd on en.wikipedia.

Homepage; Sitemap;
Students: prospectives, currents; Research; Alumni; Media; Staff; Visitors; Jobs; Links;
Address: The Hong Kong Institute of Education, 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong, China;
Map; Transportations; Contacts.

About 2/2: … The Institute aims to be a leading university on education, creating an impact and defining the education landscape not only for Hong Kong but also the Asia Pacific region.  Continue Reading…

Stoned – Backpacking Around Australia

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  • Claimed by white man in 1770, this great southern land, has a past that is as amazing as it is long. Being cut off from the rest of the world for so long it survived in it’s own unique way for millennia. How has it fared in the last 200 years?
  • The Island: Australia is a massive country and often dons the name “The Great Southern Land”. As a country, it consists of a huge flat, dry island (the largest in the world), one much smaller island to the south and literally hundreds of tiny islands sprinkled along it’s vast 10,000km plus coastline … (History of Australia 1/2).

Backpacker Tools; Accomodation; Employment; Entertainment; Traveling; News, Sport; FAQs; Cool Links;

History of Australia 2/2: … This enormous sunburnt land stretches from just above the 45th parallel all the way up to the 10th parallel making it almost 3,000km tall. It also stretches a massive 3,500km from east to west.   Continue Reading…

Archives hub

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  • The Archives Hub is a Mimas service, funded by JISC and based at The University of Manchester. Systems development work is undertaken at the University of Liverpool. © Copyright 2000-2010. Notices and disclaimers.
  • The Archives Hub provides a gateway to thousands of the UK’s richest archives. Representing over 180 institutions across the country, the Archives Hub is an effective way to discover unique and often little-known sources to support your research … (about 1/2).

Presentations; Training Modules; Archivists; Researchers; System; Hub fo research; Materials; Features; FAQs; Contributors; Meet the team;
Address: Archives Hub, Mimas, Mezzanine-Ground, Devonshire House, University Precinct Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9QH, UK;

About 2/2: … Use the Hub to instantly scan the archival landscape and bring together diverse sources held in repositories across the country. Continue Reading…

Heifer International

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  • Heifer envisions: a world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.
  • Heifer’s mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.
  • Heifer’s strategy is to “Pass on the Gift.” As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe … (full text Mission).
  • Heifer International on en.wikipedia.

Homepage; Sitemap;
Our work; Ideas in action; Visit; Get involved; Careers; Heifer’s Cowboys; Media; Blog; Give; FAQs;
Address: Heifer International, 1 World Avenue, Little Rock, AR, 72202, USA;

History /A Four-Footed Attack Against Hunger: A Midwestern farmer named Dan West was ladling out rations of milk to hungry children during the Spanish Civil War when it hit him.   Continue Reading…

HelpAge International

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Linked on our blogs with Condemning the killing of older people on witchraft accusations, and with Changing attitudes to stop witchcraft accusations.

  • HelpAge International helps older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives.
  • Our work is strengthened through our global network of like-minded organisations – the only one of its kind in the world … (Who we are).
  • HelpAge International on en.wikipedia.

Homepage; Sitemap;
What; Where; Resources; HIV, AIDS; Jobs; Get involved; Publications; News; Blogs; External Links;
Contact online.

Our values and ambitions: We believe that the contribution older people make to society is invaluable. Yet older people remain some of the poorest and most neglected in the world. We are committed to helping them claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty. Continue Reading…

Education Development Center EDC

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improving education and health worldwide

  • EDC is a global nonprofit organization that designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic opportunity. Working with public-sector and private partners, we harness the power of people and systems to improve education, health promotion and care, workforce preparation, communications technologies, and civic engagement.
  • EDC conducts 350 projects in 35 countries around the world … (about 1/2).

Research, Programs; Contracting with EDC; News; Publications; Brochures; FAQs; Jobs; Trustees; Leadership; Funders;
Addresses (1 of 3): Education Development Center EDC Headquarters, 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA, 02458-1060, USA;

About 2/2: … Our services include research, training, educational materials and strategy, with activities ranging from seed projects to large-scale national and international initiatives.   Continue Reading…

Development Alternative DAI

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DAI has built a diverse body of work comparable in scope and impact with any development firm in the world. But we are far from complacent. Despite our global scale, our record of success, and our deep-rooted client and partner relationships, DAI remains today what it was as a fledgling company in the 1970s: innovative, alert, self-critical, and forward-looking—consistently driven by a powerful sense of corporate purpose … (about /Mission 1/2).

Our Work; History; Visual Identity; Leadership; News; Publications; Careers;
Addresses (1 of 7): DAI Washington, 7600 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA;
Contacts IN 7 countries; Newsletter/Contact online.

About /Mission 2/2: … DAI’s mission is to make a lasting difference in the world by helping developing nations become more prosperous, fairer and more just, cleaner, safer, healthier, more stable, more efficient, and better governed.  Continue Reading…

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news and tools for happiness, love, wisdom

The Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom is a nonprofit corporation with 501c3 (tax-exempt) status. Its mission is to offer skillful means for changing the brain to benefit the whole person – and all beings in a world too full of war. It draws on psychology, neurology, and the great contemplative traditions for tools that anyone can use in daily life for greater happiness, love, effectiveness, and wisdom.
The Institute aims to accomplish this mission through: … (full text).

About /peoples; Tools, Skills; Newsletter; Articles; Talks, Videos; Science; Brain FAQs; Keys; Research Goals; Community;
Contact: find different peoples’ mail in about.

Contemplative Traditions: What is happening in us when we pray? Meditate? Engage in contemplative practices? What do such practices do to the human mind-body?  Continue Reading…

Eva Organization for Women E.O.W.

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Empowering, providing informational guidance, support, advice, sign posting and raising awareness to public & personal health, education, society justices, job search & training and development programmes are our core objectives and our way to improve our client’s lives through a variety of methods and programmes; liaising with our clients and/or any third parties as required … (full text our Values).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Services; People; Forum; News; Events; Get involved;
Address: Eva Organization for Women E.O.W., 294 Victoria Road East, Leicester, LE5 0LF, UK;

Objectives: To target women and young girls, and provide help and support to them regarding the issues that matter  most to them, such as excelling educationally, acquiring and maintaining physical and mental well-being, becoming more ‘politically aware’ citizens and becoming socially and economically advanced within their communities.  Continue Reading…

World Economy & Development in brief

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european briefings on globalisation, north-south relations and international ecology

World Economy & Development in brief:

  • is a high-quality information service on globalisation, North-South relations, and international ecology
  • is the English online edition of the german Informationsbrief Weltwirtschaft & Entwicklung (World Economy & Development – W&E)
  • is published bi-monthly (with 6 issues online per year); additional articles appear from time to time on our website
  • offers concise and pointed analysis, in-depth news and research-based information on international development and environmental affairs … (about 1/2 /Mission Statement).

Homepage (old URL);
Services; Sample copies; Blogs; Background Papers; Subscriptions; Archives; Links; right column: latest news;
Address /Publisher: Rainer Falk, 98, avenue du X Septembre, L-2550 Luxembourg;
Contact /Imprint.

About /Mission Statement 2/2: … World Economy & Development in brief: Continue Reading…

Wayne Madsen Report WMR

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from deep inside the Washington beltway – Linked on our blogs with What’s behind the global bankers’ austerity programs: Seizure of public property for corporations.

In the tradition of Drew Pearson’s and Jack Anderson’s famous “Washington Merry-Go-Round” syndicated column and I.F. Stone, this online publication tackles the “politically incorrect” and “politically embarrassing” stories and holds government officials accountable for their actions. This web site extends a warm open invitation to whistleblowers and leakers. Business as usual for the crooks and liars in Washington, DC, is over … (about /who we are).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Forums; Videos; FSA reports; Stories; Archives; Subscribe; Subscribers say; Books; Snail mail pay; FAQs;
Links: Favorites, Nationals, Internationals, Op Eds;
Address: Wayne Madsen Report WMR, c/o The Front Desk, National Press Club, 529 14th St., NW, Washington, DC 20045, USA;

Practical help for our Japanese news media friends …: WMR’s news media colleagues report massive shortages of basic foodstuffs and other essentials in Tokyo and environs.   Continue Reading…


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for people with learning disabilities

  • Words that Count: Positive Futures is a charity that supports people with a learning disability.  When you click into our web site you’ll find out what we do, but I’d like to welcome you with 6 words that really matter to us. These words are important because they capture the spirit of Positive Futures and connect us and the people we support with you and the world at large … (about 1/2 /Agnes Lunny, OBE, Chief Executive).
  • Yes Magazine: this quarterly magazine is the flagship of the Positive Futures Network’s publications, dedicated to supporting people’s active engagement in creating a just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

Services; Jobs; Volunteering; Publications (exemple: Lifelines-Report, 77 pdf-pages); News, Events;
Map; Address: Positive, Head Office, 2b Park Drive, Bangor (Belfast), BT20 4JZ, UK;

About 2/2
… /People: We’re all different and like to be recognised as individuals. Sadly, people with a learning disability often don’t get the consideration that most of us expect.  Continue Reading…

National Cristina Foundation NCF

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  • The National Cristina Foundation provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity, through training, to lead more independent and productive lives.
  • Every day, across America and around the world, National Cristina Foundation is working to ensure that used computer technology resources that no longer meet an enterprise’s or an individual’s needs are given a second productive life as a tool for developing human potential … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Why; History; Co-Founders; Become a Recipient; FAQs; Donate;
Address: National Cristina Foundation, 500 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830, USA;
Contact online.

About 2/2: … The Foundation encourages corporations and individuals to donate their surplus and used computers, software, peripherals and related business technology wherever this equipment is located.   Continue Reading…

FORWARD – safeguarding rights and dignity

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  • The Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development – FORWARD – is an African Diaspora women’s campaign and support charity (registered in the UK).
  • We exist to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights as central to the wellbeing of African women and girls. We work with individuals, communities and organisations to transform harmful practices and improve the quality of life of vulnerable girls and women … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
What we do; FMG Key Issues; Campaigns; News, Events; Newsletter; Get Involved; Support, Resources; Donate;
Address: FORWARD, Suite 2.1, Chandelier Building, 2nd Floor, 8 Scrubs Lane, London NW10 6RB, UK;
Map; ontact.

About 2/2: … FORWARD was established in 1983 in the UK, in response to the emerging problems caused by female genital mutilation being seen by health professionals.   Continue Reading…

Tabu e.V.

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wir schützen kleine Wüstenblumen – gegen Genitalverstümmelung, für Frauen- und Kinderrechte

Bei der weiblichen Genitalverstümmelung (international: Female Genital Mutilation, kurz FGM) handelt es sich um sehr verschiedene Eingriffe an den äußeren weiblichen Genitalien. Über die Ausbreitung können  gegenwärtig keine präzisen Angaben gemacht werden. In der Fachliteratur wird mehrheitlich der Hinweis auf 28 afrikanische Herkunftsländer gegeben, die allerdings einige nordafrikanische Länder, den Jemen, Regionen der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate, Irak, Iran sowie Regionen Indonesiens und Malaysia, Philippinen, in Israel lebende äthiopische Jüdinnen und verschiedene Gemeinschaften in Indien nicht einbeziehen. Durch Migration und Bevölkerungswachstum ist ein Anstieg und die weltweite Ausbreitung der Praktik zu beobachten … (ganzer Text Genitalverstümmelung).

Wer wir sind; Kooperationen; Kinderschutz; Docs; Vorträge; Fotoausstellung; GAFGEM Kenya; Spenden;
Adresse: TABU e.V., Liebigstraße 5, D-44139 Dortmund, Germany;
Impressum; Kontakt.

Was wir machen: Wir brechen ein Tabu, um Mädchen und Frauen vor ritualisierter Gewalt zu schützen: Continue Reading…

Alpha Galileo

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the worlds independent source of research news – also in fr, de, es, pt

AlphaGalileo is the world’s independent source of research news. We distribute news releases and other information from science, health, technology, the arts, humanities, social sciences and business to the world’s media. The news service, which is moderated, is provided by the independent not-for-profit organisation, AlphaGalileo Foundation Ltd … (about 1/2).

english Homepage;
All regions, topics; Publications; Library, Multimedia; Events; News; Media Training; Subscriptions; FAQs;
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About 2/2: … We only occasionally originate news material or write releases. We act as bridge between the research community and the media.  Continue Reading…

Groupe pour l’Etude et l’Enseignement de la Population GEEP

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Le Groupe pour l’Étude et l’Enseignement de la Population GEEP est un organisme pluridisciplinaire et non gouvernemental à but non lucratif, créé en mai 1989. Le GEEP est abrité par la Faculté des Sciences et Technologies de l’Education et de la Formation FASTEF de l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Sénégal.
Notre objectif est de promouvoir l’intégration de  la variable population dans le capital de savoir diffusé  à l’école sur la base d’une approche participative … (texte entier qui sommes nous).

Didactique; En Action; Ressources; Recherche; Publications; Partenaires;
Adresse: GEEP, c/o FASTEF Ex Ecole Normale Supérieure, BP: 5036, Dakar, Senegal;

Histoire – Création du GEEP: Le GEEP a été créé en 1989 dans un contexte marqué par une croissance importante des questions de population à l’échelle nationale et internationale:  Continue Reading…

Forum for the Future

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  • Forum for the Future is a non-profit organisation working globally with business and government to create a sustainable future.
  • We have 15 years’ experience inspiring new thinking, building creative partnerships and developing practical innovations to change our world.
  • We aim to transform the critical systems that we all depend on, such as food, energy and finance, to make them fit for the challenges of the 21st century … (about 1/2).
  • Forum for the Future on wikipedia:

Projects; Services; Master Course; Megacities; Blog; Library; Green Futures; Subscriptions; Events; Jobs; Donate;
Addresses (1 of 4): Forum for the Future, London Head Office, Overseas House, 19-23 Ironmonger Row, London, EC1V 3QN, UK;

About 2/2: … Over the past 15 years, Forum for the Future has:  Continue Reading…

NHS Future Forum

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It seems there exist no separate website for the NHS Future Forum, but it is named and discussed on many other sites, as:

  • on Government’s Department of Health DH: About the NHS Future Forum: The NHS Future Forum is a group of clinicians, patient representatives voluntary sector representatives and others from the health field, including frontline staff, that will oversee the NHS listening exercise.  It will drive the process of engagement with staff, patients and communities over the coming weeks. The group will be chaired by Professor Steve Field, immediate past Chairman at the Royal College of GPs.
  • The Forum’s first task will be to report to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Health on what they have heard on the following four themes: … (full text about NHS Future Forum).

Just now one can find on wikipedia: NHS Future Forum; Health and Social Care Bill 2011 = redirected from NHS reforms; wikipedia’s search results.

Download: Patient Involvement and Public Accountability, 27 pdf-pages, on GPonline, 13 June 2011.
Academy of Medical Royal Colleges responds to Future Forum report, by HSJ News Desk, 13 JUNE, 2011.
Gov. to unveil NHS bill changes, on channel 4 news, June 14, 2011.
Ten things you need to know today

NHS Future Forum on Google News-search /how the plans have changed (on The Telegraph, June 14, 2011):  Continue Reading…

Indian Law Resource Center – Justice for Indigenous People

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Linked on our blogs with Indigenous Webs for Information.

The Center provides legal assistance to indigenous peoples of the Americas to combat racism and oppression, to protect their lands and environment, to protect their cultures and ways of life, to achieve sustainable economic development and genuine self-government, and to realize their other human rights … (about / Mission 1/2).

Programs; News; Indigenous Notes; Staff; Board; Employment; Internships; Contribute;
Addresses (1 of 2): Indian Law Resource Center, Main Office, 602 North Ewing Street, Helena, MT 59601, USA;

About / Mission 2/2: … The Indian Law Resource Center seeks to overcome the grave problems that threaten Native peoples by advancing the rule of law, by establishing national and international legal standards that preserve their human rights and dignity, and by challenging the governments of the world to accord justice and equality before the law to all indigenous peoples of the Americas. Continue Reading…

Resource Center of the Americas

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Our mission is to develop social and economic justice in our community and beyond, by empowering local Latino communities through civic engagement and economic development, developing reciprocal understanding between established residents and Latino immigrants, and educating on U.S. policy and the Latin America region. (about /Mission).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Programs; Resources; Get Involved; Learn Spanish; Newsletter; Teachers; Board; Events; Links;
4 Maps; Staff, Address: Main Office, 3019 Minnehaha Ave, Suite 20, Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA;

History /Founded in 1983 – Central-American Solidarity: The Resource Center of the Americas is a non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1983 in response to the wars in Central America and the growing realization that there was another side to the story promoted by our government and reported in the press.  Continue Reading…

Global Scenario Group GSG

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an international initiative to examine alternative futures

  • The Global Scenario Group was founded in 1995 as an independent, international and interdisciplinary body to examine world prospects and ways of fostering a more sustainable and equitable future.
  • Why scenarios? Sustainable development seeks to reconcile development and environmental goals over the long-term: it is concerned with the future. Scenario analysis offers a structured approach for illuminating the vast range of possibilities. A scenario is a story, told in words and numbers, describing the way events might unfold. If constructed with rigor and imagination, scenarios help us to wxplore where we might be headed, but more, offering guidance on how to act now to direct the flow of events toward a desirable future … (about 1/2).

Publications; Scenario: Descriptions, Quantification;
Address: SGS, Paul Raskin, Director, Tellus Institute, 11 Arlington Street, Boston, MA, 02116, USA;

About 2/2: … Why a global perspective? Sustainable development must be pursued at many levels – regional, national, and global – with each posing unique sets of issues. Continue Reading…

Connaitre ses droits – savoir se défendre sans avocat

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Aide et conseils juridiques gratuits – Notre devoir: vous aider

  • Les violences conjugales, entre époux ou concubins, sont sévèrement punies par la loi et entraînent des peines selon leur gravité. Le Code pénal prévoit même que le fait d’être conjoint ou concubin de la victime est une circonstance aggravante pour l’auteur de ces violences! Comment les violences conjugales sont-elles réprimées?
  • En droit pénal: En droit pénal les violences conjugales sont réprimées selon leur gravité (voir texte entier FICHES JURIDIQUES ET PRATIQUES / Exemple un – Les violences conjugales).

Accueil; Plan du Site;
Dossiers Chocs; Reportage; Forum; Sondages; News; A retenir; Lettres Types; Inscriptions;
Adresse: Connaitre ses Droits, 1684 rue du fief, SAILLY SUR LA LYS, Nord-Pas de Calais, FRANCE;

FICHES JURIDIQUES ET PRATIQUES / Exemple deux – Le Surendettement: Vous êtes en situation de surendettement si vous ne pouvez manifestement pas faire face à l’ensemble de vos dettes autres que professionnelles.  Continue Reading…

Association for Cultural Studies ACS

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  • Founded in 2002, the Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) aims at forming and promoting an effective worldwide community of cultural studies. It is intended as a tool for building strong interdisciplinary and transnational connections by offering meaningful meeting places for the great diversity of committed scholars in this field … (about 1/2).
  • ACS Summer Institute 2011 on Critical Literacies, Department of Educational Studies, Ghent University, 11 – 15 July 2011.

Resources; Crossroads; Rules, by-laws; Board, Committees; History; Members; Join; Newsletter;

About 2/2: … The ACS helps establish, maintain and strengthen contacts between cultural studies scholars and workers across different disciplines Continue Reading…

Strategic Culture Foundation

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online journal in RUS, in ENG, and in SRB.

Strategic Culture Foundation provides a platform for exclusive analysis, research and policy comment on Eurasian and global affairs. We are covering political, economic, social and security issues worldwide … (about 1/2).

english Homepage;
Politics; Economics; History and Culture; Popular; Authors; Columnists; Archive: for 2010, for 2011;
Contacts online.

Abouts 2/2: … Since 2005 our journal has published thousands of analytical briefs and commentaries with the unique perspective of independent contributors from the US, Canada, India, Russia and Europe. Continue Reading…

MDPI – Open Access Publishing

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a publisher of peer-reviewed, open access journals since its establishment in 1996 is a platform for peer-reviewed, scientific open access journals which was operated by MDPI Verein, an organization based in Basel, Switzerland, before June 2010. Since June 2010, it is operated by MDPI AG, where MDPI stands for Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. MDPI publishes diverse electronic, open access journals including Molecules (launched in 1996) the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (launched in 2000) and Sensors (launched in 2001) … (about 1/2 /what is MDPI).

Journals A – Z; For Authors; Open Access Policy; Staff; Sustainability on MDPI; Jobs; Terms; Article Processing Charges APC;
3 Addresses: Headquarters: MDPI AG, (Postfach, CH-4005 Basel), Kandererstrasse 25, CH-4057, Basel/Switzerland;
MDPI Haidian Office, Yingu Mansion, Suite 815, North 4th Ring Road West, 9, Haidian District, Beijing 100190, China;
MDPI Tongzhou Office, Suite 308, Liyuanbeijie Road, 186, Liyuan, Tongzhou, Beijing 101101, China;
Contact online; Contact.

About 2/2: … Our publishing activities are supported by more than 2′000 active scientists on our journals’ international editorial boards including several Nobelists. Continue Reading…

Great Transition Initiative GTI

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We are a global network elaborating visions and pathways for a future of enriched lives, human solidarity and a healthy planet. Even as environmental and social crises threaten the future of humanity and the earth, we believe a Great Transition is still possible if citizens around the world awaken and respond … (about 1/2).
on en.wikipedia.

Activities; What you can do; Concepts; Resources; Participants; Donate;
Address: GTI Coordinating Unit, Tellus Institute, 11 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116-3411, USA;

About 2/2 … COORDINATING UNIT: Coordination of GTI is hosted by the Tellus Institute.  Continue Reading…

International Council of Voluntary Agencies ICVA

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  • The International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) is a global network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that advocates for effective humanitarian action.
  • Founded in 1962, ICVA brings the experience and views of over 70 national and international NGOs, to international policy-making forums. ICVA also provides its members with up-to-date information and analyses on policy developments in humanitarian response and provides support in certain field situations … (about 1/2).
  • On en.wikipedia.

Homepage; Sitemap;
Information resources; Member agencies; That’s new; Calendar; Right column: Related Infos; Becoming a Member;
Address: International Council of Voluntary Agencies, 26-28 avenue Giuseppe Motta, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland;
Contact. Tel: +41 (0)22 950 9600, Fax: +41 (0)22 950 9609, e-mail.

About 2/2 … /How ICVA Adds Value to its Members Work: With the realisation that no single humanitarian agency is able to respond to all humanitarian needs, humanitarian actors must collaborate in order to share experiences, learn from each other, and respond effectively to needs. Continue Reading…

Télécoms sans frontières TSF / Telecoms Without Borders

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in french and in english

The idea for Télécoms Sans Frontières was the result of a simple observation made after many years’ experience with general humanitarian charities, based on listening to those in need. During missions responding to the crisis in the Balkans and in Kurdistan during the 1st Gulf War, TSF’s founders realized that, in addition to medical and food aid, there was a critical need for reliable emergency telecommunications services. Conflicts and emergencies often led to massive civilian displacement and separated families. And affected populations are often left with no communications infrastructure in place to find assistance and loved ones … (origin /how it started 1/2).
on en.wikipedia.

Accueil; english Homepage; Sitemap;
Technology; Long Terms; Action; Mission’s Map; Emergencies; Events; Jeu Interactif; Partners; Join; Jobs; Volunteers; Press Review;
Address: TSF, INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, 19, rue Jean-Baptiste Carreau, 64 000 PAU, FRANCE;
ContactWebmaster; Contacts.

Origin /how it started 2/2): … During early missions, TSF’s founders were often approached by refugees with scraps of paper asking them, for example: Continue Reading…

Turning Point

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have you been hurt? – domestic violence, sexual assault service of West Alabama

  • Turning Point is a private, non-profit corporation whose purposes shall be determined by the Board of Directors and Staff and shall be reflected in its Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.
  • Providing comprehensive quality services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault shall be the primary purpose of Turning Point.
  • In the provision of services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, Turning Point recognizes domestic violence and sexual assault as social issues—not the result of individual pathology … (about 1/2).

Domestic Violence; Sexual Assault; Research; Services; Coming Events; Volunteer;
Address: Turning Point, P.O.Box 1165, Tuscaloosa, AL 35403, USA;

About 2/2: … Turning Point further acknowledges that victims of domestic violence and sexual assault have many alternatives available to them and that it is the right of each individual to choose among these alternatives.  Continue Reading…

IMF Boss (a WordPressBlog I like)

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tracking the fight to head the fund – Linked on our blogs with Alternative Candidate Nominated: Aurélie Trouvé, and with Soutenez la première candidature altermondi aliste à la tête du FMI.

  • gives you up-to-date information, press coverage, insider info, civil society and official reactions to the IMF leadership process.
  • We are calling for an end to the European heads of state’s* stranglehold on the post and for the IMF to stay true to their 2009 commitment to “adopt an open, merit-based and transparent process for the selection of IMF management”.
  • Following in the footsteps of we hope to create a hub for discussion and debate on IMF governance, the selection process and the pros and cons of potential candidates. (about).

Who is in the running; The process; Press; Briefings; Other;
Right column / links for: a funny poll (guess first who is winning); recent posts; subscribe: by social medias, by e-mail; latest news; blogroll/links;
Contact. -

That’s all bla-bla for this blog!

… (My comment: the rest we all together have to work it out … *you guess that non-European heads of state’s would do better??? I guess we should crash the IMF and co, stop the elite’s behavior and re-think the whole since the beginning … yes. The sooner we stop all this mess, the better we will recover …  but then for the sake of ALL humans. There is no other chance to save it. Heidi).

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buddhist meditation – get personalized meditation guidance on our online courses – Other languages: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Our mission is to benefit the world by promoting awareness and compassion through the practice of Buddhist meditation.
Wildmind is run by Bodhipaksa, a Buddhist teacher and author who has been practicing within the Triratna Buddhist Community since 1982 and a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1993. Bodhipaksa previously taught the course, Traditions of Buddhist Meditation at the University of Montana … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Video introduction; Is it for me? Practices; Applied; Topics; Blogs; News; Archive; Translation project; Links;
Address: Wildmind, PO Box 212, Newmarket NH 03857, USA;

About 2/2: … Wildmind’s activities include:  Continue Reading…

Cellule Nationale de Suivi et de Coordination pour la Protection de l’Enfant CNSCPE

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La CNSCPE est une structure regroupant des représentants de l’ensemble des acteurs dans le domaine de la protection de l’enfance au Bénin. Mission: La CNSCPE est chargée de:

  • coordonner, suivre et évaluer la mise en œuvre du document de Politique et Stratégies Nationales pour la Protection de l’Enfant et son Plan d’action 2008-2012;
  • centraliser les informations relatives aux actions de protection des enfants au Bénin notamment les rapports des groupes de travail, des comités ou commissions issus des conventions signées entre le Bénin et divers Etats et partenaires;
  • organiser une session ordinaire trimestrielle;
  • assurer la coordination et le suivi des activités des différents acteurs intervenant dans ce domaine;
  • proposer des approches de solutions aux problèmes auxquels les acteurs de Protection des Enfants et des Adolescents sont confrontés;
  • organiser un forum annuel des acteurs regroupant toutes les structures intervenant dans la Protection des Enfants … (qui sommes-nous 1/2).

Membres; Forum; Bibliothèque virtuelle; Calendrier; Cartographie /des interventions;
Contact online.

Qui sommes-nous 2/2: … Composition: La Cellule est présidée par le Ministre de la Famille et de la Solidarité Nationale ou son représentant.  Continue Reading…

Alice Springs’ Women’s Shelter, Australia

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Working towards a community where all women and children are treated with respect and dignity, living safe secure and empowered lives

  • The Alice Springs Women’s Shelter was established in 1975 by the local Women’s Electoral lobby. It was located in an old house in Bath Street, and was originally named the Alice Springs Women’s Refuge.
  • In 1980 the Shelter lost its funding for various reasons and over the next 6 weeks the service continued to operate with volunteer workers until they could no longer continue. Once the service was closed and emptied, the building was bulldozed … (History 1/2).

Family, Friends; Unhealthy relations; Supporting the Community; overing Your Steps … ; Partner: CAFVSAN; About Us;
Address: Alice Springs Women’s Shelter, PO Box 3219, Alice Springs NT 0871, Australia;
Contact (emergency 24 hours: (08) 8952 6075).

History 2/2: … For the next 14 months Alice Springs was unable to provide specific, safe accommodation for women experiencing domestic and family violence – Continue Reading…

Democratic Governance

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a project of the United Nations Develoment Programme UNDP – also in spanish and french

Democratic governance is essential to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. We aim to build effective and capable states that are accountable and transparent, inclusive and responsive — from elections to participation of women and the poor … (about 1/2).

Initiatives; Learning, Innovation; Programmes; Focus Areas; MDGs; Jobs; News; Library;

About 2/2: … Globally, the Democratic Governance Group tracks governance policy, promotes knowledge networks, and contributes to shaping the global dialogue on governance.  Continue Reading…